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Jonathan Blow

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What is the purpose of a puzzle? If video games are to communicate meaningful things, we must change the way that puzzles are valued. We must learn to "read" puzzles, instead of seeing them as simple dispensers of orgasmic solution-getting moments.

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The Witness

Game developers aren't in the public eye as much as their contemporaries in film or music, so it's always great when we can get a glimpse at the person behind the game. The Atlantic has done just that with a lengthy profile on Jonathan Blow, the mind behind 2008's Xbox Live Arcade hit Braid and the much-anticipated exploration game The Witness. Blow is known for being outspoken about the games industry and the quality of experiences it produces, and the profile gives some good insight into what he wants games to be and what inspired him during the development of The Witness.

"I don't know what else I would spend money on. So for me, money is just a tool I can use to get things done."

Blow also discusses money, as the success of Braid...

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As a game journalist, I'm used to playing early builds of games with a PR representative or even the developer himself hovering just over my shoulder, ready to answer questions as I play or give advice when I get stuck. So I was a bit surprised when Braid creator Jonathan Blow started a demonstration of his upcoming puzzle-exploration game The Witness by suggesting that he leave the room and just let me explore on my own.

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In a rather reflective video discussion with Gamespot, Braid developer Jonathan Blow discusses the indie scene, the idea of fun in games, and the state of Japanese game development.

Those who have been following GDC news this week may have heard about a response given during a screening of Indie Game The Movie at GDC, where Fez developer Phil Fish said Japanese games "just suck". Blow seemed to agree with Fish's general sentiment, referring to Japanese games as "joyless husks".

In this video discussion, Blow articulates his disinterest in most modern Japanese games, which he feels come with a severe case of hand-holding that can be off-putting to those, like himself, who appreciate the joy of discovery. Blow also describes how similar hand-holding plagues many Western AAA titles, with it creating an experience that is just not fun for him.

[Source: Gamespot, via Reddit]

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Outspoken Fez creator Phil Fish has declared: modern Japanese games "just suck".

The Canadian indie developer made the comment during an open Q&A following a screening of Indie Game The Movie at GDC, attended by Develop.

An unknown Japanese developer asked the panel, which included Fish and Braid creator Jonathan Blow, what they thought of modern Japanese video games.

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