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Reggie Fils-Aime

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John from the Free Software Foundation sez,

From reading the Nintendo 3DS Terms of Service, one could be forgiven for thinking that Nintendo is exiting the video game console business and entering the brick-making business.

The 3DS Terms are a perfect storm of 1) Updates will happen automatically without your specific permission any time the device connects to wifi 2) The device will constantly try to connect to wifi 3) Updates will specifically disable devices found to have modified software or unauthorized peripherals.

On top of that, Nintendo claims a license to photos and other user-generated material on the devices -- and those things are also automatically uploaded, along with user location data gleaned from wifi network proximity.

DRM prevents users from disabling any of these antifeatures, which is why has taken an interest, encouraging people to send cardboard bricks to Nintendo. In the wake of all the Sony PS3 news, is this really the direction Nintendo wants to take things?

It gets better: Nintendo claims a perpetual, worldwide license to the photos and videos you take with your camera!

Nintendo 3DS Targeted in Anti-DRM Campaign

(Thanks, John!)

(Image: Fimo Nintendo 3DS, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from hansel5569's photostream)

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Games industry is "scary" right now.

Gears of War publisher Epic has singled out the rise of the $1 smartphone app as one of the biggest threats it's currently facing.

President Mike Capps told IndustryGamers that it was getting increasingly difficult to convince customers to shell out $60 for a game.

"If there's anything that's killing us it's dollar apps. How do you sell someone a $60 game that's really worth it... They're used to 99 cents."


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“My body is ready” is a catchphrase that is often associated with images where the subject is posed in a sexually inviting manner, or appears intimidating in some way. In forum threads the phrase can be used to indicate excitement. Many of the intimidating image derivatives are used in the Prepare Your Anus image macro series. (Related memes: He Just Doesn’t Give a F**k, E3 Sony, Reaction Guys)


The phrase comes from a quote by Nintendo executive Reggie Fils-Aime[1] during Nintendo’s demonstration of Wii Fit at E3 on July 11th, 2007. As Shigeru Miyamoto and translator Bill Trinen presented the Wii Balance Board, Fils-Aime walked up onto the stage and stated, “My body…My body is ready,” before stepping onto the accessory to begin the demonstration.


Although the quote dates back to July 2007, Fils-Aime’s it did not become significant online until around June 2010. Around this time, videos on YouTube specifically related to Fils-Aime and tagged with “my body is ready” started appearing. This may have been sparked by Nintendo’s June 15th E3 announcement as shown in a Heroes of Newerth forums thread.[2]

Image derivatives can be found on Memegenerator[3], FunnyJunk[4], and has been increasing in popularity on Tumblr.[5]

The phrase has been used on video game related sites to express excitement and anticipation for a game as shown in this Ebaumsworld forums thread.[6]


Search queries for “my body is ready” had their first spike in June 2010, around the same time that videos began being uploaded to YouTube. As of June 2011, it appears to still be on the rise for it’s largest spike.

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