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Hi all,

I'm a soon to be college graduate with a math major, comp sci minor, and statistics minor. I am looking for something interesting and related to comp sci to learn this summer. I hope whatever I study to be very interesting, and also improve my programming ability and problem solving ability.

Here are my ideas so far

  1. Learn Haskell. I've never done anything functional, and I hear Haskell is interesting and makes you a better programmer.

  2. Learn C. Haven't really done any low-level stuff.

  3. Algorithms. I took an algorithms class, but it wasn't too rigorous.

  4. Machine learning 5. Natural language processing. (These seem interesting)

  5. Set theory and databases (My job next year will be working with databases)

I'd appreciate any input on what seems like the most interesting or what other suggestions you have. (Don't suggest Project Euler, I do that already).


Edit: Thank you everybody! I think I'm going to learn a functional language, and that functional language will be Scheme (or Racket), as I found sicp to be more awesome than the Haskell resources. In conjunction with this, I'll be continuing project euler, and picking up emacs. Thanks for the advice!

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