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Craig Walker

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Who says you have to go halfway around the world to find gripping images? Craig Walker spent a year covering assignments in Denver, and in between shot an award-winning series on an Marine vet grappling with post-traumatic stress disorder.

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Craig F. Walker / The Denver Post

"I want to go home. It makes me feel like I have an excuse. I'ïve been thinking about everyone," Ian says. He waits to speak with Sgt. 1st Class Robert Russell, the recruiting command liaison, to outline his injury and make a new claim: A drill sergeant mistreated him for not seeking permission when he got an X-ray the night before.

Excerpted from The Image, Deconstructed (TID):

TID: You mentioned before that you went you through a bit of culture shock and sleep deprivation? Can you more talk about that? I imagine at times it was if you were going through boot camp as well.

CRAIG: To make the best images, I needed to live my life as Ian was living his, which involved culture shock and sleep deprivation. The first week of processing and basic training were the worst. With the drill sergeants yelling through the constant marching, exercise and 30 seconds to eat, I understood why some recruits questioned their decision to join the army.

TID: Were there any moments of conflict while shooting, and if so, how did you handle it?

CRAIG: In Iraq, Ian was assigned to the Quick Reaction Force, which responded to emergencies on and off the base 24/7. So when there was an attack, instead of taking shelter in the bunkers, we jumped in the vehicles and sped toward it.This could be stressful but my moments of conflict had little to do with photographing soldiers on the front lines or working in a hostile environment. Instead, my difficulties were with people who didn’t trust “the media” or understand what I was doing. There were a number of people who told me they didn’t want to be photographed. If those people were important to the story, I would take the time to explain to them the story’s mission and why their role in it was necessary.Those moments, though, were few and far between, and I always found that an honest conversation was the best remedy for potential obstacles. Ultimately, the people who were most important to the story understood it and were okay with being part of it.

Learn more about Craig Walker and his work on The Image, Deconstructed

Explore the full project from the Denver Post - Ian Fisher: American Soldier

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all events are at The Glob*** (unless otherwise noted) Sept 16-18, 2011



8pm – Kevin Moloney – freelance photographer, adjunct instructor of photojournalism at the University of Colorado at Boulder (taught Chip Litherland everything he knows)

9:15 pm- Sol Neelman, a few words on being the “Weird Sports” photographer

10pm-late – Sol Neelman’s book release/signing party, and a toast to Sol (AT THE CURTIS HOTEL BAR “The Corner Office“***)


11am – Tim Rasmussen, Denver Post DOP

12:15 pm – Craig Walker, Denver Post photographer, winner of the 2010 Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography, 2010 3rd place Newspaper POY

1:30pm – Rob Haggart, A Photo Editor

– pizzas/drinks delivered between speakers — Lunch at the Glob –

2:30pm – Ben Rasmussen, one of the most exciting young photographers I know with a real passion for personal projects

3:45pm – Sonya Hebert, Pulitzer Finalist, 2011 Dart Award winner, 2010 Casey Medal winner, remarkable storyteller and multimedia journalist with heart

wrap by 5pm Saturday.

7:30pm – SCREENING of Restrepo (AT THE DENVER POST Auditorium***)


11am – Matt Slaby, co-founder of LUCEO images

12:15 pm – John Moore, 2008 Magazine Photographer of the Year, Getty Images badass and all-around nice guy

1:30pm – Melissa Farlow, newspaper turned freelance photographer with over 14 National Geographic stories under her belt

2:45pm – Randy Olson, National Geographic freelancer, 2003 Magazine POY, 1992 Newspaper POY, Robert F Kennedy Award winner, Nikon Sabbatical grant winner… shall I go on…

Should wrap by 4pm on Sunday.


The Glob – 3551 Brighton Blvd, Denver, CO 80216, east of the Platte River, on the wrong side of both tracks, and one door over from Rhinoceropoli

The Curtis Hotel (and “The Corner Office” bar) — 1401 Curtis St. / corner of 14th + curtis street, Denver, CO 80202

The Denver Post — 101 W. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO 80202

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