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Aurich Lawson / HBO

This week, as revelations about the extent of National Security Agency (NSA) spying continued to unfold, Ryan Gallagher brought us an article about the types of hardware that agencies outside of the NSA use to gather information from mobile devices. These agencies, which include local law enforcement as well as federal groups like the FBI and the DEA, use highly specialized equipment to gain information about a target. Still, the details about that hardware is largely kept secret from the public. Gallagher summed up what the public knows (and brought to light a few lesser-known facts) in his article, Meet the machines that steal your phone’s data.

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Luis Robayo / AFP - Getty Images

Colombian soldiers guard a homemade submersible in a rural area of Timbiqui, Colombia, on Feb. 14, 2011. A submersible has the capacity to transport eight tons of cocaine, and it can sail from Colombia to Mexico. The Colombian Army said they found the sub on the southwestern coast of the Colombian Pacific Ocean.


Robert Hood says: I was a passenger on a U.S. Navy submarine and few years ago, and I was completely overwhelmed by how complex and dangerous a submarine is. So many things can go wrong at any time. It seemed to me that the submariners’ well-practiced skills and professionalism are the only things that prevent tragedies from happening every day. It’s difficult to imagine a drug smuggling organization approaching that kind of skill and organization. Maybe we underestimate them.

El Tiempo Newspaper reports:
Officials were surprised at the advanced technology used to make the 100 ft. long vessel, which allows for complete submersion, making it virtually undetectable.

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