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Neil Burgess

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How do you remember where you parked your car? How do you know if you're moving in the right direction? Neuroscientist Neil Burgess studies the neural mechanisms that map the space around us, and how they link to memory and imagination.

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Alixandra Fazzina, who’s work I became familiar with only recently, seems to pop up everywhere at the moment… This frame used along a BJP article  on five photographers documenting various forms of immigration is really beautiful. Great majority of her work I’ve seen so far looks to me like it’s been shot in situations of very little natural light… in dim rooms, or outdoors very early mornings, late dusk or even middle of the night… It’s almost like she doesn’t photograph day time at all…Not a criticism… just something I noticed..I AM a fan…

Articles / Interviews and Talks – BJP: Exodus : BJP profiles five different photographers whose stories focus on the realities of migration, shot by Alixandra Fazzina, Moises Saman, Lauren Greenfield, Kadir van Lohuizen and Espen Rasmussen (BJP: August 2010)

Features and Essays - Michael Christopher Brown: China’s High-Speed Rail (TIME: August 2010)

Just noticed Guardian had added some Mark Power’s photos on their site in relation to the The Sound of Two Songs book review…

Features and Essays - Mark Power: Portraits of Poland in Transition (Guardian: August 2010) Mark Power’s photographs of contemporary Poland depict a country in limbo: desolate, half-finished, but slowly being colonised by the consumerist west.

On going NYT project about war in Afghanistan that I hadn’t checked back on since they started it a month or so ago…

Features and Essays - Damon Winter: A Year at War (NYT: August 2010)

Do you ever work for free? I have in the past, but not doing it anymore…

Articles – A Black Star Rising: 12 Excuses for Shooting Photos for Free — and Why They’re Bogus (A Black Star Rising: August 2010

Amanda Rivkin sent me this link to Tomas van Houtryve’s blog about finding new ways to fund projects…Makes me feel worried reading this type of stuff… If photographers like Van Houtryve are having trouble gaining funding, what chance does emerging photographer, like I, have?

Articles – Tomas van Houtryve: Testing New Funding Models for Photojournalism (Photographer’s blog: August 2010)

Related to van Houtryve’s post and last week’s Neil Burgess’ ‘Photojournalism is Dead’ comments… This from PDN Edu blog today.

Los Angeles Times have launched their own photography blog…and nice they listed my Photojournalism Links as one of the 28 sites in its blogroll…

Blogs - Framework by LA Times : Capturing the world through photography, video and multimedia

Blogs - Stuart Freedman

ExhibitionsOpen Society announces photographers for Moving Walls 18

Foam Talents 2010… The only person whose work I know is Ben Lowy

CompetitionsFoam Magazine Talents 2010 (Foam: August 2010)

James Pomerantz AKA A Photo Student tweeted loads of links to good photography related videos on Tuesday…some of which were the Olivia Arthur interview videos I listed to last night… and James has now also made a post on his blog which includes lot of the same videos…

Videos / Interviews – APS: A Crap Ton of Photography Related Videos!! (APS: August 2010)

Interviews - Jodi Bieber on the Aisha portrait (BBC: August 2010)

Features and Essays / Interviews - Mario Tama: Ward by Ward, New Orleans Marches Back (NYT Lens: August 2010)

Articles - Verve Photo: Meridith Kohut (Verve: August 2010)

More and more people seem to be using Tumblr these days…I think I’ll archive the Tumblrs under blogs

CollectivesLuceo Images Tumblr

Twitter - Pieter Wisse …. Pieter is the man behind 500 Photographers

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I wish The New York Times would show more of their slideshows in the 800×535 pixels size like this one by Moises Saman, and not in the usual 600×400 pixels (see for instance the one by Eros Hoagland lower in the post)… So much better seeing the photographs bigger…

Features and Essays - Moises Saman: Domestic Abuse (NYT: August 2010) Ramadan highlights difficulties facing domestic workers in Kuwait

Features and Essays - David Gillanders: Street Children in Ukraine (Reportage by Getty Images: August 2010)

Features and Essays - Piotr Redlinski: Nocturnalist | Until Dawn (NYT: August 2010) NYC by night

Features and Essays – Sean Smith: Afghanistan (Guardian: July 2010)

Features and Essays - Eros Hoagland: Taliban Make Inroads in Strategic Province (NYT: July 2010)

Neil Burgess’ comments on the state of photojournalism, originally published on the Editorial Photographers UK website here have received a lot of attention today in the Twittersphere after Guardian picked up the story…

Articles - Guardian: Photojournalism is dead – agency boss laments the passing of an era (Guardian: August 2010) Original comments on the EPUK website

Agencies – Ben Lowy moved from VII Network to Reportage by Getty Images, and Getty have some of his portfolios now online here. The photo seen above is from the Afghanistan Redux series.

Forgot to put up a link to this Franck interview – pun intended – yesterday when I linked to her photos in Nowness…

InterviewsMartine Franck (Nowness: 2010)

Also forgot this.. PhotographersPaulo Monteiro

Twitter - Shahidul Amal

I remember having seen this photo on the cover of Aperture once…

Features and Essays - Trevor  Paglen: Invisible (New Yorker Photo Booth: August 2010) Invisible: Covert Operations and Classified Landscapes,” a new book by the artist Trevor Paglen, is an album of the visual side of secret worlds.

Book review of Little Brown Mushroom’s recent Trent Parke publication. This review’s slightly critical. I’m sure there are other opinions out there too. I can’t offer any personal opinion as I haven’t seen the book…

Books (reviews) – Tom Leininger: Bedknobs & Broomsticks by Trent Parke : Published by Little Brown Mushroom, June 2010 (Fraction Magazine: August 2010)

I tend to shy away from putting links to equipment reviews, but this one about a small portable projector caught my attention.. Alternative way to show your portfolio perhaps…(This is not an endorsement obviously. Haven’t even seen the thing myself…)

Equipment - Product Review: The BenQ GP1, “Ultra Portable Projector” (Daylight Magazine blog: 2010)

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