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After cutting a destructive path through the Caribbean, Hurricane Sandy caused extensive damage along the East Coast this week. Sandy made landfall in southern New Jersey and brought with it major flooding, travel disruption, structural damage, and power outages. New York City was especially hard hit. The storm system was so large ­-- nearly 1,000 miles wide at times -- it brought blizzard conditions to West Virginia and 20 foot waves to Lake Michigan. It is projected Sandy will have caused about $30 billion in damages in the United States. To date, the storm claimed more than 100 lives. -- Lloyd Young ( 57 photos total)
Flooded homes in Tuckerton, N.J., on Oct. 30 after Hurricane Sandy made landfall on the southern New Jersey coastline on Oct. 29. (US Coast Guard via AFP/Getty Images)

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Hosni Mubarak, Egypt’s former president, lies on a hospital bed inside a cage of mesh and iron as he appears in a Cairo courtroom. The scene, shown live on state television, is the country’s first look at their ousted ex-president since February when he gave a defiant speech refusing to resign, the day before he resigned.

With the 10th anniversary of the 2001 terrorist attacks a little more than a month away, One World Trade Center towers over the lower Manhattan skyline. The skyscraper, under construction, has reached 76 floors with 28 to go.

In Brazil, demonstrators in São Paulo march to demand a reduction of hours in the workweek; the first print of a Macrobian World Map from Ambrosius Macrobius’s 1483 incunabulum “In Somnium Scipionis Expositio. Saturnalia” depicting the Great South Land now known as Australia is part of a collection of rare books and maps detailing the search for Australia being offered for sale; while in Texas, the dry bed of O.C. Fisher Lake bakes and cracks in the hot sun. Long periods of 100-degree-plus temperatures combined with a dearth of rain in the drought-stricken region over the past few years have almost entirely dried up a reservoir that once spanned over 5,400 acres.

In Switzerland, the 64th Locarno Film Festival opens on a clear summer evening at the city’s Piazza Grande; the WTA tennis tournament is underway in Carlsbad, Calif.; and in Brazil, an inmate of the Women’s Prison of Brasilia lets her nail polish dry in preparation for the third annual Miss Penitentiary beauty pageant. A modeling agency selected 12 finalists out of the nearly 100 incarcerated hopefuls who entered the contest.

Being an insider was a definite plus.

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