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Sasha Grey

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After portraying Lindsay Lohan, Richard Phillips has made a short film profiling adult film star (or artistic photographer?) Sasha Grey, author of the book Neü Sex. "For my film portrait of Sasha Grey, I wanted to focus on her expressive and psychological transformation into a cinematic actor, separate from the cues that have associated Sasha with her previous career as a performance artist working within the adult film world."

The film is shot on location at the John Lautner Chemosphere House from Mulholland Drive and will, along with "Lindsay Lohan" be included in the Commercial Break exhibition at the Garage Center for Contemporary Culture in Venice until 5 June, 2011.

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Photographer: Sasha Grey

Miss Grey just released a book documenting herself during the later portions of her career.

I am pretty interested to see what its like.

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