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Brian Baker

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If you were one of the few Americans who caught the second Euro 2012 semifinal last Thursday, you were in for a soccer treat. After two relatively tepid nil-nil draws (England/Italy, Portugal/Spain) that went the distance, the battle between Germany (one of the pre-tournament favors) and Italy (perennial European powerhouse) was an exhilarating goalfest. History ultimately prevailed, as once again, the Italians booted the Germans out of a major international tournament, led by the ageless, timeless Andres Pirlo. The Germans also suffered another surprising blow, in the form of some unflattering editing.

Despite solid all around play by the hard working Germans, the azzurri struck fast and hard on the counter. By the the 36th minute, Italian striker Mario “ Super Mario ” Balotelli had scored the second, killer goal.

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