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Star Wars

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Click here to read <em>Star Wars</em> Looks Rad as a 1980s Teen Movie

Yeah, the first Star Wars was released in 1977, but for most, the franchise is a staple of the decade that came after. Something artist Denis Medri plays on with these awesome images, reimagining the heroes and villains of George Lucas' universe as the cast of a 1980s teen movie. More »

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 The Blueprints - cover

Images and description are from Amazon:

Star Wars: The Blueprints brings together, for the first time, the original blueprints created for the filming of the Star Wars Saga. Drawn from deep within the Lucasfilm Archives and combined with exhaustive and insightful commentary from best-selling author J. W. Rinzler, the collection maps in precise, vivid, and intricate detail the very genesis of the most enduring and beloved story ever to appear onscreen.

Star Wars: The Blueprints gives voice to the groundbreaking and brilliant engineers, designers, and artists that have, in film after film, created the most imaginative and iconic locales in the history of cinema. Melding science and art, these drawings giving birth to fantastic new worlds, ships, and creatures.

Most importantly, Blueprints shows how in bringing this extraordinary epic to life, the world of special effects as we know it was born. For the first time, here you will see the initial concepts behind such iconic Star Wars scenes as the Rebel blockade runner hallways, the bridge of General Grievous s flagship, the interior of the fastest hunk of junk in the Galaxy, and Jabba the Hutt's palace. Never before seen craftsmanship and artistry is evident whether floating on the Death Star, escaping on a speeder bike, or exploring the Tatooine Homestead.

Star Wars: The Blueprints is a limited edition. Only 5,000 hand-numbered English language copies will be available.

More information is available at

 The Blueprints - 01

 The Blueprints - 02

 The Blueprints - 03

 The Blueprints - 04

 The Blueprints - 05

Star Wars: The Blueprints -- Exclusive Book Teaser Trailer:

Star Wars: The Blueprints -- Exclusive Mini-Documentary Book Trailer:

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Well, people often wonder why I tweet so little and why there are such long stretches in between.  The answer is simple enough:  I work.  Well, it’s more complicated than that, I work, I’m headcoach for my son’s football team, my daughter is in both soccer AND volley ball and I’m involved in all of them in some way or another.  That, and I just came off of a really nice game project that took 7 months of my life, and I can’t seem to do social network stuff while working and still be productive.  I don’t know how you all do it!  Anyway, I’d been wanting to do SOMETHING of a blog post just to get back into contributing to the Unity community, and so when I came off this current project, it was my turn to post something on the IR5 blog – YAY!

So, since Unite 11 is starting today and I’d promised to do a demo on this back in 09′ while speaking at Unite 09, I figured it was time to make good on my promise.  I’ve finally put it all together in a very simple, yet flushed out, demo of how I did dog fighting in The Trench Run.

Check out the post, files and demo over at


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Click here to read When Japan Does <em>Star Wars</em>, Things Change

In 1987, Namco released Star Wars in Japan for the Famicom, a title that took more than a few liberties with the movie trilogy's storyline. Sounds outrageous, but one look at the game's manual art and everything was suddenly OK. More »

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