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Miyazaki Hayao’s latest animated film Kaze Tachinu (The Wind Rises) will start its domestic run in Japan from the 20th of July and publicity for the film has been in full swing for a while. I’ve collected a few clips in this post for your enjoyment, beginning with the trailer right below :

(above) Next up is a clip from the sound recording studio with Hideaki Anno (yes, the director of Evangelion) up as the voice of the lead character Jiro Horikoshi. Voice recording sessions are called “Ah-fu-re-ko” in Japan.

Part of the conversation between Anno-san and Miyazaki-san :

Anno-san : “I’ll do my best. (for the voice recordings) I can’t promise anything more !”

Miyazaki-san : “That’s fine. Suzuki-san (famous Ghibli producer) will take over you if can’t manage.” (Suzuki-san laughs in the background)

In their conversation, Miyazaki-san addresses Hideaki Anno as just “Anno”, without the honorific “-san”. If there’s anyone with the authority to do that, it’d be Miyazaki-san. :P

(above) In this next clip, Ghibli producer Suzuki-san makes an appearance on a Japanese variety program to promote the film and gives some background information regarding the story & characters.

The hiragana characters splashed acrossed the poster is handwritten by Suzuki-san, and is the tagline for the film “Ikineba” (loosely translating as “live on”).

The lead character Jiro Horikoshi is actually a combination of 2 historical characters that Miyazaki-san highly respect – the novelist Hiro Tatsuo & and the chief engineering of the WWII Japanese “Zero” fighter plane.

Suzuki-san also goes on the explain that all the sound effects (engines of the plane, etc) in the film are synthesized by voice actors. This is actually not new to Ghibli films as it has been done before on the Ghibli Museum short “House Searching”.

(above) Suzuki-san talks to actress Miori Takimoto, who voices the female lead Naoko Satomi, and also some behind the scenes in the voice recording studio. Apparently Miori-san was recommended for the role by Miyazaki-san’s mentor Takahata-san.

The storyboard book (drawn by Miyazaki-san) for Kaze Tachinu is now up for pre-orders on Amazon Japan, going on sale later in July. I believe the last storyboard book that Miyazaki-san drew was for Ponyo, and that was just spectacular.

I hope to get a copy of Kaze Tachinu soon to do a review.

Kaze Tachinu will take a while to reach screens outside of Japan, but I’m sure it’ll be worth it.

Sidenote : Otomo Katsuhiro’s animated film Short Peace is also starting it’s run on 20th of July. While the target audience/demographic is not exactly the same, its definitely going to face stiff competition from a Ghibli film.

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John Walker

As much as E3 can generate that sad feeling in your socks, it’s important to remember that our world of gaming is FAR bigger and more interesting than that awful corporate circlejerk. And what better example to land before my eyes than Sarah Crossman’s Master Reboot. From concept to art style to the wonderful trailer, it’s a breath of fresh, creepy air. Created with the desire to explore the concept of life after death in the form of saved, explorable memories, this is a first-person “psychological puzzle adventure”, and it looks splendid.


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Update: Huzzah! The issue is all fixed, and the beta now loads.

It’s been a mere nine months since The Banner Saga was a twinkle in the internet’s eye. But now the teeny team of former BioWare artists have put their tactical RPG into open beta. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, providing a big funding boost, those who backed have been in the beta for a while. But as of today, the rest of the world is invited to form an orderly queue. And pay. There’s a new trailer to celebrate, below, but there are also some technical issues getting the beta working at the moment.


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Beat Sneak Bandit creator Simogo offers another glimpse of its upcoming iOS first-person adventure game Year Walk in the newly launched trailer above.

First revealed last month, Year Walk promises to "blur the line between two and three dimensions as well as reality and the supernatural" in a tale that tasks players with exploring the world and solving puzzles in a 19th century Swedish setting.

Year Walk is set to launch early next year.

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Xra's experimental programming and exploring PC game Memory of a Broken Dimension is slightly less shrouded in mystery thanks to this gameplay video and last month's SOWN presentation finally edited. The game takes place in at least two different modes: part computer terminal and part reality as created by the computer.

The time at the terminal prompt screen involves typing in commands to manipulate files received from the future. When the commands run the files, the game loads into a distorted first-person perspective. It is then up to the player to come to a certain vantage point so that the data fragments are seen as a whole and form physical objects.

In the SOWN talk, creator Ezra Hanson-White mentions that Memory of a Broken Dimension is partly inspired by learning much less user-friendly computers when he was younger. He wants players to feel like they are operating a computer not a game character in the game, with all the challenges of mastering the former. In the video after the jump, he also discusses the radio being a source of inspiration, how such a small device could tune into so many different channels.

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The arcades may be dead, but with 16-bit throwbacks like Lumberjack cropping up on places like xbox live indie games, it's easy enough to get a fix of sidescrolling beat 'em up fun.

Lumberjack by Bytown tells the tale of one man and his axe seeking revenge on a forest and it's inhabitants.It support coop play for up to four players, give you a range of weapons and upgrades, and features a hell of a lot of blood.

It's available right now for 80 MS Points, and there's a free demo. Why not give it a try.

[Hat tip to Retro Remakes for spotting this one]

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When James Cameron’s “Titanic” gets its theatrical rerelease in 3-D next week, it will emerge into a very different world for movies than when it first came out. It can be hard to notice how much has changed since 1997 just by watching a contemporary blockbuster like “Transformers” or “Twilight.” But the shifts have been massive, and significant. The emergence of digital technology has given audiences more entertainment options than ever, while simultaneously opening up new ways for fans to find each other and discuss pieces of pop culture. As the Web provides ever-more information at an ever-quicker pace, new tools for making movies have allowed filmmakers to cut up and recombine images and sound at the furious pace our entertainment consumption now seems to require. And all of these changes are visible in a single piece of film marketing: the movie trailer.

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Driving games often have NPC cars for you to expertly carve a driving path through, but in Unnecessary Violence you're equipped with an arsenal of high powered weapons, and you use them to make traffic in your way explode.

The developers say this:

"Bad guys are doing their thing, the world needs a hero - and so on... But what you really need to know is that you get to BLOW UP CARS DRIVING SLOW IN THE FAST LANE."


Unnecessary Violence is planned for an XBLIG release, priced at 80 MS points. Due "hopefully soon".

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NG:DEV.TEAM (Last Hope, Fast Striker) has released a new trailer for its side-scrolling shooter Gun Lord, set to premiere later this month for the Neo Geo and in June for the Sega Dreamcast.

Heavily inspired by the Turrican series, Gun Lord equips players with multiple powerful weapons, and features numerous levels filled with swarms of enemies, collectible items, and screen-filling boss characters. The trailer above shows off a decent chunk of gameplay, including a horizontally scrolling shooter level and an impressive boss encounter. Definitely watch the intro, too -- it's priceless.

Gun Lord will launch March 26th as a cartridge for Neo Geo MVS arcade units. Cartridge-only copies are priced at 319 euros, while a limited-edition boxed version sells for 419 euros. Regular and deluxe Neo Geo AES home console versions will be released later this year, and several Dreamcast editions ranging in price from 32 to 99 euros will premiere June 14th. Preorders can be placed at NG:DEV.TEAM's website.

[via @mommysbestgames]

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Der Film erforscht die Beziehung zwischen Glauben und Fußball, indem er drei Fans des argentinischen Clubs Atlético Boca Juniors begleitet. Hernán, ein Intellektueller, ist berauscht von seiner unauflöslichen Liebe zum Verein. Der Arbeiter Pablo hält Ex-Boca-Star Diego Maradona für einen Gott. Die Exzentrikerin La Tia (Die Tante) ist überzeugt, dass alle Boca-Spieler ihre Söhne sind. In „Fußball ist Gott“ geht es neben dem Spiel auch um Glauben, Leidenschaft und den Wunsch, Teil eines Größeren zu sein.

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