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Luke Plunkett

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Click here to read This is How Games are Made (and It's Beautiful)

Making video games is an incredibly lengthy, detailed and technical process. It would be impossible to visualise all the code that goes into one without being some kind of omnipotent being. Unless you're watching this video. More »

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Click here to read <em>EVE Online</em> Thinks It's &quot;Real&quot;

After a little, let's say, negative publicity of late, EVE Online developers CCP have released this trailer as a reminder of why people play the game in the first place. More »

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Click here to read Man Steals $12 Million In Online Cash From Farmville Creators

British hacker Ashley Mitchell thought it would be a hoot to steal $12 million in online cash from Zynga, the creators of Facebook games like FarmVille and CityVille. And it would have been! If he hadn't been caught. More »

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Click here to read The Best Game Review You'll See All Day

Even if you've never played Super PSTW Action RPG - and it's a good bet many of you haven't - you should still watch this review of the flash game. And yes, I said watch, not read. More »

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