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Kistoffer Touborg

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Eve Online Burn Jita

EVE Online's largest economic hub is currently under attack by a massive alliance of the game's most ruthless players, infamously known as "Goonswarm," and they may succeed in damaging it. For those who haven't heard of it, EVE is a gargantuan space-based MMO from developer CCP Games that's been home to several rich tales of high-stakes drama since it launched in 2003. The open-ended game is like a Hobbesian dreamworld in its no-security ("null-sec") areas, that are open to scamming, murder, corporate espionage, economic manipulation, ruthless warmongering, and mind-boggling heists. But many of EVE's law abiding players stay within safe high-security ("hi-sec") areas that have mostly protected them from null-sec raiders, much to the...

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