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An investigative commission called the meltdown at Fukushima an entirely preventable “manmade” disaster, and the media blew up. Any editor or reporter worth his salt in sensationalist muckraking, after all, knows nuclear disaster stories get eyeballs. The story goes: this was good ol’ fashioned regulatory capture, the fox watching the hen house. A failure of government, a case of brazen recklessness from the nuclear industry—this was no freak fluke of nature. This was a disaster that could have been avoided altogether. This catastrophe was man-made.

Which, obviously …

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Talk of Japanese RPGs in Europe tends to be dominated by the obvious big names, the Final Fantasies and Dragon Quests. That's no surprise, given that a great many other series rarely - if ever - make it as far as European shores.

Namco Bandai's Tales is one such series, having clocked up 27 games and spin-offs, not to mention four animated TV shows, without leaving much of a dent in the European gaming consciousness. That may be partly down to the title - sticking "Tales of" in front a game is common enough practice that it makes connecting the dots tricky for anyone not already immersed in the series.

Tales of the Abyss was the eighth game in the series when it appeared on PlayStation 2, and its arrival here on 3DS marks not only its European debut but also the first pure-bred JRPG to arrive on Nintendo's new handheld. With Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest missing in action, it's a good opportunity for this venerable rival to steal some Western fans.

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An anonymous reader writes "Italian roboticists have built a quadruped robot called HyQ that can walk, trot, jump, and rear. Unlike with another quadruped project, the famous BigDog from Boston Dynamics, the Italian team wants to make their design 'as open as possible,' so other research groups can use it to collaborate. HyQ is a hydraulic system with torque-controlled, compliant legs. It's currently tethered, but the researchers plan to make the robot self-contained with an on-board pump, add a head with cameras and laser-range finder, and take it for tests outdoors."

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EPF 2010 Finalist

Jukka Onnela

Of Obsessions

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Night or nighttime is the period of time when the sun is below the horizon. The opposite of night is day. The disappearance of sunlight, the primary energy source for life on Earth, has dramatic impacts on the morphology, physiology and behavior of almost every organism. Some animals sleep during the night, while other nocturnal animals including moths and crickets are active during this time.

“My goal with these photographs? Even saying that sentence is like listening to a junkie bumming money from his mother…  …the shit that my brother poured out of his mouth when he was an addict was unbelievable. I remember this one Christmas Eve when he called to my mother that he needed three thousand euros, or otherwise “some men” would kill him. I can’t remember if my mother gave him any money, although usually she did give some”.
-Excerpt from a recorded conversation, Helsinki, 2007

“Sometimes I have this insect like feeling. It usually comes after a long manic phase .”
-K. In a bar 2009

Mania is generally characterized by a distinct period of an elevated, expansive, or irritable mood state. People experience an increase in energy and a decreased need for sleep. They may indulge in substance abuse, particularly alcohol or other depressants, cocaine or other stimulants.Their behavior may become aggressive.

“I love my mother but I think it’s not an oedipal thing”.
-K. 2009

“When the depression really hits everything turns into yellow and grey. I don’t know why, but the colours remind me of the year 1984. My grandfather died that year. “
-Excerpt from J’s monologue. 2007

“Your moral, economical and religious values have created this enormous vacuum around you. All your ideas and acts are stained by these twisted values, or more likely by the lack of them.”
-M. 2009

I document my surroundings, the people who inhabit it and the situations, that I somehow consider to be significant, by using recorded conversations, texts and photographs.


Jukka Onnela (1977) lives and works in Helsinki, Finland. He is one of the founding members of an European photography collective, Collective Smoke.  His work could be described as personal documentary.

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