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Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting

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Too often the subjects of images of Africa seem to be reduced to symbols - viewers do not encounter them as fully rounded human beings, rarely seeing journalistic images of the middle class, artists or the cultural heritage of African countries. Peter DiCampo, with his iPhone, endeavors to address this.

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New mothers at risk
Panos photographer Mads Nissen looks at Nepal’s successful efforts to reduce maternal mortality in his multimedia piece “Giving Life, Risking Life.”

Increased education and distribution of safe-birthing kits are among the reasons for a dramatic decline in the deaths of women in childbirth in Nepal.

California girls
The Aquadettes are a group of synchronized swimmers from Leisure World, in Seal Beach, who regularly practice routines and new water stunts to maintain their health and strength.

A former nurse, Margo Bauer found herself fighting off waves of nausea brought on by multiple sclerosis.  Rather than resign herself to the symptoms of MS, she vowed to take control of her life.

Set to an amazing burlesque soundtrack, California is the Place’s newest film, “The Aquadettes,” shows how “California girls” hold on to their vibrancy. It is a beautiful portrait about maintaining quality of life.

On the edge
Photographed by Catherine Spangler, a master’s student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, “Enough to Survive” tells the story of Sabina Morales Gomez.  Sabina is one of about a thousand pepenadores, or recyclers, who live and work in Bordo de Xochiaca, one of Mexico’s largest trash dumps.   Sabina does what she feels she must to feed her children.  Photographer Spangler braves the harsh conditions of the trash dump to gain intimate access to the lives of trash pickers struggling to eke out an existence.

Crisis in China

The Press Photographer’s Year has announced the winners of its annual competition for press photographers based in Britain or working for British publications.  Photographer and videographer Sean Gallagher was awarded first place in multimedia for his project “Dongting – A Lake in Flux.”  On assignment for the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, Gallagher looked at changes in China’s Dongting Lake.  China’s 65-million-hectare wetlands  represent 10% of the world’s wetlands. The country’s rapid growth is causing large swaths of these biodiverse wetlands to recede; from 1990 to 2000, 30% of the wetlands disappeared.

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