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Atlanta Falcons

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Clean air mural

As part of Bologna's Frontier project, Italian artist Andreco has created a 59-foot mural which he hopes will clean up the city's air. Representing a huge "Tree of Knowledge," the artwork is made of photocatalytic paint, a special substance which, according to manufacturers, breaks down mono-nitrogen oxides, harmful chemicals produced by cars and other motor vehicles. One company claims that "every square meter painted is like taking eight cars off the road."

But do these claims stand up to scrutiny? According to a 2010 advisory note issued by the UK's Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), the jury is still out on whether photocatalytic paint actually has a significant effect on air pollution. While studies in...

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Much has been written about whether entrepreneurs are born or made, with no real consensus. My own opinion, which is anecdotal, is that entrepreneurs can be made — and that parents play a central role in making them. I had a remarkable epiphany while producing Lemonade Stories, a documentary film about extraordinary entrepreneurs and their mothers. [...]

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Seven weeks ago, a labor dispute threatened to push the NFL season to the sidelines. Instead, the goliaths of gridiron made a glorious return this past week, from the last-second goalstand by the Super Bowl champs Green Bay Packers to Tom Brady’s second-to-no-other-Patriot’s 517 yards passing. The games also paused to mark the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11th attacks. Though the season is just one week old, fans across the globe are hoping their teams will play in the grand finale next Feb. 5, held for the first time in Indianapolis. -- Lloyd Young
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Miami Dolphins Brandon Marshall (19) dives over New England Patriots Devin McCourty after catching a pass during the third quarter of their NFL football game in Miami Sept. 12. Hans Deryk/Reuters)

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