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What if you could compile all of YouTube's worst-rated videos in one place? Considering the sheer volume of user content that's uploaded to the site every second, it's a daunting challenge. Nonetheless, that's the idea Boootube is trying to execute on; it's a running collection of the most down-voted clips on YouTube. In other words, it's the best of the worst; these are videos that have received hundreds and often times thousands of unfavorable votes from viewers around the world.

Selections include Lil Wayne trying his hand at guitar, controversial baby yoga demonstrations, and an expletive-laced rant targeted at an innocent Dunkin Donuts staffer. Unflattering political ads and blatantly racist rants are also a common theme. There's also a 15-minute video where the clip's host uses Photoshop to prove that the "original" Eminem died only to be quietly replaced by a lookalike. We're all familiar with the overnight sensations and stars that have been catapulted to glory thanks to YouTube. But BooTube serves as a sober reminder that the good is often outweighed by the bad or mediocre.

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“That’s Cute” (otherwise known as “That’s Adorable”) is a sarcastic expression used to patronize or dismiss someone’s self-complacency or boastful statement, similar to the phrase “bitch, please.” It is typically used to juxtapose the capabilities or accomplishments of two comparable subjects, as seen in image macro series like Unimpressed Astronaut and Condescending Wonka.


The phrase “that’s cute” has been used as a colloquial expression for many years prior to its online adaptations. The first Urban Dictionary[1] entry was submitted by user sweetsean93 on February 2nd, 2010, defining the phrase as a sarcastic declaration used in response to an annoying comment or sophomoric statement.

Usage in Image Macros

On June 5th, 2011, Redditor eps101 submitted a post titled “Oh, Charlie” to the /r/pics[2] subreddit, featuring an image macro of Charlie Sheen bragging about the amount of drugs he had consumed, followed by a photograph of writer Hunter S. Thompson with the caption “You’re adorable” (shown below). Prior to being archived, the post received over 12,700 up votes and 700 comments.


On March 10th, 2012, FunnyJunk[5] user ghostytrickster submitted a post titled “That’s Cute,” featuring an image macro comparing Ugandan guerilla leader Joseph Kony to the deceased German Nazi Party leader Adolph Hitler (shown below, left). On May 30th, Redditor bekbekbekaw submitted a post titled “That’s cute” to the /r/funny[4] subreddit, featuring an image macro of Miley Cyrus referring to herself as a “stoner” accompanied by the photo of Hunter S. Thompson from Redditor eps101’s image macro (shown below, right).

On August 31st, Redditor cockpunch25 submitted an image macro to the /r/funny[3] subreddit, featuring a photograph of pop star Justin Bieber complaining about growing up with divorced parents, followed by a picture of rapper Eminem with the caption “That’s cute” (shown below, left). Within two months, the post received over 6,800 up votes and 315 comments. On October 28th, the Cheezburger site Memebase published an image macro comparing the rapper Drake with the character Walt from Breaking Bad (shown below, right).

The phrase is often used in the Unimpressed Astronaut image macro series, in which a photograph of an astronaut walking on the moon is captioned with grievances about long-distance travel followed by a dismissive statement (shown below, left). The image macro series Advantages of Science uses the similar expression “That’s cool” in response to biblical understandings of natural phenomenon (shown below, middle). The phrase is also commonly used in the Condescending Wonka advice animal series, in which a screen capture of Willy Wonka (played by Gene Wilder) from the 1971 musical Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is captioned with patronizing and sarcastic statements.

Notable Examples

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F*ck Yo Couch is a popular catchphrase used to convey complete irreverence for another person, similar to the conversational usage of “F*ck You.”


The phrase was first uttered by the comedian Dave Chappelle playing as the character of Rick James, who shows complete disrespect to the party hosts by soiling their white leather couch with his boots. The original sketch aired February 11th, 2004 on Chappelle’s Show. The sketch, entitled “Rick James: Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories”, was co-written by Dave Chappelle and Charlie Murphy, who plays himself in the sketch.


The phrase was added to Urban Dictionary in Fall 2004, Defining it as:

1. More disrespectful than ‘fuck you’ because it means disrespect to you, your property, and your crib.
2. Can simply mean that you don’t give a damn about someones couch.

The phrase began to trend in the summer of 2005, more than a year after the sketch originally aired.

In January of 2007, DJSuckapunch uploaded the first remix to YouTube, which currently has over four million views.

The F*cking of the Couches

Shortly after the phrase gained popularity, people began uploading videos and images of themselves demolishing their couches under the name “F*ck Yo Couch” or “F*ck Your Couch.” The most common method appeared to be setting them on fire, though other methods included throwing them off of balconies, running them over, and laying waste to them with assorted melee weapons.

In Popular Culture

In October of 2007, the line was referenced on the show the Boondocks during the episode Stinkmeaner Strikes back. One of the main characters, Tom, becomes possessed by the ghost of Colonel H. Stinkmeaner, who was killed in the first season. During the middle of a courtroom hearing, he is overtaken by Stinkmeaner’s ghost and jumps on top of a table, kicking his legs and shouting “F*ck your court, nigga! F*ck your court!”

In 2009, the clip was remixed for the song “Fuck Yo Couch” by Bailey.

The line was also mentioned in North Carolina rap group Little Brother’s “Say it Again”.

When clothes fit strange
I’m playin’ Rick James
“Fuck yo’ couch nigga!”
I’m comin’ out with a bang

In June of 2010, the line was mentioned again in Eminem’s “Session One” featuring Slaughterhouse.

I pull it out and flip your partner upside-down like ya’ll are a couple 69ing
It’s like Rick James is shooting up your house, nigga….fuck your couch nigga!


Baby edition (August 2007) 293,000+ views

Tom Cruise on Oprah (June 2008) 112,000+ views

While I Play Unfitting Music (June 2008) 54,000+ views

Furry edition (July 2008) 9000+ views

Sparta remix (January 2009) 14,000+ views

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