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Ron Haviv

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Features and Essays - Yuri Kozyrev: Dzerzhinsk (NOOR: June 2010) The most poisonous town on earth

Features and Essays – Ron Haviv: Terrifying Normalcy (Starved for Attention: June 2010) Bangladesh

Features and Essays - Krisanne Johnson: Postcard from Johannesburg (New Yorker Photo Booth: June 2010)

Features and Essays – Edward Burtynsky: Manufactured Landscapes (New Yorker Photo Booth: June 2010)

Articles – Verve Photo: Milan Jaros (Verve: June 2010)

Articles – Verve Photo: Laure Geerts (Verve: June 2010)

Articles - Verve Photo: Andy Spyra (Verve: June 2010)

Articles - Verve Photo: Natan Dvir (Verve: June 2010)

Articles - Verve Photo: Liz Hingley (Verve: June 2010)

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InterviewsJehad Nga (BJP: June 2010)

InterviewsRon Haviv (Journalism Now: June 2010)

Interview - Don McCullin (Youtube)

Blogs - Starved for Attention (initiative by MSF and VII)


Features and Essays - Bruce Gilden: Haiti Now and Every Day (Magnum in Motion: June 2010)

Articles - Guardian: Self-publish or be damned: why photographers are going it alone (Guardian: June 2010)

InterviewsAlex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb :  when to start and when to end a project (Two Looks blog: 2010)

Photographers – Paul Reas : website

BlogsGreg Williams

Features and Essays – Todd Heisler: How the Alzheimer’s Gene Affects a Colombian Family (NYT: June 2010)

Interviews / TutorialsSandy Huffaker : Traveling Light and Ready for Everything (PhotoShelter blog: 2010)

Features and Essays – Zisis Kardianos: Feastday (burn: June 2010

Features and Essays -  Jan Banning: Bureaucrats (New Yorker Photo Booth: 2010)

Articles - Yannis Behrakis: Embedded in Taliban territory (Reuters blog: June 2010)


Twitter - Momenta workshops

AgenciesRhubarb Rhubarb : Twitter

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