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Jim Carrey

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Still filled up with indignant energy and ready to type “This is not my X-Com!” in response to whatever comes out of 2K? Then you are in luck, because there’s a brand new video about the development of the squad-based UFO-shooter, with a couple of guys from 2K Marin explaining what they are up to. Watch it below! Jonathan Pelling, the project lead, says: “It’s about experiencing the origins of this organization from a really zoomed in and boots-on-the-ground perspective. We really wanted you to feel like what it was like to be one of the squadies in the original game, and not the all-knowing, top-down commander.”

In case you missed it, we also got a 20-minute walkthrough a month back, which showed the game in some serious detail.

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I know this will shock you after seeing the blog post of funny photos I put up last week, but I’m not the only person in the world who can save funny photos from other websites! Today we received this email from a young man named Matthew Pelly who tried to steal my job:(...)
Read the rest of DICKHEADS WANNA WORK AT VICE (345 words)

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