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Given that we now know that the National Security Agency (NSA) has the ability to compromise some, if not all of VPN, SSL, and TLS forms of data transmission hardening, it’s worth considering the various vectors of technical and legal data-gathering that high-level adversaries in America and Britain (and likely other countries, at least in the “Five Eyes” group of anglophone allies) are likely using in parallel to go after a given target. So far, the possibilities include:

  • A company volunteers to help (and gets paid for it)
  • Spies copy the traffic directly off the fiber
  • A company complies under legal duress
  • Spies infiltrate a company
  • Spies coerce upstream companies to weaken crypto in their products/install backdoors
  • Spies brute force the crypto
  • Spies compromise a digital certificate
  • Spies hack a target computer directly, stealing keys and/or data, sabotage.

Let’s take these one at a time.

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Robert Tercek at TEDxTransmedia 2012 - '7 Gifts for Creative Activists'

Robert Tercek is one of the world's most prolific creators of interactive content. He has created breakthrough entertainment experiences on every digital platform, including satellite television, game consoles, broadband Internet, interactive television and mobile networks. His expertise spans television, telecommunications and software. His motto is "Inventing the Future." He is passionate about inspiring audiences to seize their own destiny by thinking creatively and taking decisive action. At TEDx Transmedia 2012 he shared '7 gifts for creative activists' on creative collaboration and how to turn dreams into reality. Robert's website:

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MrSeb writes "Electrical engineers and material scientists at MIT have created a fiber-borne laser that could be woven to form a flexible display that could project different 3D images in any number of directions, to any number of viewers. MIT's fiber is similar to standard telecoms fiber, but it has a tiny droplet of fluid embedded in the core. When laser light hits the fluid, it scatters, effectively creating a 360-degree laser beam. The core is then surrounded by layers of liquid crystal, which can be controlled like 'pixels,' allowing the laser light to escape from specific points anywhere along the length of the fiber. This means that you could have a display that shows one picture on the 'front' and another on the 'back' — or different, glasses-free 3D images for everyone sitting in front and behind. In the short term, the laser fiber is more likely to have a significant application in photodynamic therapy, an area of medicine where drugs are activated using light. Photodynamic therapy is one of the only ways to treat cancer in a relatively non-invasive and non-toxic manner. MIT's laser could be threaded into almost any part of the body, where the ability to produce pixels of laser light at any point along its length would make it a highly accurate device."

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Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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Hitbox Team has more gameplay and music for gamers to enjoy for its early 2012 Windows and Mac platformer: Dustforce. The emphasis seems to still be to stay moving, sweeping up trash everywhere and swatting enemies mid-air.

One thing I didn't notice from before was that the enemies don't die, at least not according to this trailer. The players nearly clean up the enemy's act, and it becomes a less angry part of nature again.

I wish the actual characters were all a little bit bigger, since they add some rich color to the game. I suppose, though, that one would want to see a wide angle of the stage to play at a fast pace and plan combos.

While waiting to see more gameplay from Dustforce, click on to hear a few songs in progress from Terrence Lee.

"Dustforce is not just about acrobatic movement, but also about adventure and exploration," explained Terence Lee, the Hitbox Team audio engineer and composer. "I wanted some of the music to evoke a sense of mystery and discovery." Do you think the first of these three tracks achieves this sense?

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Eve Online’s player base is currently ANGRY. The above image is of a riot that took place this Friday in Jita, one of the virtual universe’s biggest trading hubs, and this thread on the official forums is keeping track of all the subscriptions that have been cancelled in protest- some 4,500 so far.

Why all the rage? In short, CCP are dragging the game in a direction the players are deeply uncomfortable with. I know all this because I’ve just finished reading Eurogamer’s sterling coverage of what they’re calling the “crisis”, and you should too. You can read it here, or get yourself a taste after the jump.

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