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After cutting a destructive path through the Caribbean, Hurricane Sandy caused extensive damage along the East Coast this week. Sandy made landfall in southern New Jersey and brought with it major flooding, travel disruption, structural damage, and power outages. New York City was especially hard hit. The storm system was so large ­-- nearly 1,000 miles wide at times -- it brought blizzard conditions to West Virginia and 20 foot waves to Lake Michigan. It is projected Sandy will have caused about $30 billion in damages in the United States. To date, the storm claimed more than 100 lives. -- Lloyd Young ( 57 photos total)
Flooded homes in Tuckerton, N.J., on Oct. 30 after Hurricane Sandy made landfall on the southern New Jersey coastline on Oct. 29. (US Coast Guard via AFP/Getty Images)

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[Video Link] If you've been reading Boing Boing for any length of time, you probably know by now Daniel Clowes is at the top of my list of greatest living cartoonists. (See our many posts about Dan's work, interviews, profiles, etc.).

So you will understand why I'm so excited about the forthcoming monograph, The Art of Daniel Clowes: Modern Cartoonist, edited by Alvin Buenaventura (the great comic book publisher and historian), and published by Abrams ComicArts. On April 5, Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles is holding an event to celebrate the release of the book. Part of the festivities will include a live interview with Dan, conducted by yours truly. If you buy a copy of The Art of Daniel Clowes through Meltdown, you'll get 2 tickets to the event (and Dan will sign it for you that evening). Additional tickets can be purchased for $10.

Also, enter our contest for a chance to win a copy of the book autographed by Daniel Clowes. Throughout our countdown, one winner will be picked at random every day, so check Boing Boing for the daily code. To enter, send an email to with your mailing address (no PO boxes please) and put today’s contest code: [enidcoleslaw] in the subject line.

For the next two weeks, I'll post a daily countdown entry about Clowes and his book, written by Dan or Alvin. The official release date is April, 1, but you can get it today on Amazon.

Here's today's countdown post: ¡Ay Dan Clowes! (Los Simpson en Español) y Correa de la Utilidad del Batman


Daniel Clowes, along with Art Spiegelman and Alan Moore, appeared on The Simpsons episode titled "Husbands and Knives," first broadcast on November 18, 2007. Clowes was asked to draw a version of Batman's utility belt, but it was too detailed for the show’s minimal style.

Two-Week Countdown to the Release of "The Art of Daniel Clowes: Modern Cartoonist"!

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