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Amir Efrati

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Rejected Google Ventures

Google Ventures has invested in a number of successful startups, such as Nest Labs and HomeAway, and has become quite a significant player in Silicon Valley.

But it hasn't been able to get its hands on all of the hot, valuable startups that have emerged in the last few years, Amir Efrati of The Wall Street Journal reports. Among those include Instagram, Pinterest, GitHub and Path, most of which we featured on our Digital 100 this year.

  • Instagram, which Facebook acquired for about $1 billion in April, is now 12x bigger since the acquisition. Despite Facebook's stock troubles, the company is still valued at around $42 billion. In 2011, we valued Instagram at $100 million.
  • Pinterest, which actually has better user engagement than Facebook, recently raised a $100 million round at a $1.5 billion valuation. But we estimate, taking into consideration Pinterest's revenue, is valued at $2 billion. 
  • Software management program and collaboration tool GitHub was another miss. With assumed revenues of $50 million a year, we estimate the company is valued at around $500 million. 
  • Path, the mobile-only social network for close friends and family, doesn't have a significant number of daily active users nor any revenue, but it's a company that many, including Mark Zuckerberg, are watching very closely. It recently raised a $30 million round valued at $250 million, but we estimate it's worth around $180 million, which is still significant for a company without any revenue. 

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