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Thursday Tunes: New FvF Mixtape by Leigh Irwin aka. Lady Noir

The two pseudonyms Viva L’Amour and Lady Noir allow Melbourne based, Leigh Irwin, to uniquely traverse and explore a range of musical genres. Leigh started DJing while living in Tokyo in the mid 90′s before completing a Bachelor of Music majoring in composition.

This experience led her to work in the role of music director for Melbourne and Sydney Fashion weeks over the last five years while also appearing alongside some of the biggest names in the electronic music scene, such as Peaches and Miss Kitten.

Her eclectic mix contains hits from the late 70′s to this year, with tracks by Duran Duran, Maria Minerva and Cocteau Twins.

Find find out more about this talented lady on Freunde von Freunden.


1. Keys of Life – Klaus Nomi
2. Grail Overfloweth – Cocteau Twins
3. The Chauffeur – Duran Duran
4. Waltz Real Slow – HTRK
5. The Need – Chris & Cosey
6. Ruff Trade – Maria Minerva
7. YangYang (dub) – Anika
8. His Box – Dalis Car
9. In My Velvet Cage – Venus In Furs
10. The World Fell – Var
11. Carpet Rash – Total Control
12. Make-Up – Vanity 6
13. Heartbeat – XEX
14. A Long Way Down – James T. Cotton

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Xeni Jardin

A few nights ago, I had the great pleasure of seeing earthy psych-rock songwriter/musician/producer Jonathan Wilson perform live in Los Angeles. Richard Metzger of Dangerous Minds turned me on to Wilson a few years back, and we went to the show together.

Here's a soundcloud link where you can check out his work.

"The sonic palette that Wilson and his band draws from includes Pink Floyd, CSNY, Radiohead, Bob Seeger, Dire Straits, The Allman Brothers, The Eagles, Shuggie Otis and so forth, and yes, the musicianship is at that exalted level, too," Metzger writes.

I feel like Wilson is one of those musicians you can't fully appreciate until you see them live. After that show, I'm a trufan.

"Although Jonathan Wilson is a critical darling and has seen his music warmly received in Europe, especially in Great Britain where MOJO, Uncut and the BBC all ranked his Gentle Spirit album in their year end 'Best of' short lists for 2011 just weeks after its release—he was even Uncut’s New Artist of the Year—he is STILL underrated in America to the point of being woefully under-appreciated," writes Metzger. "Seriously America! WTF?"

Metzger is one of the internet's great Rock Snobs, and his writeup of the phenomenal show is spot-on. Throughout most of the relaxed, at-home-among-friends set, Wilson and everyone else remained seated, save for the bass player who seemed so into it that sitting down probably would have caused him physical discomfort. One consistent element in Wilson’s remarkably varied live shows is the palpable level of psychic communication and improvisational interplay that goes on among the band members. These motherfuckers are simultaneously deeply concentrating as well as losing themselves in what they are communally creating. There’s an ecstatic music being made and it was obvious from the band and the string section’s facial expressions that they were all deeply feeling it.

The perspective from the audience? It was like having gold poured into your ears.

I expected a really great show. It was one.

Go read the rest of his review at Dangerous Minds. Metzger rounded up some great videos and a live radio session, too.

Jonathan Wilson on, here's his Facebook.

Poster art by Kii Arens.


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Cory Doctorow

By Crom, what sorcery is this? These women with their motley tights have backdoored my brain's habitual human-recognition heuristics and keep fooling my eye into seeing impossible acrobatic half-humans with phase-shifted torsos!

Black and White Tights Dance (with "Tanz" lyrics) (via IO9)     

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(author unknown)

Blast from the past: The FvF Mixtape #4 now available on Soundcloud

The FvF mixtape Series, consisting of 56 compilation tracklists by our friends, network and team, it’s not about the latest tracks, but about a feeling. This is why we are republishing one of our first FvF mixtapes from January 2011. Formerly only available on 8tracks, it has found a new home on our Soundcloud page.

Enjoy the Freunde von Freunden mixtape #4 provided by yours truly, FvF, with artists ranging from Burial, James Blake and Nas to The Notwist and Jimi Hendrix.


1. Shadows - Warpaint
2. Paradise Circus - Massive Attack
3. The Wilhelm Scream - James Blake
4. Rattling Cage - Forest Swords
5. The Wind Cries Mary - Jimi Hendrix
6. Consequence - The Notwist
7. See Birds (Moon) - Balam Acab
8. Forgive (sy.ic remix) - Burial
9. I Have But One Heart (O Marenariello) - Nino Rota
10. Memory Lane (Sittin’ in da Park) - Nas
11. Devil in a New Dress - Kanye West
12. Rolling in the Deep (Jamie xx Shuffle) - Adele
13. Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison
14. I Am A Disco Dancer - Vijay Benedict
15. Brave (Dark Sky Remix) - Kelis
16. Hotel - Bodi Bill
17. In Our Country - Isolée
18. Time for Us - Nicolas Jaar

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Cédric Pescia + Couperin - Les Ombres Errantes

Album: Les Folies Francaises

(via music-ex-machina:)

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Improvised Music’s Archives (part 31)

“Where Are You From Today” (Lyle Mays)

Lyle Mays (piano), Marc Johnson (double bass), Jack DeJohnette (drums)

(From the album “Fictionary”)

Beautiful, lush ballad by an amazing trio. Lyle Mays is such an underrated jazz pianist… simply one of the best around.

(via jazzrelatedstuff:)

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