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Cristian Movila

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We have finally finished our move to Brighton and I can dedicate some time for my dear blog again… Huge backlog of links to share here, even though I’ve only been offline the last two days…

Interviews - Marcus Bleasdale : My Best Shot (Guardian: September 2010) The documentary photographer talks about capturing child soldiers and conflict zones – and explains why the reason he takes pictures is because he gets angry (video 4:27)

Words of wisdom from Munem Wasif…

InterviewsMunem Wasif (BJP: September 2010)

Articles - Ed Kashi: Using Your Photo Archive: Looking Back To Look Forward (Tiffinbox: September 2010)

Thumbs up to Ami Vitale…

Blogs – Panos Pictures: ViewChange Online Film Contest (Panos Pictures: September 2010)  Sierra Leone: Where Every Pregnancy is a Gamble, a film by Lauren Malkani and Panos photographer Ami Vitale, has been nominated for linkTV’s ViewChange Online Film Contest…. If it wins, Vitale promises to donate the prize money to the people in the film…

Features and Essays - Cristian Movila: Inside a Romanian Drug House (TIME: September 2010)

Features and Essays – Jodi Bieber: Soweto, South Africa’s trend-setting township (BBC: September 2010)

Features and Essays – Adam Ferguson: Kandahar (NYT: September 2010)

If you have 9 minutes to spare, do have a look at this Aric Mayer’s Vimeo piece about photographing the aftermath of Katrina. Really worth it. The photographs, previously unseen to me, are strong and Mayer speaks very eloquently. There’s a subtlety to both the photographs and the narration that I liked a lot.

Features and Essays - Aric Mayer: The Aesthetics of Catastrophe (Vimeo: September 2010) Photographing the aftermath of Katrina

ExhibitionsWestminster (London) MA Photojournalism degree show slideshow (Foto8: September 2010)

Sean Gallagher did a Top 10 Best Photography Blogs list and I’m  very proud to be included… Thanks Sean!

Blogs – Sean Gallagher: Probably the Best Photography Blogs in the World (Photographer’s blog: September 2010)

InterviewsMark Power (BJP: September 2010)

Interviews - David Allan Harvey : Divided Soul (YouTube)

Tear sheets…

Rob Hornstra tear sheets from  Photo Raw, which I think is very cool Finnish photo magazine…

Panos Pictures latest tear sheets

CollectivesBoreal Collective

Photographers - Julien Goldstein

PhotographersKazuyoshi Nomachi

BlogsReuters photo blog

Twitter - Maciej Dakowicz

We’ve already seen these Kozyrev photos in TIME…
Features and Essays - Yuri Kozyrev: The Presumption of Guilt (TIME: September 2010)  Dagestan

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Just a quick collection for today…shouldn’t waste my Perpignan visit sitting in front of the computer…need to get out there and show my own work as well… and mingle…it’s been great to put faces to so many photographers’ names….Haven’t had the pleasure to meet Walter Astrada, but he’s here, and BJP did an interview with him yesterday…

Interviews - Walter Astrada (BJP: August 2010)

InterviewsPhilip Blenkinsop (Zorye: August 2010)

Interviews - Alixandra Fazzina (DRadio Wissen: August 2010)

Do it yourself.

InterviewsRob Hornstra (BJP: August 2010)

Dismantling My Career: A Conversation with Alec Soth

InterviewsAlec Soth (Walker August 2010)

Have to blow my own horn here a bit… Alex Garcia did an interview of me to his Assignment Chicago blog on the Chicago Tribune website…Essential reading of course!

InterviewsMikko Takkunen (Assignment Chicago: August 2010) Tuesday Tips: 10 Questions With…Mikko Takkunen

Articles - BJP: Corinne Day, star of British fashion photography, dies (BJP: August 2010)

Resources / Interviews and TalksNational Media Museum Podcasts

Did I add this the other week already? Can’t remember…

Photographers - Melissa Golden : website : twitter

Collectives - MJR Weekly 75

Twitter - Cristian Movila

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Still here in Perpignan…. Attended my first ever Visa Pour L’Image evening screenings at Campo Santo with huge expectations but was somehow underwhelmed overall. And it wasn’t necessarily about the quality of the work, but partly due to presentation. There were two standout stories though….Finbarr O’Reilly’s work about white poverty in South Africa and Stephan Vanfleteren’s portraits from DRC.  My Perpignan flatmate Olivier wrote in the BJP that it was surprising to see Vanfleteren’s project screened as Visa Pour L’Image has traditionally not been very kind towards portrait projects. Bumped into loads of people at Cafe la Poste afterwards, including Bryan Denton, who must be the tallest man I’ve ever talked to in person…

Features and Essays – Moises Saman: Iraq’s Resting Places (NYT: August 2010)

Features and Essays – Christopher Morris: South Korea (VII: August 2010)

Features and Essays - Marcus Bleasdale: Kashmir Revisited (VII: August 2010)

Features and Essays – Zed Nelson: Rio Grande (Institute: August 2010)

Features and Essays - Cristian Movila: Jagged Lines (e-Photoreview: August 2010) introduction by Jamie Wellford – Newsweek

Interviews - Alixandra Fazzina (BBC: August 2010)

Tomas van Houtryve on new funding models again…

Articles – Tomas van Houtryve: New funding models, Part II – Introducing EMPHAS.IS (Photographer’s blog: August 2010)

Resources - : funding

Articles - New York Magazine: Fashion Photographer Corinne Day’s Death Confirmed (NY Magazine: August 2010)

Photographers – Karim Ben Khelifa : website : Twitter

Exhibitions - Brent Lewin: Elephants In Between : Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand

Danny Ghitis got in touch… He has a new edit on his website of his personal project in Poland..

Features and Essays – Danny Ghitis: The Land of Oś (Photographer’s website: August 2010) Danny is also part of the Pangea Photo

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