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Jerry Hsu

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Dimitri Karakostas is a photographer from Toronto, Ontario and is also one of the brains behind Blood of the Young Zine. Ian Bird caught up with him to talk about zines, life and DIY. Click read more for the full interview...

For anybody that isn't familiar with your work how you describe what you do?

I guess the short answer would be I take photographs and don't touch digital cameras and then furrow my eyebrows. The longer answer would be I shoot documentary-style work focused around skateboarding, graffiti, text, and work on projects with my wife.
Usually work winds up as xeroxes, whether as a zine or prints... I guess i'm the kind of photographer that thinks in series as opposed to a singular image- a little context can go a long way. 
I also run Blood of the Young Zine with some pals.

Blood of The Young has been running for a few years now, what would you say have been the highlights?

Haha, that's hard. There's so many times i've been so psyched! I guess Born into This, our first group exhibiton, was fucking phenomenal. It pretty much turned into a skateboard block party after it got shut down... we worked with so many amazing artists, 
such as Neil McClelland and Gordon Ball, that I couldn't have imagined a few years prior... it was just a serious fan-out moment. We've just gotten so much love that pretty much every day is a highlight.

If you could produce or exhibit anybodys work through Blood of The Young who's would it be?

Woah, there's a question. I'd love to work with Patrick O'Dell or Jerry Hsu, but neither ever respond to my emails. I don't have the cash to wave in front of their faces, I guess. We're currently working on my dream project, which won't be realized until the fall, but... I have to be hush on that one! It's going to be amazing, though. Like, my life-long dream, haha.

Obviously you've got a thriving interest in photography, making zines and all things DIY, what advice would you give to somebody that was new to self publishing and zine making?

DO IT YOURSELF! Printing, binding, everything. You learn your work better by being so involved... like, the more you handle a zine, the more ideas you get about future work. Also, do a lot! You won't know what kind-of zines you like until you've made 20. Send copies to your favorite artists or bookshops, too!

Okay, so we know all the positives of self publishing, but would you say there are any negatives?

Hahaha. Well, it's expensive. You never know how/if a zine will sell. There's lots of room for mistakes, and oftentimes that one little mistake will ruin everything for you. You'll lose packages and frown. You'll never make any money. It's so much work with very little payback... but it's worth it just to be in control. 

You always seem to have various projects on at once, what can you tell us about your upcoming project I Think Were Alone Now?

Well, it's been months in the making, but we're getting pretty close now... my wife, sonia, and I have been working on this book for a while now- a really large collection of cross-media work- and we decided to go abroad to make more work. I guess it's a lot about appropriating or stealing space while on some sort-of derive ( It's also a lot about working with restrictions, such as on one camera for an extended period of time... or without a studio. We both really wanted to get out of our comfort zone to create new work, since it doesn't really make sense to keep shooting the same way for an extended period of time- maybe we just feel like we're at a standstill. We're going to do a series of one-day exhibitions along our travels, of all new-work created along the way, while also trying to find a new country to perhaps move to? Haha.

Is this something you'd been planning for a long time or just something that just came to you oneday?

We've both been thinking about it for a while, and once I proposed the idea to a few people it seemed to really take off. The preparatory work we've been doing here has only furthered my belief that we're supposed to do it... we're both workaholics, and I figure the only way we could have a 'vacation' is if we worked our way through it! We have so many things we want to do... it just doesn't make sense to not do them anymore!

Have you got any other upcoming projects or releases that you'd like to tell us about?

I just updated my website at and updated the Blood of the Young shop with new zines by Levi Mandel, Ryan Florig + more... I just finished a zine for my pals at that will probably be out this week, and i've been working a lot on making fun skate videos for my old man skate crew (example: There is a bunch of new stuff coming out this month through BOTY, so keep your ear to the ground!

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AVAILABLE NOW! purchase your copy here ==> HAMBURGER EYELAND

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Emerica have just released their latest b-side from the video Stay Gold - this time the ever-so-smooth Jerry Hsu takes the spotlight. The full Stay Gold video is available to download from iTunes. Watch below!

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I’m from Ukraine, where I currently live. It’s definitely not the place where I’d like to spend the rest of my time. I’m turning 23 this summer. I have started photography in 2008 out of curiosity and my interest in it keeps growing. I have taken pictures before, because my grandfather was a local director and photographer, but it was not my thing yet. I wanted to experiment, after being inspired by tons of random photos on the web, to see what result I could get. Getting better with every picture I take, that’s my goal. I would like to travel the world and work as a photographer on a movie set. Photography helped me find myself in a way and the places where I can get the cheapest film. I’m currently stuck with my p&s Ricoh R10 and loving it. This picture is taken at a Nirvana’s cover party dedicated to Kurt’s bday and hosted by a local night club. I was a bit buzzed and headed to the bar to have a drink and this guy was standing in front of me wearing a Cobain hoodie and his hair was lying on it like it was Kurt’s. It was surreal. I like Jerry Hsu’s attitude and style. He’s one of my favorite skateboarders and I do like his photography. I feel that he has his own vision of things around, so his shots are always exclusive. Check his tumblr blog:

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To celebrate the opening of Goodbye for Good, an exhibition of photographs by the undisputed king of irony, Jerry Hsu, Vice Italy has produced an exhibition catalogue in a hand numbered edition of 250. The catalogue contains a selection of the usual oddity to be expected from Hsu, but also depicts loneliness and suffering of various sorts; a subject which Hsu appears fascinated by. Earlier this year Jerry launched another of his many cell phone photo blogs called A Table For One, for which he photographs anyone he sees dining alone. Although the subject matter seems sinister, the photographs feel like a token of admiration as opposed to simply about poking fun.

If you are interested in getting your hands on a copy, it's not going to be easy as it was a free giveaway at the opening. However, I know that Jerry hung on to a bunch of them and is planning to drop some into a few book stores; so look out for that.

Due to its success, the show will now run until the end of January instead of December as it was listed. Head over to the Vice Gallery in Milan at Via Giacomo Watt, 32 20143, Milano.

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Patrick O’Dell has done a lot of different crap at Vice US – contributor, Photo Editor, VBS.TV personality, etc. So when he sent us his submission for the Still Lifes issue, our maternal instincts kicked in. We worried about him. Is he eating right? Does he have a roof over his head? A warm winter coat? Turns out he’s got all of those things (and a motorcycle), and that photo was taken years ago.

These days, Patrick is the nice, freshly shaven man who hosts Epicly Later’d on VBS. He also aggressively updates his blog with photos of adventure, travel, mayhem, and skateboarding (his photos of the latter have been plastered all over every major skate magazine for years). He used to live in New York, but now he lives in LA with a dog and a Jerry Hsu photo he stole from us.(...)
Read the rest of AN INTERVIEW WITH PATRICK O’DELL (1,651 words)

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