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James Gallagher

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Influenced by surrealism and Dada as well as constructivism, collage was firmly established as an art form in the 1920s and 1930s through the work of artists such as John Heartfield, El Lissitzky, and Hannah Höch. A new title from Gestalten, Cutting Edges showcases a fresh generation of young artists and illustrators using photo-based media in collage.

Curated by artist James Gallagher, starting from his personal collection, Cutting Edges is a selection of current artwork that unites unrelated elements to create something new. Although the artists also use the computer for the purpose of montage, most of the featured collages are made by hand and often include found objects and photographs.

Virginia Echeverria, untitled

Randi Antonsen, “How to Read a Magazine”

Mario Wagner, “Learning”

Célio Braga, untitled

Jelle Martens, “Natuur”

David Wallace, “Lost”

Virginia Echeverria, untitled

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