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At MegaPhone and USER1, as at any startup, we build a lot of prototypes. In fact, arguably everything we build is a prototype. In our early days, we churned through a lot of prototype terminology--everything from "one-off" and "test" to "demo," "study," "duct tape," "simplest thing that works," "minimum viable product," "proof of concept," "hack," "quick fix," and "mock-up". But those terms never gave us the cohesive mental framework we...

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NIPS 2011 Big Learning - Algorithms, Systems, & Tools Workshop: Big Machine Learning...

Big Learning Workshop: Algorithms, Systems, and Tools for Learning at Scale at NIPS 2011 Invited Talk: Big Machine Learning made Easy by Miguel Araujo Miguel Araujo holds a BS and MS in computer science from Universidad Antonio de Nebrija and San Diego State University. He is a Machine Learning addict and an active open source hacker that enjoys coding in Python. Miguel is a contributor in open source projects like: django-rules, django-crispy-forms, and requests-oauth. Abstract: While machine learning has made its way into certain industrial applications, there are many important real-world domains, especially domains with large-scale data, that remain unexplored. There are a number of reasons for this, and they occur at all places in the technology stack.

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rhartness writes "I am a long time Software Engineer, however, almost all of my work has been developing server-side, intranet applications or applications for the Windows desktop environment. With that said, I have recently come up with an idea for a new website which would require extremely high levels of security (i.e. I need to be sure that my servers are as 100% rock-solid, unhackable as possible.) I am an experienced developer, and I have a general understanding of web security; however, I am clueless of what is requires to create a web server that is as secure as, say, a banking account management system. Can the Slashdot community recommend good websites, books, or any other resources that thoroughly discuss the topic of setting up a small web server or network for hosting a site that is as absolutely secure as possible?"

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