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Romka 6 is here!. This amazing Magazine created by Joscha Bruckert presents their sixth edition with more than 60 incredible photographers from all over the world.
Fully recommended, here all the info:
“Some photographs are more important than others. Preserved memories of people you love and friends you have lost, places that shaped your understanding of the world and events that had a significant impact on your life. romka magazine is devoted to this one print that you keep in your wallet, on the desk at work or on your fridge door. Pictures of great sentimental value that gain their quality through the personal experiences they are connected to and not through form or content. It is not about your best pictures, but about your personal favorites”.
“In this issue of romka magazine, 69 professionals and amateurs from 33 countries share their photographic treasures and tell the stories behind them. For the first time, there are two special features as well: an illustrated short story by American author Paul Kwiatkowski and a collection of found photographs by London-based artist Steven Chandler. This issue's heartwarming cover shot comes from Russian portrait photographer Evgeny Lebedev”.


Cover by Evgeny Lebedev


Josefin Vilén


Mateusz Duszenko


Reilly Hodgson


Thank you again Joscha.

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The Spectre of Theater

By Tricia Lawless Murray

Masochism is itself an aesthetic formation. The only place where its contradictions and impossibilities can be reconciled is that specific zone that modern aesthetic philosophy, from Kant to Lyotard, has identified as the sublime, that unique and illogical experience that carries with it both pleasure and pain.
—Nick Mansfield

Victor Cobo

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Prostitute at angle of Rue de la Reynie and Rue Quincampoix, 1933

Brassai with Tony Ray-Jones, Creative Camera, April, 1970

Tony Ray-Jones: How did you start your life?

Brassai: I was born in Transylvania in 1899. My father was a teacher of French literature. He lived in Paris and loved it and studied at the Sorbonne. When I was five my father brought me and my family to Paris for a year. I

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From Kids, Larry Clark

The Matter with Kids Today: Kids and Raised by Wolves

By Eric Margolis, Humanity & Society, Volume 20, Number 2, May 1996

You have seen their faces. In the core of every American city young kids wander the streets getting stoned, spare changing, fighting, scratching, and hanging out. They wear tribal badges: tattoos, camo clothes and skin heads,skateboards and phat pants

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Untitled (man with arms around two women), 1950-60'sLee Balterman's ChicagoBy Paul Berlanga, Director, Stephen Daiter GalleryLee Balterman has romanced the city of Chicago with his camera for six decades and shows no sign of falling out of love. A couple of weeks ago I mentioned to Lee that my partner and I had managed to grab a last lunch at the legendary Berghoff restaurant without standing

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Roppongi Hills 2, 2005Adrift in the city of superflatBy Marc Feustel, Originally published in FOAM Magazine, brought to ASX by FOAMDuring the extraordinarily turbulent and dynamic post-war period , Tokyo became a great photographic city: a city with a distinctive, immediately recognizable photographic aesthetic. Just as Paris’s visual identity became intrinsically linked to the humanist

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