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You, sir, are and idiot is a catchphrase and a corrupted variant of the phrase “You, sir, are an idiot,” originally uttered by Krusty the Klown in an episode of The Simpsons. The quote was subsequently popularized on 4chan, with the conjunction “and” replacing the indefinite article “an” for an additional layer of irony. The phrase now implies “I believe that I know more than you, despite my own ineptitude.”


“You, sir, are an idiot” was first said by Krusty the Klown in episode 9 of Season 15 of The Simpsons, entitled “The Last Temptation of the Krust.” It originally aired February 22nd, 1998.

‘You sir’ is a common prefix that can be added to the beginning of a declarative statement. It is often used to add emphasis to an opinion or to imply a tone of respect. By all implications of the phrase, one is ironically saying “I respectfully disrespect you.”


The phrase appeared on Urban Dictionary in September 2008. Its usage can be seen in the following samples from 4chanarchive (WARNING: 18+, NSFW):


Googling the phrase yields approximately 25,000+ results. Many of those hits are people using the phrase on message boards to call other posters out (like on this GameSpot thread in 2008) or to troll (as seen in this Adult Swim thread in 2010. It has also been used in comments, as seen on Failblog in 2008, to criticize other users.

However, since the derivatives lack much in terms of original content or recontextualization, it is more of a forced catchphrase meme.

Google Insights

Significant search trends for both variations of the phrase began showing up in August and September of 2008. It is not entirely clear what would cause the phrase to regain popularity 10 years after debuting in popular culture.

The phrase peaked again in September and December of 2009, although there is no clear explanation as to why.

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