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Red Bull Music Academy

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Daisuke Tanabe - Live from Tokyo via Percussion Lab

A downtempo IDM performance - part of Percusion Lab’s collection of sets called ‘Tokyo - State of Mind’:

Daisuke Tanabe released his debut album last year on Circulations in Japan and was a Red Bull Music Academy participant in 2010. He’s played Sonar, remixed artists such as Elan Mehler and Aaron Jerome and has released other music on labels like Ninja Tune, BBE, and Brownswood Recordings. Tanabe has a unique aesthetic/sonic quality to his music that makes it all the more interesting. From straight up ambient electronica to more dancefloor friendly sounds via IDM he keeps it interesting on the live front and in the studio. Tanabe is currently working on a collaborative project with London’s Kid Kanevil, called Kidsuke, and has releases forthcoming on Project Mooncircle.

(via prostheticknowledge:)

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