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Victoria Mitchell of VIC clears the water steeple during the Womens 3000 Metre Steeple Open during day two of the Australian Athletics Championships at Lakeside Stadium on April 14, 2012 in Melbourne, Australia. North Korean people hold up plastic flowers during an unveiling ceremony of two statues of former leaders Kim Jong-Il and Kim Il-Sung [...]

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BOX OF BALLOTS: Workers counted ballots in Seoul after parliamentary elections Wednesday. South Korea’s ruling conservative Saenuri Party claimed a majority. (Lee Jae-Won/Reuters)

MISSION CONTROL: Technicians worked in a satellite control room at a space center on the outskirts of Pyongyang, North Korea, Wednesday. North Korea said the fueling of a long-range rocket is under way, ahead of a launch expected later this week. (Pedro Ugarte/Agence France-Presse/Getty Images)

A MOTHER’S SORROW: Reshma Banu cried as she held the body of her 3-month-old daughter, Neha Afreen, outside a hospital morgue in Bangalore, India, Wednesday. The baby was admitted to a hospital after being battered, allegedly by her father, for being born a girl. (Aijaz Rahi/Associated Press)

MARTYR TO THE CAUSE: A man tied himself to a cross on a light pole Wednesday in Cairo’s Tahrir Square to protest against the candidacy of ousted President Hosni Mubarak’s former spy chief, Omar Suleiman, in Egypt’s coming presidential election. (Nasser Nasser/Associated Press)

CAPSIZED CREW: Artemis Racing team members struggled to recover after their vessel capsized during an America’s Cup World Series race off Naples, Italy, Wednesday. (Mario Laporta/Agence France-Presse/Getty Images)

FAMILY FLEES: A Syrian woman and child huddled together in a car at the border with Turkey after their successful escape from their country Wednesday. (Action Press/Zuma Press)

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North Korea will mark the 100th anniversary of its founding father's birth on April 15. Kim Il-Sung ruled the communist country from its inception in 1948 until his death in 1994. The country is also making international news with the planned launch of a satellite, which concerns many other countries because of the nuclear capabilities of the rocket being used. Officials escorted a group of international media from the capital to the see the rocket in Tongchang-Ri earlier this week. Compiled here are group of recent images from inside the country. -- Lloyd Young (30 photos total)
North Koreans pay their respects in front of two portraits, one of founding leader Kim Il-Sung (left) and the other of his son Kim Jong-Il in Pyongyang on April 9. North Korea is counting down to the 100th anniversary of its founder's birth on April 15 with top level meetings and a controversial rocket launch scheduled in coming days to bolster his grandson's credentials. (Pedro Ugarte/AFP/Getty Images)

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2011 was a year of global tumult, marked by widespread social and political uprisings, economic crises, and a great deal more. We saw the fall of multiple dictators, welcomed a new country (South Sudan), witnessed our planet's population grow to 7 billion, and watched in horror as Japan was struck by a devastating earthquake, a tsunami, and a nuclear disaster. From the Arab Spring to Los Indignados to Occupy Wall Street, citizens around the world took to the streets in massive numbers, protesting against governments and financial institutions, risking arrest, injury, and in some cases their lives. Collected here is Part 2 of a three-part photo summary of the last year, covering 2011's middle months. Be sure to also see Part 1, and Part 3 of this series totaling 120 images in all. [40 photos]

Surf rescue swimmer Doug Knutzen carries Dale Ostrander to the shore of Long Beach, Washington, on August 5, 2011. Rescue swimmers Eddie Mendez (left) and Will Green had found Ostrander in the surf, after the boy was underwater for more than 20 minutes. Ostrander was hospitalized and placed in a medically induced coma for a time, but has since returned home and started the 7th grade. His recovery is still in progress, as he continues to undergo speech and physical therapy. (AP Photo/Damian Mulinix/Chinook Observer)

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