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Marko Djurica

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Alone in Serbia: Living on a Rock

While clicking through the Picture of the Day section of the British Telegraph, this special domicile captured by Marko Djurica, caught our eye. A house built on a rock on the river Drina near the western Serbian town of Bajina Basta. The house was built in 1968 by a group of young men who decided that the rock on the river was an ideal place for a tiny shelter. We totally agree.

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There are many forms of protest, many ways to express an objection to particular events, situations, policies, and even people.  Protests can also take many forms - from individual statements to mass demonstrations - both peaceful and violent. In the last 30 days, there have been numerous protests across the globe in many countries.  The following post is a collection of only some of those protests, but the images convey a gamut of emotions as citizens stand up for their political, economic, religious and lifestyle rights.  -- Paula Nelson (51 photos total)
As protesters sleep in Zuccotti Park, N.Y. police officers receive instructions. A group of activists calling themselves Occupy Wall Street targeted the Financial District for more than a week of demonstrations in late September. The group said they sought to bring attention to corporate malfeasance, social inequality, and the yawning gap in income between America's rich and poor. (Eduardo Munoz/Reuters)

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GUARDING THE PRESIDENT: Police officers guarded pro-Western President Boris Tadic’s office from protesters in Belgrade, Serbia, Monday. About 200 demonstrators chanted slogans and burned a NATO flag in protest against an upcoming NATO conference there. (Marko Djurica/Reuters)

COUCH PROTESTER: A demonstrator slept on a couch in Madrid Monday, a day after fellow demonstrators started to disband from their encampment in the city’s landmark Puerta del Sol Square. (Susana Vera/Reuters)

DAY IN COURT: Police escorted paramilitary officials from a court in Karachi, Pakistan, Monday. The suspects are accused in the death of an unarmed man. The incident was captured on video. (Akhtar Soomro/Reuters)

HOLDING ON: A man held onto chains hanging from a bridge as he bathed in rapidly moving waters of the Ganges River in Haridwar, India, Monday. (Vivek Prakash/Reuters)

IN THE MIDDLE: Schoolgirls waited in line for their midday meal at a government-run school on the outskirts of Hyderabad, India, Monday. (Noah Seelam/Agence France-Presse/Getty Images)

RAIN RUBBLE: A woman sat amid debris Sunday from a landslide that was triggered by torrential rainfall in Linxiang, Hunan Province, China. More heavy downpours were forecast this week over central and southern China, where seasonal flooding has already killed more than 100 people, state media said. (Associated Press)

FOUL FISH: Fishery workers disposed of putrid fish that went bad in the wake of a deadly March 11 earthquake and tsunami as sea gulls flew overhead in Ishinomaki, Japan, Monday. (Kimimasa Mayama/European Pressphoto Agency)

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