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Lauren Lancaster

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A woman visiting from Japan was shot and injured when a police officer’s gun accidentally discharged, sending a bullet through the floor and into the living room where she was sleeping. Police were searching an apartment at 3003 Clarendon Rd. in Brooklyn’s Flatbush neighborhood on March 29 when the shot was fired. Here, police escorted the victim. (See related article.) (Rob Bennett for The Wall Street Journal)

Fire officials rescued a woman who fell through the floor of her Revolutionary War-era Staten Island home and into a well buried underneath on March 23. (Rod Morata for The Wall Street Journal)

Firefighters faced a three-alarm blaze on March 28 on the upper floors of a 21-story apartment building at 89 Columbia St. on the Lower East Side. A Fire Department spokesman told the Associated Press that no one was seriously injured. (Rob Bennett for The Wall Street Journal )

Potato latkes with sour cream and three caviars at Kutsher’s TriBeCa, 186 Franklin St. between Greenwich and Hudson streets (See related article.) (Byron Smith for The Wall Street Journal)

A firetruck collided with a car at the intersection of Fulton Street and Nostrand Avenue in Brooklyn on March 27, injuring three firefighters and three civilians. (Andrew Hinderaker for The Wall Street Journal)

Sasha Fire Gypsy performed at the Coney Island Gala at Webster Hall on March 24. (See related article.) (Astrid Stawiarz for The Wall Street Journal)

Ben Brown performed the ‘Rhythm & Bliss’ massage on Kim Wylie at bliss 49. Mr. Brown created the treatment, which involves a massage that goes to the beat of a selected playlist. (See related article.) (Andrew Hinderaker for The Wall Street Journal)

The Wren Old Fashioned, served on the rocks with Old Overholt, Punt e Mes vermouth, cherry liqueur and orange bitters at The Wren, 344 Bowery at Great Jones Street. (See related article.) (Agaton Strom for The Wall Street Journal )

Six people were injured after a car hit a van carrying senior citizens on Colonial Road near 78th Street in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, on March 27. (Rod Morata for The Wall Street Journal)

Allegra Chapman played ‘Winter Music’ by John Cage on a Yamaha Disklavier piano, accompanied remotely by Luna Inaba in Japan and Hojoon Kim in California, at the Juilliard School in Manhattan, on March 26. (Kevin Hagen for The Wall Street Journal)

The Bistro burger, an 8-ounce burger with American cheese and bacon, at Corner Bistro, 47-18 Vernon Blvd. in Long Island City. (See related article.) (Lauren Lancaster for The Wall Street Journal )

Dickie Landry played a solo saxophone concert in and around the John Chamberlain sculptures at the Guggenheim Museum on March. 26. (Ramsay de Give for The Wall Street Journal)

Sushi chefs Daehyun Kin, left, and Kyoungjin Choi prepared fish before the lunch crowd arrived at Zutto, at 77 Hudson St. (See related article.) (Byron Smith for The Wall Street Journal)

Students from the St. Nicholas William Spyropoulos Greek American Day School in Flushing carried Greek flags during the annual Greek Independence Day parade along 5th Avenue in Manhattan on March 25. (See related article.) (Kevin Hagen for The Wall Street Journal)

Kent Tritle directed the choir of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine at a rehearsal on March 22. (See related article.) (Andrew Hinderaker for The Wall Street Journal)

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Photojournalism that caught my eye during the month of March….

Features and Essays

One of my big faves, Tomas Munita, had a series from Cuba for Time to coincide the Papal visit to the country… opening double spread from the latest magazine seen here… Lightbox slideshow through the link…

Tomas Munita: Church and State: The Role of Religion in Cuba (Lightbox)

Side note on the above…what made me fall in love with his work? It was his stunning 2006 Oskar Barnack winning series from Kabul. You can see most of the frames here. Man, Leica, and slide film working in perfect harmony…

Japan. 11 March saw the anniversary of the tsunami…

Nachtwey recently got four double trucks in Time for his Japan 1 Year Later portfolio.Pretty rare these days for something like that to happen I think…

James Nachtwey: Japan One Year After (Lightbox)

Daniel Berehulak: Japan One Year After (NPR)

James Whitlow Delano: Black Tsunami (Vimeo)

David Guttenfelder: Tsunami, Then and Now (SacBee Frame blog)

Alvaro Ybarra Zavala: Route 45: Japan’s Earthquake & Tsunami Anniversary (Reportage)

Espen Rasmussen: Fukushima Fallout (Panos)

Noriko Hayashi: One Year On (Panos)

Dean Chapman: Fading Memories II (Panos)

Hiroko Masuike: A Japanese Community After the Tsunami (NYT Lens) Related

Chris Steele-Perkins: Tsunami Streetwalk, Kesennuma / Streetwalk 2 (Magnum in Motion)


Moises Saman: Refugees Flee Syrian Violence in Turkey (NYT)

Ed Ou: Syrians Find Refuge in Lebanon (NYT)

William Daniels: Escape from Syria (Lightbox)

Tyler Hicks: Glimpses of the Armed Opposition in Syria (NYT)

Rodrigo Abd: Inside Syria (Lightbox) from Guardian

Tyrone Turner: Where Slaves Ruled (Brazil) (NGM)

Recent great International Herald Tribune front page pic by Meredith Kohut and the slideshow on…

Meredith Kohut: In Salvador, Prisons Packed to the Bars (NYT)

Pete Muller: Ethiopian Forces in Somalia (Newsweek)

Dominic Nahr: On the Ground: Safe fro Kony? (Lightbox)

Adam Dean: Daw Aung San Suu Kyi Campaigns in Myanmar (NYT)

Adam Ferguson: Christians Flee Iraq (NYT)

Ikuru Kuwajima: Astana, Kazakhstan’s Capital Outside In (NYT Lens)

Sergey Kozmin: Elite Russian Military School for Girls (NYT Lens)

Stefano de Luigi: Cinema in Iran (Lightbox)

Eugene Richards: ‘War is Personal’ Continues (Lightbox)

Jocelyn Bain Hogg: British Entertainment (VII)

Anastasia Taylor-Lind: Siberian Supermodels (VII) multimedia

Franco Pagetti: Egypt (VII)

Davide Monteleone: Libya : Winners and Losers (VII)

Stefan Bladh: Youth in Kaliningrad, Russia (Lightbox)

Politics. Russia.

Yuri Kozyrev: On the Campaign Trail with Vladimir Putin (Lightbox)

Politics. US.

This was a TIME magazine cover story early this year…

Christopher Morris: A Day With Obama (VII)

Justin Maxon: On the Trail with Santorum (Lightbox)

Charles Ommanney: Santorum (Newsweek)

Lauren Lancaster: Super Tuesday (New Yorker)

Evan Vucci: GOP Campaign Trail with Instragram (MSNBC photo blog)

Lauren Fleishman: Romney : Super Tuesday (Lightbox)

Stephen Crowley: Smoke-Filled Rooms part 2 (NYT Lens)

Jeroen Oerlemans: Dreaming of Europe (Panos)

Adam Dean: City of Broken Dreams (Panos)

Alfredo Caliz: The Longest Spring (Panos)

William Daniels: Faded Tulips (Lightbox)


Alixandra Fazzina: Over Mountains, Underground (NOOR)

Jason P Howe: Afghanistan: Saving Private Bainbridge (Telegraph)

Andrea Bruce: Skiing in Afghanistan (NYT Lens)

Larry Towell: Afghanistan (Lightbox)

Peter Hapak: Olympic Women’s Boxing Hopefuls (Lightbox)

Rian Dundon: A View From Inside The Other New China (Burn)

Spencer Platt: Haiti Landfills (MSNBC photo blog)

Sally Ryan: Home No More (zReportage)

Kate Holt: Education for All (zReportage)

John Pendygraft: If I Die Young (zReportage)

Peggy Peattie: Angels of Milot (zReportage)

Fredrik Naumann: A Voice from Rost (Foto8)

Rob Hornstra: Empty Land, Promised Land, Forbidden Land (Foto8)

Dominic Nahr: Voices of Protest in Senegal (Magnum Photos)

Mila Teshaieva: Promising Waters (Lightbox)

Kevin Frayer: Holi Festivities (SecBee)

Chris Kelly: Situation in Southern Kordofan (Photographer’s archive)

Tomas Wiech: Poland’s Great Adventure (NYT Lens)

Brent Lewin: India’s ‘rat hole’ Mines (National Post)

Pete Pin: Cambodian Americans (NYT Lens)

Martin Parr: Think of Finland (Magnum)

Alejandro Cartagena: Car Poolers (Photographer’s website)

Erica McDonald: Change in Park Slope (NYT Lens)

Ben Lowy: Ohio’s Long Road to Recovery (Reportage by Getty Tumblr)

Graeme Robertson: Portraits of Malawi (Guardian)

Carl de Souza: The Maasai Cricket Warriors (Atlantic) Kenya

Enjoyed these sports pics…

Fred R. Conrad: Spring Training (NYT Lens)

NYT Lens (various photographers): Postcard from London

Kate Peters: Yes, Mistress (Institute)

Jonathan Torgovnik: Rebuilding the DRC (BBC)

Tom Stoddart: Women of Sarajevo Revisited (Reportage)

Bruce Gilden shooting fashion for Vice…

Bruce Gilden: In Broad Daylight (Vice)

Daniel Cuthbert: First on Scene : South African Paramedics (BBC)

Alex Troesch and Aline Paley: Mexican Pointy Boots (Lightbox)

Danko Stjepanovic: North Kosovo (photographer’s website)

Interviews and Talks

“I looked through a lens and ended up abandoning everything else’ – Sebastiao Salgado

Sebastiao Salgado (Guardian)

Sebastiao Salgado (Vimeo)

Excellent 9 minute video by Finnish photographer Rami Hanafi on Martin Parr working in Finland…

Martin Parr : Making of ‘Think of Finland’ (Vimeo)

Zohra Bensemra: My journey into Syria’s nightmare (Reuters)

Ed Kashi (NYT Lens)

Samuel Bollendorff (BJP)

Elliott Erwitt on the art of photographic sequencing (BBC)

Lynsey Addario (Newsweek)

Lynsey Addario (Newsweek)

Davide Monteleone (Develop Tube)

Sean Gallagher (Atlantic)

Alex Prager : this year’s Foam Paul Huf Award winner (BJP)

Sebastian Salgado : The Photographer as an activist (Youtube)

Giles Peress (Youtube)

Pieter Hugo (Vimeo)

Barbara Davidson (LA Times Framework blog)

Homer Sykes (Photoshelter blog)

Olivia Arthur (IdeasTap)

Naomi Harris (Thisisthewhat)

Dominic Bracco II : Turning Point (NYT Lens)

Fiona Rogers (IdeasTap)

Giles Duley : Becoming the Story (TED on Youtube)

Justyna Mielnikiewicz (TED Youtube on Reportage)

Steve Pyke (PicBod)

Mark Power (Impressions Gallery)

John Moore on on ‘Epic’ Libya Battles, Arab World Revolutions (Click)

Shaun Fenn : From Assistant to Photographer: Shaun Fenn’s Professional Transition (PDN)


Tyler Hicks on his assignment to Syria with late Anthony Shadid…

Tyler Hicks: Bearing Witness in Syria: A Correspondent’s Last Days (NYT)

Javier Espinosa: How I escaped from Homs as Syrian forces closed in (Guardian)

PDN: Remembering 13 Unsung Heroes of Photojournalism

PDN: Paula Lerner Obituary

NYT: Stan Stearns, Photographer of John F. Kennedy Jr.’s Salute to Father, Dies at 76

NYT: Lillian Bassman, Fashion and Fine-Art Photographer, Dies at 94

Lynsey Addario was featured on Guardian’s brilliant ‘Best Shot’ series…

Guardian: Photographer Lynsey Addario’s Best Shot

Guardian: Photographer Tom Craig’s best shot

Related… Guardian: My best shot: The one that got away | For five years, G2 has been asking photographers to tell us the story behind their best shot. But what about their worst? Jane Bown, Martin Parr, Terry O’Neill and others reveal all

And… Guardian: My Worst Shot

Guardian: The Month in Photography

Guardian: Photographs Not Taken: what makes a photographer freeze? | A new book of essays by photographers explores the missed opportunities of images never captured

NYT Lens: Empowerment, Through a Lens

David Campbell: Kony2012, symbolic action and the potential for change

NYT: David LaChapelle, From Photographer to Artist

Verve: Kirsten Luce

Verve: Jeremy Nichol

Verve: Alessandro Grassani

Verve: Jonathan Lewis

Verve: Max Sher

Boston Globe on VII Photo’s Hipstamatic shot exhibition…

photo: John Stanmeyer

Boston Globe: With Hipstamatic app, photojournalists smartphone it in to new exhibit

Nick Stern: Why Instagram photos cheat the viewer (CNN)

PDN: Eggleston’s First-Ever Large Pigment Prints Earn 5.9 Million at Auction

D Perez: Chimping (Vimeo)

FT: What Eve Arnold Saw

Guardian: All About Eve

NYT Lens: Steichen, A New Trove From an Old Master

Diane Smyth: Dana Popa (PhotoMonitor)

BBC: England Uncensored by Peter Dench

Lightbox: DEVELOP Tube: A photographic resource grows

BJP: William Klein will receive the Outstanding Contribution to Photography Award at the Sony World Photogrpahy Awards

BJP: World Photo London is starting next month, packed with talks, seminars and workshops

Eggleston Shore (video on 1000Words blog)

Conscientious: How to make a photobook | related

Gregory Crewdson movie : trailer

PhotoShelter: Should Photo Contests Require Original Image Files?

Awards, Grants, and Competitions

Elles van Gelderen and Ilvy Njiokiktjien won first prize in World Press Photo Multimedia contest for “Afrikaner Blood….Not surprised. I remember telling friends after Perpignan that one of the best things I had seen during the festival was that exact multimedia piece….

photo Ilvy Njiokiktjien

BJP: World Press Photo announces Multimedia contest winners | Related: Bombay FC: WPP Multimedia Judging part 2 . Part 1

Foto8 Summershow 2012

FotoVisura winners…

Photo: Erin Trieb

FotoVisura Photography Grant Winners

BJP: Anastasia Taylor-Lind has won the Center Project Award in Santa Fe

BJP: Paul Graham wins the Hasselblad Foundation International Award for Photography, worth $150,000

Days Japan Photojournalism Awards 2012

Slideluck Potshow is coming to London again….

Slideluck Potshow London IV Submissions | related on Wayne Ford’s blog

NPPA: Justin Maxon, Katie Orlinsky Win 2011 Alexia Foundation Grants

Finland’s press photos of the year…

Sami Kero got the POY with a photo from Cairo…

photo: Sami Kero / Helsingin Sanomat

Finland Press Photos of the Year 2011

London Festival of Photography 2012 Prize

The City of Levallois Photography Award

Eddie Adams Workshop now accepting submissions

LUCEO Student Project Award

KL Photo Awards 2012

Guardian Student Media Awards 2012

Agencies and Collectives

Magnum open to submissions again. Last year they didn’t take any new nominees, if I remember correctly…

photo: Burt Glinn

Apply to become a member of Magnum Photos : 2012 Submissions are now open : Deadline is 08/06/12

photo: Venetia Dearden

VII Photo Newsletter March 2012

Noor newsletter 15 March 2012

Prime Collective March 2012 newsletter

Reportage by Getty Images: Natalie Naccache now part of Emerging Talent

Read about this commercial agency on Twitter… Good line-up of photographers.. including Tom Stoddart..

Making Pictures : commercial photo agency : London


VII Photo’s Questions Without Answers book featured on Phaidon blog…

Photo: Alexandra Boulat

Phaidon: The defining images of our turbulent times…VII: Questions Without Answers

Jörg Colberg: Better by Design: The role of design in the making of five modern photobooks (BJP)


Once Magazine


Happy belated birthday to Lightbox!

photo: Joakim Eskildsen

Lightbox: A Year of Great Photography

Photo Archive News

Crowd Funding and related

photo: Andre Liohn

Almost Dawn in Libya aka ADIL (NYT Lens)

Paula Lerner Memorial Fund

Photo Time Machine on Kickstarter

Respecting My Elders on USAProjects


Save The Children : 3 month internship opening in the Film&Photo team


Thomas Lekfeldt

Tahnia Roberts

Max Strong

Max Fabrizi

To finish off… KillShot: A Rifle Camera for Hunting with Photos Instead of Bullets

And… Britain’s top 10 worst photographers

And… Photographic Moratorium – Looking Sad in the Tub

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A worker was buried in dirt and debris on March 2 after a collapse at a construction site on 122nd Street between Park and Lexington avenues. He was rescued by a team of firefighters, cops, and Con Edison workers and rushed to the hospital. (Daniella Zalcman for The Wall Street Journal)

Jay Snyder, whose wife, Michal, died Nov. 25 during a routine Caesarean section, holds his daughter Reverie, while her twin brother, Jackson, is held by Michal’s sister, Maitreya, in the foreground. (Daniella Zalcman for The Wall Street Journal)

Bucky the Clown mimicked a Grand Central Terminal commuter on Feb. 28. Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey held Clown College auditions at Grand Central Tuesday ahead of the March circus residencies at arenas in the greater New York area. (Rob Bennett for The Wall Street Journal)

Book exhibitors came from all over the country for the Greenwich Village Antiquarian Book Fair at P.S. 3. (Mark Abramson for The Wall Street Journal)

Steak and kidney pie with caramelized onions, button mushrooms and red wine, served with Brussels sprouts at Slightly Oliver, a cocktail bar and restaurant at 511 Amsterdam Ave., between 84th and 85th streets in Manhattan. (Agaton Strom for The Wall Street Journal)

New York City Comptroller John Liu spoke to the media on Feb. 28. His 25-year-old campaign treasurer, Jia ‘Jenny’ Hou, was arrested Tuesday and charged with funneling illegal donations to Mr. Liu. (PJ Smith for The Wall Street Journal )

A magnifying glass reveals details in the Manolo Blahnik shoe engraving on stationery by the bespoke stationer and engraver Connor. (Natalie Keyssar for The Wall Street Journal)

The lobster roll at Ed’s Lobster Bar Annex at 25 Clinton St., between East Houston and Stanton streets in New York. (Ramsay de Give for The Wall Street Journal)

Vocalist Chaney Sims and her father, guitarist Bill Sims Jr., of the Heritage Blues Orchestra. (Claudio Papapietro for The Wall Street Journal )

Lance Reinheimer, interim director of the Vanderbilt Museum, posed for a portrait inside the mansion’s servant staff quarters. (Rob Bennett for The Wall Street Journal )

A patron browsed the selection of wines at Moore Brothers Wine Co., on 20th Street between Broadway and Park Avenue. (Philip Montgomery for The Wall Street Journal )

Samosas with four varieties of chutney at Desi Shack, at 331 Lexington Ave. at 39th Street. (Lauren Lancaster for The Wall Street Journal)

A relief of Madonna and Child is behind a panel inside of one of dioramas at Vanderbilt Museum in Suffolk County. (Rob Bennett for The Wall Street Journal )

The Red Flannel Hash at Allswell, at 124 Bedford Ave. in Brooklyn (Ramsay de Give for The Wall Street Journal)

Leslie Lieber and his wife, Edie, played the penny whistle together in the sitting room of their home.Mr. Lieber, a jazz musician and former journalist, will celebrate his 100th birthday with a jazz oriented party on March 16. (Natalie Keyssar for The Wall Street Journal)

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A crane inside the construction zone at Four World Trade Center dropped metal beams 40 stories Thursday, damaging a flatbed truck. The Tishman construction company said no one was hurt in the accident. (Rob Bennett for The Wall Street Journal )

Barbara Villet holds a photograph taken by her late husband, Time and Life photographer Grey Villet, in the upstate home they shared. (Daniella Zalcman for The Wall Street Journal)

New York Police Department Det. Kevin Herlihy gave a thumbs-up to fellow officers Wednesday upon his release from New York-Presbyterian Columbia University Medical Center. On Tuesday, Mr. Herlihy chased a suspect into the subway station at West 145th Street and St. Nicholas Avenue. The suspect opened fire, striking Mr. Herlihy in the arm, according to police. (Rob Bennett for The Wall Street Journal)

Patrons wait for their meal at a table at Maimonide of Brooklyn at 525 Atlantic Ave. in Brooklyn. (Julie Glassberg for The Wall Street Journal)

Actors Ephraim Sykes, Evan Kasprzak, Kyle Coffman and Andrew Keenan rehearse for ‘Newsies’ in Manhattan. (Natalie Keyssar for The Wall Street Journal)

The bone marrow appetizer at the Growler Bites & Brews, at 55 Stone St. (Lauren Lancaster for The Wall Street Journal)

A scene from outside Highline Stages on Feb. 10, after the Fall 2012 Yigal Azrouel women’s collection show during New York Fashion Week. (Philip Montgomery for The Wall Street Journal)

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly and Mayor Michael Bloomberg spoke to the press at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital on Tuesday, hours after Det. Kevin Herlihy was shot in the arm. The shooter, Michael McBride, was wanted in connection with a murder that had happened the night before. Mr. McBride was shot and killed. Mr. Kelly displayed an image of Mr. McBride’s illegal gun. (Daniella Zalcman for The Wall Street Journal )

Cocktail waitress Vanessa Jovanovic worked a party for Charlotte Ronson at 1OAK nightclub on West 17th Street in Manhattan Feb. 10. (Philip Montgomery for The Wall Street Journal )

Wyatt Cenac hosted ‘Shouting at the Screen’ at reRun at 147 Front St. in Brooklyn on Feb. 9. (Ramsay de Give for The Wall Street Journal )

Guests inspected life-size cardboard cutouts of models, on display for the Fall 2012 Norma Kamali show at Pier 59 Studios in Manhattan as part of New York Fashion Week, on Wednesday. (Philip Montgomery for The Wall Street Journal )

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Features and Essays

Syrians in our minds…

Tomas Munita has done great work for the New York Times from over there… I can hardly imagine how difficult the conditions…

Tomas Munita: Fighting Intensifies in Syria (NYT) See also

Tomas Munita: A Day With the Arab League Monitors in Syria (NYT)


Update Wednesday 8 February 2012:

Time Lightbox posted a slideshow this morning by Italian photographer Alessio Romenzi, on assignment for Time in Homs.  Rather than wait until next week, want to share the link to the work here…

Alessio Romenzi: Syria Under Siege (Lightbox)


Antonio Bolfo’s NYPD: Impact on NYT Lens…Always loved this work… Saw it exhibited in Perpignan 2010…Definitely worth another look..

Antonio Bolfo: NYPD: Impact (NYT Lens)

Andrea Bruce from Kabul

Andrea Bruce: Children in Kabul (NYT)

Here’s Lauren Lancaster from Kabul too…Completely new photographer to me… See later in this post for Lancaster’s photos from GOP primary in Florida…posted on New Yorker’s Photo Booth

Lauren Lancaster: Youth in Kabul (Le Monde M Magazine)

GOP Primaries

Ricardo Cases from Florida on assignment for Time…Lightbox slideshow…

Plenty got printed in the magazine too…

Ricardo Cases: A Sunshine State of Mind for the Florida Primary (Lightbox)

Charles Ommanney: Newt Gingrich on the Florida Campaign Trail (Newsweek)

Charles Ommanney: US Presidential Campaign 2012 (Reportage by Getty Images)

Peter van Agtmael: On the Campaign Trail with Newt Gingrich (Lightbox)

Lauren Lancaster: Running in Florida (Photo Booth)

Massive Florida Primary gallery on NYT with photos by Heisler,Crowley,Yam,Litherland, Thayer, and Henry…

NYT (various photographers): The Florida Primary

To other issues… Here’s a link to Scottish photographer David Gillanders’  multimedia The Neglected…Finished sometime last year, but only discovered this last week…

David Gillanders: The Neglected : Street Children in Ukraine (Vimeo)

Pete Pin: The Cambodian Diaspora (Lightbox)

Sally Ryan: Black Jews of Chicago (zReportage)

Marvi Lacar: A ‘visual diary’ of depression (CNN photo blog)

Bruno Barbey: Istanbul (Magnum)

photo: Steve Liss

New Yorker (various photographers): American Poverty (Photo Booth)

Evgenia Arbugaeva: Siberian Memories (NYT Lens)

photo: Jason Andrew

Financial Times (Photos by Jason Andrew and Brandon Thibodeaux): Atheism in America (FT)

After reading Toni Greaves’ interview about her Radical Love series last week on BJP, I visited her website and ended taking a look also at the multimedia version of the project, which was posted on while back… Really enjoyed… Very good audio…

Toni Greaves: Radical Love: The Sisters of Summit, NJ (TIME)

Maija Tammi: Small Sizes and Great Love (Polka) multimedia

Lise Sarfati: She (Guardian)

Stephanie Sinclair: A Day with Warren Buffett (WSJ)

Denis Sinyakov: Moscow’s Migrant Workforce (Msnbc)

Veronique de Viguerie: With Libyan Arms, Mali Fighting Is Revived (NYT)

Adam Ferguson: Karen Rebels Remain Defiant (NYT) Myanmar

Brandon Thibodeaux: War Torn: An Iraq War Veteran’s Story (WSJ channel on Youtube) video

Andre Bruce: Leaving Iraq (NOOR)

Ayman Oghanna: Iraq (Polka)

Luis Carlos Barreto: Tropical Light (NYT Lens)

Lot of new features on Panos Pictures site….

Ivan Kashinsky: Guaranda Carnival (Panos)

Karla Gachet and Ivan Kashinsky: Dance of the Devils (Panos) Gachet and Kashinsky are both represented by Panos, but they also have a common website at Runa Photos. See later in this post for their brand new iPad App…

Xavier Cervera: Revolucion o Muerte (Panos)

Stuart Freedman: The Englishman’s Eel (Panos)

Jason Larkin: Power to the People (Panos)

Sergey Maximishin: The Institute (Panos)

Dean Chapman: Fading Memories (Panos)

Mark Henley: The Vaults (The Atlantic)

Alvaro Ybarra Zavala: Tahrir, 1 Year On (Reportage by Getty Images)

Nadia Shira Cohen: Egyptians (NYT Lens)

Ed Ou: Egyptian Youth (Reportage by Getty Images)

Alessandro Gandolfi: The Catacombs of Las Vegas (Parallelo Zero)

Brenda Ann Kenneally: The Last Nights at the Western Hotel (Lightbox)

Kadir van Lohuizen: Money, God, and Criminals (NOOR)

Liu Tao: Blood, Sweat, and Tears (zReportage)

Maciek Nabrdalik: Faith : Polish Catholicism (VII)

Adrian Fisk: Dilli Purani Dilli Naye (Foto8)

Reed Young: Brownsville (Lightbox)

Phil Moore: DRC Elections (Photographer’s website)

Peter Turnley: Cuba : A Grace of Spirit (Photgrapher’s website)

Michael Carlebach: South Florida (NYT Lens)

Jean-Marie Simon: Guatemala’s War Years (NYT Lens)

Bharat Choudhary: Young Muslims (NYT Lens)

Jordi Ruiz Cirera: The Mennonites of Bolivia (Foto8)

Olga Kravets, Maria Morina and Oksana Yushko: Grozny: Nine Cities  (PDN Photo of the Day)

David Dawson: Working with Lucian Freud (Lightbox)

Michael Tsegaye: Fighting Forgotten Tropical Diseases (BBC)

Thomas Hulton: The Lam Family of Ludlow Street (NYT Lens)

Espen Rasmussen: Transit (The Atlantic)

New Yorker (photos by Sylvia Plachy and Jeff Chien-Hsing Liao): Battle of Panoramas

Andrew Burton: Best of 2011 (Photographer’s website)

iPad Apps

Gerd Ludwig’s The Long Shadow of Chernobyl

Short Stories: From Ecuador to Tierra del Fuego by Karla Gachet and Ivan Kashinsky

Polka Magazine iPad App


Gina #12 Oakland, CA 2009, courtesy Brancolini Grimald  by Lise Sarfati

Lise Sarfati (Telephoto)

Lise Sarfati (Guardian) related: exhibition review

Steve Pyke on reviewing over 8,000 images for the World Press Award (PicBod)

Steve Pyke from the World Press Photo Award on fifteen hour days (PicBod)

World Press Photo:  Members of the jury share their perspectives on the winners and the judging process.

Ed Kashi (Bangkok Post)

Anthony Shadid (Mother Jones)

Doug Mills (NYT Lens)

Barton Silverman (NYT Lens)

James Whitlow Delano (Asiasociety)

Harry Hardie on Lynsey Addario & Tim Hetherington’s ‘In Afghanistan’ exhibition

Ed Ou (Wired Rawfile blog)

Venetia Dearden (e-photoreview)

Kael Alford (Vimeo)

Yunghi Kim (Tiffinbox)

Leo Maguire (BJP)

Guy Martin (Ideas Tap)

JB Russell (shootlove)

Elinor Carucci (PicBod)

Brett Ziegler (NYT Lens)



Update 8 Wednesday 2012:

Just as I had finished the post yesterday, we got news that Magnum photographer Sergio Larrain has passed away.

Sergio Larrain (1931-2012)

photo: Rene Burri

Here’s a Slate slideshow celebrating Larrain’s work…

LONDON—Baker Street Station, 1959.

Slate: Sergio Larrain 1931-2012


PDN: Swedish Journalists Endure Inhumane Conditions in Ethiopian Jail

Slate: Can Five Great Photographers Really Collaborate? | Postcards from America: A Magnum Collaboration

Lightbox: Postcards From America: The Box Set

photo: Nick Waplington

FT: Ways of Seeing

The Sacramento Bee: To our Readers: The Sacramento Bee fired longtime photographer Bryan Patrick

UNHCR: Nansen Award winner turns her lens on the Flowers of Afghanistan

BJP: The Photographers’ Gallery will reopen its London premises on 19 May with an exhibition of Edward Burtynsky’s Oil

Phaidon: Getting to know the face behind the photograph

BJP: Crowdfunding platform launches publishing arm

BJP: National Media Museum is set to start work on its London-based gallery

BJP: Firecracker Grant

BJP: Photographer wins copyright infringement case

NYT Mag 6th Floor blog: The Auckland Project

PDN: US Falls To #47 On Press Freedom Index, Thanks to Occupy Crackdowns

TIME Lightbox Tumblr: Joachim Ladefoged had only 8 minutes to photograph Messi

Allen Murabayash: Why I love Photography (PhotoShelter blog)

Guardian: Featured photojournalist: Lucy Nicholson | Related on Reuters photo blog

Dallas Morning News Photo blog: Big Miracle the movie – The story behind the real photo | How a photo from an almost botched Arctic assignment inspired a Drew Barrymore film

FT: Photographer Lise Sarfati studies the lives of teenagers and young women in America

Firecracker: February 2012 newsletter

The National Press Club: Attorney details backlash against photojournalists

Verve: Sam Phelps

Verve: Anne-Stine Johnsbåten

Verve: Rafael Fabrés

LA Times Framework blog: Six Photography Game Changers

PDN: Greenfield Wins Sundance Director Prize

BJP: Keeping the tabs: The best account management applications for photographers

New Yorker: Close Inspection: Magnum Contact Sheets (Photo Booth)

Mike David: Where’s the line on toning photos, especially for contests? (Mike Davis blog)


new issue…. 7.7 : Documentary Photography Digital Magazine


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Alma Dulce, a 2-year old Xoloitzcuintli, was photographed with owner Jose Barrera, on Jan. 26. Six breeds, including the Xoloitzcuintli, will be competing for the first time Feb. 13 and 14 at the 136th annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. (Rob Bennett for The Wall Street Journal )

Alise Williams, 6, wore a firefighter’s hat, a gift from the FDNY, at a press conference for the Honor Roll of Life at the FDNY Headquarters in downtown Brooklyn on Jan. 25. Firefighter James Wildes was honored for donating bone marrow that saved Alise, who suffers from congenital heart defects. (Bryan Derballa for The Wall Street Journal)

A student practiced before going on stage at Gotham Hall on Jan 18. Plácido Domingo conducted the student musicians from P.S. 152 and P.S. 129 at the Harmony Program’s fund-raiser, the Annual Gala Waltz. (Lauren Lancaster for The Wall Street Journal)

The vegetable frittata at Vareli in Morningside Heights (Ramsay de Give for The Wall Street Journal )

Players from Team Toro, left, competed against Team Puma, at the Grand Central Station Showdown, a table tennis tournament to benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City on Jan. 26. (Bryan Derballa for The Wall Street Journal)

A cocktail made with Apple Pie Corn Liquor, bonded Apple Jack and homemade apple bitters is infused with apple-wood smoke at The Wayland in the East Village. (Agaton Strom for The Wall Street Journal)

Art dealer Warren Adelson’s five-story Upper East Side townhouse, filled with 19th- and 20-century American art, serves as both gallery and a pied-à-terre. Here, the library on the third floor. (Daniella Zalcman for The Wall Street Journal)

Perfumer Christophe Laudamiel checked on his art installation titled ‘scent sculptures’ at Dillon Gallery on Jan. 25. (Related article
Perfumer Christophe Laudamiel checked on his art installation titled ‘scent sculptures’ at Dillon Gallery on Jan. 25. (Ramin Talaie for The Wall Street Journal)

A duck confit ‘sloppy joe’ at Alobar in Long Island City. (Lauren Lancaster for The Wall Street Journal)

Rooster Gallery Curator Andre Escarameia, left, watche as Director Alexander Slonevsky ironed a tablecloth designed by the late Brazilian landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx. The tablecloth goes on sale this week for $26,000 (Lauren Lancaster for The Wall Street Journal)

A customer walked out of Morscher’s Pork Store, at 58-44 Catalpa Ave. in Ridgewood, Queens, on Jan. 25. (Rob Bennett for The Wall Street Journal)

Singer Rufus Wainwright, center, watched lead Melody Moore, left, during a rehearsal of his opera ‘Prima Donna’ in a practice space at the Snapple Theater Center in Manhattan on Jan. 24. Mr. Wainwright wrote the opera, which is being produced by the NYC Opera and will premier at BAM next month. (Bryan Derballa for The Wall Street Journal)

Locals shot fireworks to celebrate the Lunar New Year on Jan. 23 at Roosevelt Park in Manhattan. (PJ Smith for The Wall Street Journal )

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Cathy Pelligrino stood at the scene of a three-alarm fire at 368 Himrod St. in Brooklyn on Jan. 17. Ms. Pelligrino has lived for 44 years at 374 Himrod St., which she said was damaged by the fire as well. (Andrew Hinderaker for The Wall Street Journal)

Maksim Gelman was led out of court after an outburst during his sentencing in Brooklyn Supreme Court on Jan. 18. Mr. Gelman, who killed four people during a 28-hour rampage of stabbings and carjackings, was sentenced to at least 200 years in prison. (Andrew Hinderaker for The Wall Street Journal)

Fitz Fullerton, a livery cab driver who was stabbed by Maksim Gelman, made a statement to the press on Jan. 18 after Mr. Gelman was sentenced. (Andrew Hinderaker for The Wall Street Journal)

A bartender poured a West Side Cowboy, a signature drink at the Vinatta Project at 69 Gansevoort St. in Manhattan. (Ramsay de Give for The Wall Street Journal)

Models wore wedding gowns and tuxedos during a fashion show at the LGBTQ Wedding Expo on Jan. 15 at Brooklyn Borough Hall. (Daniella Zalcman for The Wall Street Journal)

Sardines (in saor), an appetizer at il Buco Alimentari & Vineria, at 53 Great Jones St. in Manhattan. (Lauren Lancaster for The Wall Street Journal)

A woman and a dog walked in the rain near Brooklyn Bridge Park on Jan. 17. (Andrew Hinderaker for The Wall Street Journal)

A leaking gas line caused an explosion, destroying a townhouse on Zarriello Lane in West Haverstraw in Rockland County, north of Manhattan, on Jan. 16. Here, firefighters at the scene (PJ Smith for The Wall Street Journal)

Megan Fairchild and Joaquin De Luz rehearsed at Lincoln Center on Jan. 12. (Ramsay de Give for The Wall Street Journal)

Crab cakes, served with Dijon aioli, at Amsterdam Tavern, 938 Amsterdam Ave. (Ramsay de Give for The Wall Street Journal)

Rudy’s, at Ninth Avenue and 44th Street in Hell's Kitchen. (Andrew Hinderaker for The Wall Street Journal )

Marc Jacobs’s newly renovated showroom at 72 Spring St. in SoHo. (Philip Montgomery for The Wall Street Journal)

Morrison Heckscher, chairman of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s new American Wing, at the museum on Jan. 13. (Ramsay de Give for The Wall Street Journal)

Artist Tadaaki Kuwayama with his new work at the Gary Snyder Gallery, on West 20th Street in Manhattan. (Philip Montgomery for The Wall Street Journal )

Occupy Wall Street protesters rolled a giant dice on Jan. 16 at 33 Liberty St. in Lower Manhattan. (CS Muncy for The Wall Street Journal)

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A police officer cried as he held black and purple bunting to be hung in honor of slain Police Officer Peter Figoski at the 75th Precinct in East New York. Mr. Figoski was killed by a gunman fleeing a home-invasion robbery in Brooklyn early Dec. 12. (Daniella Zalcman for The Wall Street Journal)

Lamont Pride, one of several suspects charged in the murder of NYPD officer Peter Figoski, was driven from the 75th Precinct in Brooklyn. (PJ Smith for The Wall Street Journal)

Mariela Muñoz, from PS 108, peered through binoculars at the Imperial Theater in New York for a show, ‘Creating the Magic: Billy Elliot’ on Dec. 9. (Ramsay de Give for The Wall Street Journal)

Joseph Harrington, front left, who plays Billy Elliot, and Nicholas Sipes, performed in ‘Creating the Magic’ at the Imperial Theater on Dec. 9. (Ramsay de Give for The Wall Street Journal)

Passersby stopped to check out the crime scene at 285 Madison Ave. in midtown Manhattan on Dec. 14. A woman was killed in an elevator accident at the building. (Bryan Derballa for The Wall Street Journal)

The band Music Tapes brought their show to a home in Bushwick in Brooklyn on Dec. 9. (Ramsay de Give for The Wall Street Journal)

Members of the Streb Extreme Action company rehearsed for their performance ‘Kiss the Air!’ at the Park Avenue Armory in Manhattan on Dec. 13. (Claudio Papapietro for The Wall Street Journal)

Jonas Mekas, the Lithuanian-born filmmaker, artist, writer and co-founder of Anthology Film Archives, walked on Second Avenue in New York on Dec. 7. (Ramsay de Give for The Wall Street Journal)

Seth Werkheiser, right, and Jesse Kramer worked at Brooklyn Taco, in the Essex Street Market at 120 Essex Street in Manhattan. (Lauren Lancaster for the Wall Street Journal)

The living room at 153 E. 78th St. in New York on Dec. 14. (Ramsay de Give for The Wall Street Journal)

Alfredo Ortiz, of the Bronx, danced while soliciting donations for the Salvation Army on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan on Dec. 13. (Claudio Papapietro for The Wall Street Journal)

At Parm, at 248 Mulberry Street, calamari is available when the neon ‘CALAMARI’ sign is on. (Lauren Lancaster for The Wall Street Journal)

Karen Masucci held her father’s FDNY helmet in her West Nyack home. Her father, Norman Kattenstroth, died in 2005, but the family was unaware of one of his life-insurance policies until it was paid out this year. (Claudio Papapietro for The Wall Street Journal)

In January, Pedro Segarra will be sworn in as mayor of Hartford after having won the office outright in a landslide victory in November. He stepped in to run the city in June 2010 when mayor Eddie Perez resigned after a conviction on bribery and extortion charges. (Rob Bennett for The Wall Street Journal)

Dan Knechtges is directing and choreographed ‘Lysistrata Jones,’ opening at the Walter Kerr Theatre. (Ramsay de Give for The Wall Street Journal)

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Crowds gathered at Rockefeller Center on Nov. 30 for the lighting of the Christmas tree. (PJ Smith for The Wall Street Journal )

 Photographs from Annie Leibovitz’s book ‘Pilgrimage’ will be on display at the Pace Gallery on West 22nd Street beginning Dec. 1. (Julie Glassberg for The Wall Street Journal )

CUNY students gathered near Madison Square Park on Nov. 28 to protest a proposed tuition increase. NYPD officers on motorbikes repeatedly attempted to cut off the protesters. (Daniella Zalcman for The Wall Street Journal)

 Two costumed women waited backstage at the Metropolitan Opera House on Nov. 28. (Daniella Zalcman for The Wall Street Journal)

 Samuel Lee Roberts, left, and Kirven James Boyd practiced their routine as part of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater on the New York City Center Stage during a dress rehearsal on Nov. 30. (Mark Abramson for the Wall Street Journal)

 A growing number of young, creative types say they’ve found Manhattan’s last low-rent art district. Here, artist Billy Rennekamp, 25 years old, on Elizabeth Street in Chinatown on Nov. 29. (PJ Smith for The Wall Street Journal)

 Corkbuzz Wine Studio is a new wine bar and school in the Union Square neighborhood at 13 E. 13th Street. (Lauren Lancaster for the Wall Street Journal)

 Kelley Lathan, 31, and her daughter Q’kioja, 1, were among residents displaced by post-Hurricane Irene flooding in Paterson, N.J. (Rob Bennett for The Wall Street Journal)

 The corals in the exhibits in the New York Aquarium’s Conservation Hall were grown in the aquarium’s coral laboratory. (Claudio Papapietro for The Wall Street Journal)

Dancers bowed after a rehearsal of ‘The Folding’ at the Park Avenue Armory in New York City on Nov. 28. Choreographer Shen Wei is presenting three dance pieces, including ‘The Folding.’ (Bryan Derballa for The Wall Street Journal)

Traffic police congregated on Nov. 30 in Manhattan. (PJ Smith for The Wall Street Journal)

Jose Luis skated in Bryant Park on Nov. 29. (PJ Smith for The Wall Street Journal )

 Brooklyn assemblyman William Boyland Jr., who was acquitted of corruption charges this month was charged again Nov. 29 in a separate federal case with accepting bribes and soliciting kick-backs connected to carnival and real-estate deals. (PJ Smith for The Wall Street Journal )

 An eggplant sandwich at Pane Panelle at 305½ Church Street in New York (Ramsay de Give for The Wall Street Journal)

Glorio To and Michelle Wong, tourists visiting from Hong Kong, jumped as a friend took their picture in front of the Flatiron building on Nov. 30. (Mark Abramson for The Wall Street Journal)

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“Hasidic Jewish men sit in front and women sit in back on the B110 bus between Borough Park and Williamsburg in Brooklyn on Oct. 27. (Philip Montgomery for The Wall Street Journal)

Amid increased police presence, a student made her way into P.S. 298 in the Brownsville neighborhood of Brooklyn on Oct. 24, the first day of classes after an Oct. 21 shooting outside the school. (Claudio Papapietro for The Wall Street Journal)

Jerry Egan, a 31-year veteran conductor with the New York Metropolitan Transit Authority, was conductor Oct. 23 on the New York Transit Museum’s ‘Nostalgia Ride’ to Woodlawn Cemetery. Museum donors rode in classic IRT ‘lo-V’ (low voltage) subway cars dating back to 1916 and 1917. (Jamie Goldenberg for the Wall Street Journal)

Morten Sohlberg, left, owner of the Scandinavian restaurant chain Smorgas Chef, and a farmhand prepare to feed a pig at Blenheim Hill Farm in Scoharie County, N.Y. The New York City chain sources traditional ingredients at its own farm. (Benjamin Norman for The Wall Street Journal)

A new park along the residential building 101 Park Place in Stamford. Norwalk-based Building Land & Technology and Philadelphia real-estate investment firm Lubert-Adler are working to develop the city’s South End waterfront. (Claudio Papapietro for The Wall Street Journal)

Jaison Alvarado, working in the rain, pushed standing water off of the ice skating rink at Bryant Park Oct. 27. The rink was preparing for its Oct. 28 opening. (Claudio Papapietro for The Wall Street Journal)

Pad sapparod with pineapple, cashews and shrimp at Thai Market, 960 Amsterdam Ave. (Lauren Lancaster for The Wall Street Journal)

Arriving guests at the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy awards at the New York Public Library Oct. 20 filed past staffers holding signs indicating the medalists. Ten individuals and families were awarded for their sustained philanthropic efforts. (Bryan Derballa for The Wall Street Journal)

A museum guard strolls through the second floor of the of the ‘Carsten Holler.” (Philip Montgomery for The Wall Street Journal)

Participants in ‘Versus,’ a public-art performance piece by Korean artist Kyungwoo Chun, sat on opposite benches and leaned their heads on one anothers’ shoulders for 15 minutes Oct. 25 in Duffy Square at 46th Street and Broadway in Times Square. (Philip Montgomery for The Wall Street Journal)

The caviar martini with cucumber, dill and a spoon of caviar at Pravda, 281 Lafayette St. in Soho. (Agaton Strom for The Wall Street Journal)

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