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Patrick O’Dell has done a lot of different crap at Vice US – contributor, Photo Editor, VBS.TV personality, etc. So when he sent us his submission for the Still Lifes issue, our maternal instincts kicked in. We worried about him. Is he eating right? Does he have a roof over his head? A warm winter coat? Turns out he’s got all of those things (and a motorcycle), and that photo was taken years ago.

These days, Patrick is the nice, freshly shaven man who hosts Epicly Later’d on VBS. He also aggressively updates his blog with photos of adventure, travel, mayhem, and skateboarding (his photos of the latter have been plastered all over every major skate magazine for years). He used to live in New York, but now he lives in LA with a dog and a Jerry Hsu photo he stole from us.(...)
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