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Isle of Wight

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It’s the final lap of the 73BC Nicopolis GP and the crowd are going walnuts. After narrowly avoiding a crashed chariot in lane 4 and the threshing wheel blades of the mad Scythian in lane 6, I whip my knackered nags through an unexpected gap in the frontrunners, and find myself leading by a good pertica. There’s now only one 180-degree turn and a furlong of foam-flecked dust between me and 25,000 denarius. This is it. My team, The Ballista Boys, are about to write themselves into chariot racing history.

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The Evolution of the Emcee: Akala at TEDxSalford

Akala is a renowned English rapper, poet, and journalist. Emerging from London's hip-hop underground, in 2006 Kingslee 'Akala' Daley) won the MOBO 'Best Hip-Hop' award for his debut album "It's Not A Rumour". Since then he has released his second album "Freedom Lasso" and toured extensively in the UK and around the world. He has also found the time to take his own energetic and original workshops all over the country working for clients such as the BBC, London Metropolitan Archives, Times BFI London Film Festival and various schools/youth clubs around the capital. Breaking down the culture of cliché and stereotype that smothers the genre he loves is a major part of the mission he's taken on, and gives impetus to this third album of pointed, perceptive hip hop music from the convention-defying emcee. Akala has performed at various UK festivals including V Festival, Wireless, Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds Festivals, Parklife and Isle of Wight. Credits: Camerawork: Nathan Rae & Team - Post production: Elliott Wragg - Audio restoration : Jorge Polvorinos - Head of IT and Design Vlad Victor Jiman - Intro: Mike Wood - In thespirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small <b>...</b>

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Just saw this on Twitter….awful news from Afghanistan… New York Times is reporting today that Joao Silva has been severely injured after having stepped on a landmine.

Articles – NYT: Times Photographer Wounded in Afghanistan (NYT: October 2010)

The news on BJP

Silva’s personal website

Features and Essays – John Moore: In American Custody (NYT Lens: October 2010)

Features and Essays - Chris Hondros: 101st Airborne in Afghanistan ( October 2010)

Photographers -Krisanne Johnson

PhotographersMarc Vallee

TwitterSusana Raab

Some of my own work…Two photographs I took of Magnum photographer Martin Parr in Isle of Wight  four weeks ago are published today in the  Financial Times along with an article ‘Life through a lens’ written by Catherine Nixey, in the Life & Arts section… Online you can only see one of the photos, and it’s quite heavily cropped, but I’m glad they printed it in full on the paper…Check the FT Weekend in print for the entire article and the other photograph…

Articles – Financial Times : Catherine Nixey: On holiday with Martin Parr (FT: October 2010)

A bit of Saturday fun…I got myself that iPhone two weeks ago, and I’ve enjoyed taking some snaps with it…

Blogs - 10 Of The Best Photo Apps for iPhone (Triphp Blog: 2010)

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We’re back after a short blog hiatus… Been busy with own work…Shot two very nice assignments  - one in London and another one on Isle of Wight – during the last three days…

Features and Essays - Rena Effendi: Refugees and Rural Migrants Struggle on the Edges of Baku ( 2010) Azerbaijan

More Eurasianet features here.

Features and Essays – Moises Saman: At Iraqi Port, Chaos and Corruption Reign (NYT: September 2010)

Features and Essays - Veronique de Viguerie: Desert Midwives (Reportage by Getty Images: September 2010)

Features and Essays - Trevor Snapp: Building Up Southern Sudan (Newsweek: September 2010)

Photographers – Trevor Snapp : website : archive

Ben Lowy’s feature shot completely with an iPhone..

Features and Essays - Ben Lowy: Uranium Ghost Town (New Yorker: September 2010)

Ed Ou interviewed for NYT Lens Turning Point series…

Interviews - Ed Ou (NYT Lens: September 2010)

Words of wisdom from picture editor Mike Davis…

Articles - Mike Davis: What is Good? (Mike Davis blog: September 2010) What makes a great photograph?

More about the Mexican suitcase…

Articles - NYT: Spain’s Civil War, Inside a Suitcase (NYT Lens: September 2010)

On Friday it starts…

Articles – Telegraph:  Brighton Photo Biennial (Telegraph: September 2010) Curators, editors and photographers preview the best of the upcoming shows and events at the BPB.

Articles – Guardian: Photographer Katrin Koenning’s best shot (Guardian: September 2010)

Articles – Verve Photo: Shen Wei (Verve: September 2010)

AwardsWar on Want Document 2011 Photographic Award (Student award)

I always enjoy Laura Pannack’s portraits…

Blogs - Laura Pannack: Image of the week (Photographer’s blog: September 2010)

Features and Essays – Patrick Aventurier: Golden Pearls (Reportage by Getty Images: September 2010)

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