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Olivier Laban-Mattei

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Photographer: Olivier Laban-Mattei

So we try not to put images with watermarks on them, but i just couldn't help but post these. 

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Erupting volcanoes, drug wars, famine in Niger, aftermath of the Haiti earthquake, children suffering from Agent Orange disabilities, abortions performed by untrained practitioners in Kenya but also lucha libre for women, traveling cinema in India and couchsurfing in Brooklyn continue

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I was supposed to begin with World Press Photo links, but after last night’s events in Cairo, I think it’s only right to start with Egypt…

Photo: Marco Longari

Features and Essays - NYT Lens: Pictures of the Day: Egypt and Elsewhere (NYT: February 2011)

The New York Times Egypt gallery again….

Features and Essays - NYT: Protests in Egypt (NYT: February 2011)

Photo: Alan Chin

Features and Essays - Alan Chin: Mubarak No More (BNN: February 2011)

Features and Essays – Ed Ou: Young Egyptian’s Spread Their Message (NYT: February 2011) video Cairo’s Facebook Flat

Features and Essays – Magnum: Egypt by Magnum photographers (Magnum: February 2011)

From Los Angeles Times…

Features and Essays – Michael Robinson Chavez: Firsthand account of Cairo clashes (LAT: February 2011) Times photographer Michael Robinson Chavez recounts his experiences covering the bloody clashes as thousands of supporters of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak attacked anti-government protesters in Cairo’s Tahrir Square on Wednesday.

Photo: Moises Saman

InterviewsEd Ou and Moises Saman : Photographing the Celebration in Cairo (NYT Lens: February 2011)

Great piece by Stephen Farrell on the Lens blog the other day…still relevant as an insight into how difficult it was for a lot of photojournalists to work in Cairo…

Interviews - Stephen Farrell : What Not to Bring to Tahrir Square (NYT Lens: February 2011)

Interviews - Ron Haviv : Reading faces in Tahrir square (MSNBC: February 2011)

Now to World Press Photo…Congratulation to Jodi Bieber for winning the top prize this year!

Awards - World Press Photo 2011 Winners Gallery

Photo: Jodi Bieber

Articles - CPN: Jodi Bieber wins World Press Photo of the Year 2010 (CPN: February 2011)

InterviewsJodi Bieber (World Press Photo: February 2011) A phone call to Jodi Bieber
World Press Photo managing director called South African photographer Jodi Bieber to tell her the news that her photo was selected as the World Press Photo of the Year 2010.)

Great World Press Photo coverage by BJP’s @OliviercLaurent yesterday….

Articles - BJP: Jodie Bieber wins World Press Photo (BJP: February 2011)

Articles - BJP: Independent photographers win big at World Press Photo (BJP: February 2011)

Photo: Olivier Laban-Mattei

Articles – BJP : World Press Photo judges about the shocking images in this year’s result (BJP: February 2011)

Articles - NYT Lens: Is This the Best News Picture in the World? (NYT Lens: February 2011

Damon Winter/3rd place POYi/Hipstamatic debate…

Articles – Poynter: Chat replay: What role do image apps like Hipstamatic have in photojournalism? (Poynter: February 2011)

Photo: Damon Winter

Interviews – Damon Winter: Through My Eye, Not Hipstamatic’s (NYT Lens: February 2011)

Interviews – Damon Winter : Winter explains process, philosophy behind award-winning Hipstamatic photos (Poynter: February 2011)

Articles – Chip Litherland: There’s an App for Photojournalism (Photographer’s blog: February 2011)

Articles – DVA Foto: Some thoughts on iPhone pictures and POYi (Dva Foto: February 2011)

About POYi in general…

Articles - NYT: And the Winnner Is…. Anonymous (NYT Lens: February 2011)

And don’t forget to read the latest from Shit Photojournalists Like…

Blogs - SFL: Photography Contests (SFL: February 2011)

And to other things…

Photo: Steve McCurry

Features and Essays – Steve McCurry: The Last Roll of Kodachrome (Vanity Fair: February 2011)

Features and Essays – Christopher Anderson: A Little Goes a Long Way (Magnum in Motion: February 2011) Hunger in America

Features and Essays – Peter DiCampo: Life Without Lights (Project website) Project blog

Features and Essays – Christian Lutz: Tropical Gift (MSNBC: February 2011)

Features and Essays - Kevin Frayer/AP: A Bird’s-eye View of Afghanistan (TIME: February 2011) Helmand province as seen from the air

Features and Essays – Brent Stirton: Gold’s Costly Dividend (Human Rights Watch: 2011)

Features and Essays - Katie Orlinsky: Persevering in Ciudad Juárez (NYT: February 2011)

Features and Essays – Brian Cassey: Cyclone Yasi – CAT 5 (Fotostrada: February 2010) Queensland, Australia

Sad news from Afghanistan…

News – PDN: Photojournalist Giles Duley Gravely Injured in Afghanistan (PDN)

Always worth checking out the Month in Photography…Guardian’s multimedia guide to best exhibitions and books….

Photo: Balazs Gardi

Exhibitions and Books – Guardian: The Month in Photography

Articles - Telegraph: Sony World Photography Awards 2011 – professional finalists and shortlisted images (Telegraph: February 2011) Same in New Yorker

Fundraising - The Middle East Journals of Tom Hurndall (Indiegogo)

BlogsThe Atlantic : In Focus

Articles – Guardian: Featured photojournalist: Carlos Barria (Guardian: February 2011)

InterviewsPeter Turnley interview on Ceausescu, Honecker,Tiananmen, Mubarak (CNN: February 2011)

Interviews - Yumi Goto (e-photoreview: February 2011)

Interviews - Mike Berube (e-photoreview: January 2011)

Interviews - Jonathan Taggart (NYT Lens: February 2011)


Competitions - Foam Magazine is accepting submissions from under 35yo photogs for their Talent Issue.

Grants - Judges named for Getty Images Grants for Good. Photographers may apply by March 1.

FestivalsThe New York Photo Festival now open for submissions Deadline FEB 25 2011 Theme: Provocation

Festivals – Noorderlicht : Voices of the Middle East : Call for submissions

Workshops/Events - Rhubarb-Rhubarb : See expecially their seminars page here : Next two seminars: Title: Photography Still Moving Date: 19th March 2011 Time:10.30am – 4.30 pm Venue: The Box, QUAD Market Place Cathedral Quarter Derby DE1 3AS UK AND Title: The Crossing : WM Date: 26th March 2011 Time: 11am – 6pm Venue: The Theatre , The Custard Factory, Gibb Street, Digbeth, Birmingham . B9 4AA

Equipment - Thuraya

Equipment - BGAN

Articles - Todd Bigelow: 10 things photo assistant should pay attention to (Todd Bigelow blog: February 2011)

Articles - Wada Laube: Some lessons from Leibovitz (Wada Laube blog: February 2011) Found via @LucasJacksonRTR

Articles - Casey Templeton: Bringing Your Vision to Your Clients Brand (Photographer’s blog: February 2011)

I’m ashamed to state this… but I can’t help but recognise myself in the people in Tim Fadek’s photo below…. I might be out with Veronica and our friends having a great time or something and I still can’t stop fiddling my iPhone…

Photo: Tim Fadek

Articles/Features and Essays – Tim Fadek: Is Social Media Destroying Public Interaction? (BNN: February 2011)

Photographers - Victoria Will

PhotographersBen Cannon

Photographers - Spencer Murphy

PhotographersCharles Ludeke

Agencies - The Church of London

I saw @timfadek tweet this… “Viber is great, free phone calls to other members on iPhone. Like skype but more reliable” Have to check it out, definitely….

@valerioberdini tweeted this….pretty funny… How To Be Cool at a Gallery Opening

Gotta love Bill Cunningham…Probably first time I’ve seen Anna Wintour without sunglasses…She looks pretty… the sunglasses always gave me a mean vibe of her…

Trailer - Bill Cunningham New York

News - Alec Soth diversifies into print & scan photography services.

Nearly 2,5K views yesterday…all time record…and I didn’t even do updates…I think it was all those people googling “Jodi Bieber” that brought most of the traffic..

To finish off, a joke: “A man goes to doctor..”I’m addicted to Twitter”, he says…Doctor says: “I’m sorry, I don’t follow you” via @JemimaGoldsmith

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Third PJ Links edition from Brighton…. Apologies if my updates have been a bit more infrequent than usual during the last two weeks…I’ve just had too much going on with the move from Wales and settling down again…

I loved Michael Nichols’ Redwoods work that I saw exhibited in Perpignan as seen here in a photo by yours truly, which hopefully doesn’t do great injustice to Nichols’ work…

Anyway, the reason I put the photo here is that the people at Canon Professional Network did an interview with Nichols about the work…

Interviews - Michael Nichols (National Geographic) on photographing Redwoods (CPN: September 2010)

Another 9/11 anniversary… the ninth… came and went….but I just saw this Shaul Schwartz feature on TIME website of the anniversary at Ground Zero…

Features and Essays – Shaul Schwartz: Tensions Rise Near Ground Zero on the 9/11 Anniversary (TIME: September 2010)

Dark days… This is a great piece…

Features and Essays - Teun Voeten: Tunnel People (Panos Pictures: September 2010) New York’s tunnel people

Really enjoyed these Roberts’ election photos… I just wish Telegraph would have shown them bigger on their website… they are 5×4 after all….

Features and Essays – Simon Roberts: A Snap Election (Telegraph: September 2010)

Articles – Telegraph: Simon Roberts: the official election photos (Telegraph: September 2010)

Tyler Hicks from Pakistan…

Features and Essays – Tyler Hicks: The Swat Valley, After the Flood (NYT: September 2010) Pakistan

Features and Essays – Gilles Sabrie: Celebrating Id al-Fitr Under Watchful Eyes of China (NYT: September 2010) Kashgar, China

Awards - HSBC Photo Prize returns with €5000 cash reward (BJP: September 2010) Deadline 30 November 2010

I posted several links related to Alixandra Fazzina on Sunday and  I was amazed to learn that I actually missed at least three good ones…

Features and Essays – Alixandra Fazzina: an instrument of advocacy (Telegraph: September 2010)

Interviews - Alixandra Fazzina: Witness to the devastation (Telegraph: September 2010)

Interviews - Alixandra Fazzina : Ramadan during the Pakistan floods  (Oxfam: September 2010)

Articles - NYT: Civil Rights Photographer Unmasked as Informer (NYT: September 2010)

Photo Voice is organising a great sounding lecture series in London this autumn, some of which I’m very much hoping to attend… especially the one by Anastasia Taylor-Lind on 2 December..

Talks - BJP: New PhotoVoice lectures focus on women photographers (BJP: September 2010) Info on the Photo Voice website

Interviews – Foto8: Visa Pour L’Image 2010 interviews (Foto8: September 2010)

Interviews - Olivier Laban-Mattei (BJP: September 2010)

InterviewsMartin Parr : My Media (Guardian: September 2010)

Interviews - Jodi Bieber (Design Indaba: September 2010)

Blogs - Steve McCurry: The Power of Two (Photographer’s blog: September 2010)

My friend Conor O’Leary pointed out this Richard Mosse interview on Milky Blacks blog…

Interviews - Richard Mosse (Milky Blacks blog: 2010)

Conor has some new work, titled Entrance, on his website here.

PhotographersCarlotta Maitland Smith

Photographers - Andrea Bruce has a PhotoShelter archive that I didn’t know about before

Agencies - GRNLive : “correspondents bringing you global news now”

Twitter - Enarro Collective

TwitterJoni Karanka

…And as an end note to today’s post… I noticed that Photojournalism Links just passed 400k all time views…. Thank you for visiting!

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