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Kate Elliott

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Features and Essays - James Nachtwey: Mandela’s Children (National Geographic Magazine: June 2010) South Africa is a vibrant, multiethnic democracy striving, with mixed success, to fulfill its promise.

Features and Essays - Peter Essick: Viking Weather—The Changing Face of Greenland (NGM: June 2010) As Greenland returns to the warm climate that allowed Vikings to colonize it in the Middle Ages, its isolated and dependent people dream of greener fields and pastures—and also of oil from ice-free waters.

Features and Essays – Liu Yuan: Rare Visions of Rural North Korea (TIME: June 2010)

Features and Essays - Martine Franck: Pictures Within Pictures (NYT Lens: June 2010)

multiMediaRearviewmirror : Italy

Articles – PhotoShelter: Top 10 Ways To Piss-off a Photographer (PhotoShelter: June 2010)

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Books - Stefano di Luigi: Blanco (Trolley Books: 2010) New Yorker Photo Booth on Blanco | Vision2020 on Blanco

Features and Essays – Stefano di Luigi: Blanco (VII Magazine: 2010)

InterviewsDavid Bailey (BJP: June 2010)

Interviews - Peter Dench (BJP: June 2010)

Features and Essays – Kate Elliott: A Modern Bohemian (Visura Magazine Spotlight: June

Articles – Christy Lange: Shooting Gallery (APS: June 2010) The limitations of photojournalism and the ethics of artistic representation

Features and Essays – Joao Pina: On the Hunt for the Next Gisele (NYT: June 2010) More than half of Brazil’s models are found around Rio Grande do Sul

CollectivesMJR Weekly 69

Awards - Px3 winners

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