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Is this a sign of the encroaching apocalypse or an indication of better things to come? Stanford University used to be one of those top-notch educational institutes that cost an arm and a leg to attend. And now they're offering free courses? I'm not sure what to think about this but I'm definitely not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

There are actually a fair number of courses being offered. I'm not sure how useful Anatomy is going to be to an aspiring game designer but I'm willing to bet that there's more than a few out there who could benefit from the Game Theory (Thanks, Alexey!) classes or the Human-Computer Interaction course. In general, it looks like the courses will consist of eight to twelve minute lecture videos, an assortment of integrated quiz questions, standalone quizzes and various other assignments. And before anyone asks, the answer is 'no'. No, you will not be getting credits. You may, however, gain insight instead and that, as any well-pickled philosopher can tell you, is worth its weight in gold.

You can find out more here.

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