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Jonathan Chey

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* Experience working primarily on any of the following: Gameplay, Real-Time Graphics, AI, Audio, Physics, Optimization, SPU Programming, Multiplayer Networking, or Tools
* One or more shipped game titles
* Experience with recent game console technology (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii), especially PS3
* Experience with Unreal Engine technology

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Today's collection of independent game links includes more indie game previews, a couple of development updates, and the usual round-up of interviews with developers from around the 'net. (image source).

Ctrl-2-Crouch: Tobe's Vertical Adventure
"Raymond Teo of Secret Base, developer of Tobe's Vertical Adventure, got together with us this week for an interview on Tobe's first retail title."

10 Questions: PixelJunk Shooter 2 (video)
"In this interview Dylan Cuthbert discusses originality in game design, the keys to making a game fun, and what sets the PixelJunk series apart from other games on the market."

PC Gamer: This week's best free PC games
"We present to you one of the most outrageously awful first-person shooters there has ever been. Backing it up, there's a gorgeous art game, a tense platformer, and a game where you can ride a speedboat through the mouth of an angry shark."

PixelProspector: The Big List Of Free File Hosters
"All file hosters on this page (Dropbox,, MediaFire, IndieDB, GameJolt and GameFront) were tested by us and are recommendable with acceptable download speed. Also no digit code, wait time or other nonsense needed, etc."

Indie Games Channel: IndieCade 2011 finalists, the trailers
"With IndieCade 2011 less than a month away, the finalists for this year's festival competition have just been announced. For those curious about the finalists, we're pulling together trailers and links to the official project websites."

Quote Unquote: Connor Ullmann Interview
"Connor Ullmann is an independent videogame developer that has now learnt a lesson in the ups and downs videogame development with his latest release, Hollow."

TruePCGaming: Card Hunter Interview
"Card Hunter is currently under development by Blue Manchu Games with Jonathan Chey, formerly of Looking Glass Studios, leading the way. In this interview, Jonathan talks about the development of Card Hunter and his expectations for the future."

On the Spot: Vessel (video)
"Joining us on the set are John Krajewski and Martin Farren from Strange Loop Games, an independent developer up in Seattle and Australia, here to show off their new game Vessel."

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