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Jacob Rossi

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Image: W3C

The W3C, the group that oversees web standards like HTML and CSS, recently held W3Conf, an annual conference for web developers. If, like me, you couldn’t make it this year, fear not, videos of all of the talks are now available online.

Among the highlights are Eric Meyer’s talk on Flexbox, and the future of sane layout tools — what Meyer calls “the Era of Intentional Layout.” Meyer’s talk is also notable for the reminder that, in Mosaic, styling a webpage was something users did, not page creators.

Another highly recommended talk is Lea Verou’s “Another 10 things you didn’t know about CSS.” The “Another” bit in the title refers to a talk Verou gave last year entitled “10 things you might not know about CSS 3.” Also be sure to read our recent interview with Verou for more on the W3C and web standards.

There are quite a few more videos available over on the W3Conf YouTube page, including Jacob Rossi’s talk on Pointer Events, which we linked to in yesterday’s Pointer Events coverage.

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