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Jessica Hische

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Welcome to another ‘week’ in type. So much is happening, I can barely keep up. If you haven’t already read it, then head on over to Typographica for their brilliant list of 50 favorite typeface releases of 2011. A great list and some fine reviews. Really like Typographica’s use of FF Quadraat. I am working on my own list of ten typefaces, to be published within the next two weeks.

I was interviewed for the fourth issue of Eight Faces magazine. Also interviewed are Craig Mod, Kris Sowersby, Doug Wilson, Nadine Chahine, David Březina, Silas Dilworth, and Nelil Summerour. I like Craig’s description of one of his eight faces, Feijoa:

Like a brusque, curvy madame at the entrance of a whore house, with parents born to nobility.

The printed version is sold out, but you can buy the PDF.


A wonderful interview with the brilliant Ken Barber:

Via @pauldhunt

Oded Ezer is interviewed on TypeRadio.

Neville Brody in Beijing for Design Week:

Erik Spiekermann interviewed for Design observer by Debbie Millman.

My favorite editorial designer, Francesco Franchi On Visual Storytelling and New Languages in Journalism:

via @BrainPickings (a must-follow on Twitter).

New, newish, & notable fonts

Avellana from Sudtipos ▼

A superfamily comprising 81 fonts: Air is Positype’s (Neil Summerour) latest release. A very versatile Grotesk ▼

From Typetogether is Wolfgang Homola’s geometric sans, Soleil

Mark Simonson’s lovely Bookman revival, Bookmania

Be sure to check out Mark’s blog too. He’s been posting at warp speed of late.

New from Process Type Foundry is Nicole Dotin’s accomplished text face, Elena

MVB Mascot, a new ‘varsity’ script from Mark van Bronkhorst ▼

50% off Dunwich Type’s Armitage and Sybarite before February 24 ▼

You can download a trial version of Grilli Type’s GT Walsheim

The latest addition to my own type library is Revis. Based on Daphne by Georg Salden. Coen Hofmann resurrects this gorgeous hard-cornered, bold, italic-like script beautifully ▼


A brand new, fifth edition of Meggs’ History of Graphic Design in print, on the iPad, and iPhone. A must-read for all graphic designers. Read more about it on The Atlantic; buy the print version, or head on over to the app store for the iOS version. This is not a digital version of the book, but a flashcard app for reference & study. The app is pretty ugly and useless. The book is required reading.

And mark March in your calendars for the publication of Stephen Banham’s Characters. In the meantime, read Paul Shaw’s excellent review.


Chatype, a typeface for Chattanooga:

Be sure to check out TypeToken:

Some excellent new work from Julius Hui:

Really like the use of Process Type’s Stratum on The Great Discontent. See it in the pull-quotes.

You can buy the web fonts from Process Type’s site, then choose to host the files yourself, or have TypeKit do it for you.

How do you woo Jessica Hische? That’s what the folk at the Society of Design in Pennsylvania asked themselves.

My first reaction was that’s not bad. Not such a big deal to have a pile of license plates printed; but then I read on to discover that they actually convinced drivers to register these license plates with the DMV.

And, yes, Jessica Hische will be going to Pennsylvania. If you’d like to invite me to your event, then hold off the license plates — a pair of socks or a book token will do.

A nice new aluminum ampersand from Ugmonk:

An animated Futura specimen:

FUTURA LE SPECIMEN ANIMÉ from Thibault de Fournas on Vimeo.

Some interesting experiments in 3D type between Ravensbourne and Johnson Banks with 3D type. I wonder what Baskerville and Bodoni would think of this:

Arkitypo: letter rotations from johnson banks on Vimeo.

Ariktypo exhibition slideshow from johnson banks on Vimeo.

Upside Down, Left To Right: A Letterpress Film by Danny Cooke:

Earl Kallemeyn on letterpress printing:

Some beautiful calligraphy from seventeenth-century scribe, Johann Hering:

Florain Hardwig writes about lovely the German Stamps by Henning Wagenbreth:

Type tips

When it comes to setting em dashes, some claim that they must always sit between thin spaces (U+2009). Of course, all hard and fast rules should be taken with a pinch of salt. And here’s why: not all em-dashes are equal. In most fonts the em-dash already incorporates a little extra space on either side (e.g. Helvetica & Georgia); others (e.g. FF Scala) have no space (no side-bearings); while others (e.g. Dante MT) are actually wider than their advanced width.

Proof that a single rule or solution is no solution at all. As with so much in typesetting, let your educated eye determine what’s best.

If you’re not sure how much space comes with your em-dash (or other dashes for that matter), then type it into a text editor, make it big, then select the dash to reveal the size of its side-bearings, as in the figure below:

Japanese webfonts

Morisawa [Japanese only] foundry in Japan will launch its webfonts service on February 22. Why so long in coming? Well, the size of the font files is a major consideration. While a Latin font contains hundreds of glyphs; Japanese fonts require thousands. Morisawa will address this by offering sub-setting on the fly. I’m not sure that this is the best solution, though I don’t have a better one.


Costco typography & Google Web Fonts.
Islands of Thought in Macrotypography.
Bloomberg Business Week.
Roger Black: Confessions of a font judge.
The Pummeling Pages
A selection of ampersands available on Typekit.
Mesopotamian riddles of sex, beer and politics.
Arctext.js — curving text with CSS3 & jQuery.
Books as History.
Using OpenType font features with CSS3.
@font-face rendering — Typophile.
Signage of the new Berlin Airport.
List of screenings for Linotype: the film.
Swashin’ Around With FF Nexus.
Typejockeys’ three typefaces now available on FontDeck.
Typography Summer School, London.
Responsive typography.
My type of music — FontFeed.
TYPO San Francisco 2012.

Also, don’t forget to check out the superb weekly type news from Typedia. Erik Vorhes and Grant Hutchinson are doing a fantastic job.

The Codex team is hard at work on issue #2. Aim to publish in June. Very excited about this second issue. you’ll most definitely want to read it. Although the print version of issue #1 sold out some time ago, the PDF version is still available.

Free shipping on the beautiful, screen-printed World Without Type poster, until Feb 14. Just enter the code ILT at checkout. Shipping to anywhere in the world (except North Korea and a few other places, I believe.)

Well, that’s it for this edition of the week in type. If you have an item you’d like to submit, then simply email johno@ this domain .com

Have a great weekend.

—Background image courtesy of Ugmonk.


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Features and Essays

I love 15th of every month as the following month’s National Geographic features hit their feature hub… Two good photojournalism pieces in the October issue…which I’m very much hoping to receive in the mail…We became annual subscribers for the first time…Time mag too… Buying single copies ends up getting rather costly…

Terrific photos by Kitra Cahana…Subject: “Moody. Impulsive. Maddening. Why do teenagers act the way they do? “…

Kitra Cahana: Teenage Brains (NGM: October 2011) Cahana’s website

Mark Leong: Ulanbaatar, Mongolia (NGM: September 2011)

If you enjoyed Leong’s essay, do also see Timothy Fadek’s Mongolia work…done last year, but definitely worth having a look, if you aren’t familiar with it…

Timothy Fadek: Mongolia: Golden Promises (Photographer’s website: September 2011)

Uriel Sinai documents life West Bank settlements as Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas prepares to ask the United Nations for statehood…

Uriel Sinai: Inside West Bank Settlements (Time: September 2011)


Amnon Gutman: The Promised Land (Foreign Policy: September 2011)

Julien Goldstein: Ramallah: Portrait of a West Bank City (MSNBC: September 2011)

Stefan Boness: White City (Panos: September 2011) Tel Aviv

To other stories…

Dominic Nahr: Somalia: The Catastrophic Famine (Magnum: September 2011)

Larry Towell: Afghanistan 2011: MEDEVAC and the Taliban Close-up (Magnum: September 2011)

Denis Dailleux: Scenes from a Ghana Witch Camp (Newsweek: September 2011)

Mads Nissen: Chinese Roulette (Panos: September 2011)

Warrick Page: Pakistan Floods (Guardian: September 2011)

Seamus Murphy: 17 Years in Afghanistan (Life: September 2011)

New York Times: Repressing the Religious Majority (NYT: September 2011) Photographer’s name withheld probably for security reasons

Brendan Corr: Faithful Albion (Panos: September 2011)

Chiara Tocci: Life After Zog (Foto8: September 2011) Tocci’s website

New Yorker: Beyond Words: Photography in the New Yorker (New Yorker: September 2011)

Sam Phelps: Train Portraits Pakistan (Photographer’s website: September 2011)

Sam Phelps: Gadani Ship Breaking Yard, Pakistan (Photographer’s website: September 2011)

Steven Siewert: Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly! (Agence Vu: 2011)

Piotr Malecki: Where Meat Means Money (Panos: September 2011)

Martina Bacigalupo: Wanawake, Being a Woman in Congo (Agence Vu: 2011)

I didn’t know Ara Güler is a Magnum photographer…That’s what Guardian states anyway, and indeed his photos are in the Magnum archive, eventhough he is not listed in the members….Enjoyed these Istanbul frames…Especially since we are heading there end of November for Veronica’s 25th birthday…

Ara Güler: Istanbul (Guardian: September 2011)

Newsweek: The Mexican Suitcase: History Lost and Found (Newsweek: September 2011) Related in NYT T Magazine

Ron Haviv: Blood on the Grass (VII Magazine: September 2011)

Ron Haviv: The Making of Dan Choi (Global Post: September 2011)

Kate Brooks: In the Light of Darkness: A Photographer’s Journey After 9/11 (TIME LB: September 2011)

TIME Lightbox featured some of the great work available for purchase at Friends of Anton to support Anton Hammerl’s children…

photo: Kenneth Jarecke

TIME Lightbox: Banding Together for a Fallen Colleague: The Friends of Anton (TIME LB: September 2011)

Also available at Friends of Anton…Yuri Kozyrev’s iconic Libya photo… Remember the moment he took it?  Others running away, but Yuri still shooting behind Tyler Hicks.

It’s great so many photographers have donated prints…Now they need people buying ‘em!

More features…

Allison Payne: College Bound (TIME LB: September 2011)

Zhe Chen: Bees (Inge Morath Foundation: September 2011)

Elinor Carucci: Pregnancy, Birth, and Motherhood (TIME LB: September 2011)

Lori Grinker: Piecing Together an Ancestral Puzzle (NYT Lens: September 2011)

Greg Constantine: The Places Where Nowhere Is Home (NYT Lens: September 2011)

Andre Liohn: Arab Spring (Photographer’s archive: September 2011)

Etienne de Malglaive: Storming Tripoli (Photographer’s archive: September 2011)


Photographer Kitra Cahana talks about her NatGeo assignment about teenagers…

Kitra Cahana (NG: September 2011)

Toby Smith (MorningNews: September 2011)

Martin Parr and his fancy new camera…he seems to be pretty excited about it as you can see below…

Martin Parr (Youtube: September 2011)

Although, it’s not really his camera, is it? Magnum have partnered with Nintendo…. Related  on PopPhoto and PetaPixel

Some really good interviews on the Ideas Tap website…

George Georgiou : Photographer (IdeasTap: September 2011)

“I invest myself emotionally in the people I photograph – not just to gain their trust but also to make myself feel comfortable. I’m not a quick, brash photographer – I was encouraged at Newport to understand compassion and humility and understanding, and that’s something I’ve tried to adhere to. “- Ivor Prickett

Ivor Prickett : Photojournalist (IdeasTap: September 2011)

“Realistically, unless you’re an individual like Ryan McGinley, it’s going to take 10 years to establish yourself: five years to pay the rent and five years to hone your practice. But the beauty about photography is, if you make it work for you, you never have to retire” – David Birkett

David Birkett : Photography Assistant (IdeasTap: September 2011)

Laura El-Tantawy (Burn: September 2011)

Martin Roemers (Noorderlicht festival: 2011)

Hans Aarsman (Ted Talks video on Conscientious: 2011)

Sebastian Junger (Guardian: September 2011)

Damon Winter (APE: September 2011)

Erroll Morris :  Truth Outside Photographs (NPR: September 2011)

Doug Mills (C-Span: 2008)

Jason Howe (BBC: September 2011)

Fernando Moleres (BJP: September 2011)

Michael Mack : Mack Books: From print to the iPad (BJP: September 2011)

Platon on Perry: Behind the Scenes of the Cover of TIME (TIME LB: September 2011)

Philip-Lorca diCorcia (ASX: 2011)

Kosuke Okahara (La Lettre: September 2011)

Philip Cheung (Thisisthewhat: 2011)

Pete Brook (NYT Lens: September 2011)

Pete Brook (BJP blog: September 2011)


John Stanmeyer has written more about working for National  Geographic…

Must read. John Stanmeyer: The Amazing Yellow-Bordered Magazine, Part II (Photographer’s blog: September 2011) Side note: Noticed Stanmayer’s blog presents us a differently processed file from his NGM Girl Power story. His own vision?

Joao Silva back at work…

NYT Lens: Joao Silva at the White House (NYT Lens: September 2011)

Olivier Sarbil was injured in Libya last week…

French freelance journalist wounded in Libya as NTC battles on (Vanguard: September 17, 2011)

Olivier’s friends have shared info on Facebook that he is now back in France, at Percy Hospital in Paris – a military hospital that specializes in injuries from the battlefield. I wish him good recovery. | Olivier’s website

Very good piece on pricing your work….

Jessica Hische: The Dark Art of Pricing (Jessica Hische blog: 2011)

Guardian: Joel Sternfeld’s First Pictures: the opening chapter of a colourful career (Guardian: September 2011)

photo: Peter van Agtmael

Leo Hsu: HomeFrontLine at Silver Eye (Foto8: September 2011) the exhibition

photo: Christopher Anderson

BJP: iPublish: Photojournalists turn to the iPad to tell their stories (BJP: September 2011)

BBC: On Bruce Davidson Subway photos (BBC: September 2011)

Foto8: Preview of Jocelyn Bain Hogg’s new book The Family (foto8: September 2011)

Thames and Hudson: Magnum Contact Sheets: Design # 2 – The Jacket (Thames and Hudson blog: September 2011)

David Campbell: Who Believes Photographs (DC: September 2011)

PDN: Burmese Photojournalist Sentenced to 10 More Years (PDN: September 2011)

APE: Real World Estimates – Magazine Article Reprints by Jess Dudley (APE: September 2011)


Poynter: Daily Mail lifts from WP, then asks its reporter for help finding photo (Poynter: September 2011)

Life: Taking Great Portraits (Life: September 2011)

Huffington Post: Reuters Raises Profile With Marquee Hires, Editor Aims To Become ‘Best In The World’ (HP: September 2011)

The 14 Most Influential Cameras of All Time (Adorama: September 2011)

Guardian: Featured photojournalist: Attila Balazs (Guardian: September 2011)

Guardian: Wolfgang Tillmans’s best shot (Guardian: September 2011)

photo: Jason Lee

Reuters: Unmasking the masked boy (Reuters blog: September 2011)

NPR: A Teenager’s Photo That Helped Inspire Libya’s Revolutionaries (NPR: September 2011)

Crowd funding…

PhotoShelter : 14 Tips to Crowdfund Your Next Photo Project (PS: September 2011)

Social Media Examiner: 11 Tips for Crowdfunding: How to Raise Money From Strangers 


Epen Rasmussen : Transit : Frontline Club : 7pm Thursday : 22 September


World Press Photo Enter

Awards, Grant, and Competitions

Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize shortlisted works seen in the Guardian last week… (see that bigger here)

BJP: Shortlist unveiled for Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2011

International Photography Award 2011 | Deadline extended | Entries close 26th September 2011

Unicef POY 2011 (Lightstalkers)

Conscientious Portfolio Competition 2011 Winners

Congratulations to Matt Dunham and other winners at The Picture Editors’ Guild Awards… AP photographer overall winner in press photography awards |slideshow The Picture Editors’ Guild Awards 2011 (Guardian: September 2011)

BJP: Deadline approaching for Carmignac Gestion Photojournalism Award

Young Photographer of the Year Competition 2011 


MSF Delivers 3D film exhibition at Spitalfields market in London from 22nd to 27th September…I went to Duckrabbit/MSF 3D photofilm premiere on Monday at Royal Society of Medicine here in London, I was very impressed.


Annie Leibovitz : Life Through a Lens 

Nick Turpin: In- sight

Portfolio reviews

Roof Unit Portfolio Reviews 



Samuel Aranda

Jamie-James Medina

Scott Goldsmith

Katherine Leedale

Mary Turner | archive

To finish off… Dingle!!!!

Final end note…The Twitter feed has now 20,000 followers. Can’t be all bots,so thanks for following.I’ll try my best to keep the tweets relevant and interesting…

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Jessica Hische has created a nice little flow chart to help designers decide if we should work for free. Jessica has helpfully incorporated into her flow chart many of common scenarios that are used to bait unsuspecting designers. While this sort of thing is often common sense, this flow chart serves as a nice reminder to all of us.

This would make a great desktop wallpaper, no? Thanks Jessica.

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