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Click here to read Two Weird New Games Are Coming To Vita Very Soon

Believe it or not, the PlayStation Vita has been quietly picking up steam this fall. Two new Vita games from Japan with weird premises and even weirder titles—Dokuro and Orgarhythm—are coming to the U.S. within the next couple of weeks. More »

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 A Hacker Speaks

Among hackers and modders, Sony's PSP is a favorite for its hack-ability. Depending on one's knowledge, the portable console can be altered to play custom games and programs (homebrews) as well as pirated games. Taking all it's learned from the weaknesses of the PSP, Sony developed the PS Vita with safeguards against such hacks and mods. But recently, a hacker in Japan has utilized a security hole to hack into the Vita and successfully run his own custom program, much to Sony's chagrin. The hacker known as "Wololo" recently talked with Kotaku about the Vita's security. More »

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Click here to read <em>Wipeout 2048</em> Was This Close to a Beautiful Zombie Apocalypse

For some odd reason Wipeout 2048 lead designer Karl Jones and game director Stuart Tilley decided it was a good idea to explain in detail just how cool the futuristic PlayStation Vita racer was before they scrapped the terror-inducing Zombie secret game mode. More »

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Click here to read How Good or Bad Are PS Vita Games Looking?

In recent years (and maybe longer) PlayStation has put their graphical power front and center. The original PSP, the PS3 and the upcoming PS Vita are all graphical powerhouses compared to the competition. That fact is a large reason Sony is in the position it's in today. More »

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