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Shaun Fenn

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Photojournalism that caught my eye during the month of March….

Features and Essays

One of my big faves, Tomas Munita, had a series from Cuba for Time to coincide the Papal visit to the country… opening double spread from the latest magazine seen here… Lightbox slideshow through the link…

Tomas Munita: Church and State: The Role of Religion in Cuba (Lightbox)

Side note on the above…what made me fall in love with his work? It was his stunning 2006 Oskar Barnack winning series from Kabul. You can see most of the frames here. Man, Leica, and slide film working in perfect harmony…

Japan. 11 March saw the anniversary of the tsunami…

Nachtwey recently got four double trucks in Time for his Japan 1 Year Later portfolio.Pretty rare these days for something like that to happen I think…

James Nachtwey: Japan One Year After (Lightbox)

Daniel Berehulak: Japan One Year After (NPR)

James Whitlow Delano: Black Tsunami (Vimeo)

David Guttenfelder: Tsunami, Then and Now (SacBee Frame blog)

Alvaro Ybarra Zavala: Route 45: Japan’s Earthquake & Tsunami Anniversary (Reportage)

Espen Rasmussen: Fukushima Fallout (Panos)

Noriko Hayashi: One Year On (Panos)

Dean Chapman: Fading Memories II (Panos)

Hiroko Masuike: A Japanese Community After the Tsunami (NYT Lens) Related

Chris Steele-Perkins: Tsunami Streetwalk, Kesennuma / Streetwalk 2 (Magnum in Motion)


Moises Saman: Refugees Flee Syrian Violence in Turkey (NYT)

Ed Ou: Syrians Find Refuge in Lebanon (NYT)

William Daniels: Escape from Syria (Lightbox)

Tyler Hicks: Glimpses of the Armed Opposition in Syria (NYT)

Rodrigo Abd: Inside Syria (Lightbox) from Guardian

Tyrone Turner: Where Slaves Ruled (Brazil) (NGM)

Recent great International Herald Tribune front page pic by Meredith Kohut and the slideshow on…

Meredith Kohut: In Salvador, Prisons Packed to the Bars (NYT)

Pete Muller: Ethiopian Forces in Somalia (Newsweek)

Dominic Nahr: On the Ground: Safe fro Kony? (Lightbox)

Adam Dean: Daw Aung San Suu Kyi Campaigns in Myanmar (NYT)

Adam Ferguson: Christians Flee Iraq (NYT)

Ikuru Kuwajima: Astana, Kazakhstan’s Capital Outside In (NYT Lens)

Sergey Kozmin: Elite Russian Military School for Girls (NYT Lens)

Stefano de Luigi: Cinema in Iran (Lightbox)

Eugene Richards: ‘War is Personal’ Continues (Lightbox)

Jocelyn Bain Hogg: British Entertainment (VII)

Anastasia Taylor-Lind: Siberian Supermodels (VII) multimedia

Franco Pagetti: Egypt (VII)

Davide Monteleone: Libya : Winners and Losers (VII)

Stefan Bladh: Youth in Kaliningrad, Russia (Lightbox)

Politics. Russia.

Yuri Kozyrev: On the Campaign Trail with Vladimir Putin (Lightbox)

Politics. US.

This was a TIME magazine cover story early this year…

Christopher Morris: A Day With Obama (VII)

Justin Maxon: On the Trail with Santorum (Lightbox)

Charles Ommanney: Santorum (Newsweek)

Lauren Lancaster: Super Tuesday (New Yorker)

Evan Vucci: GOP Campaign Trail with Instragram (MSNBC photo blog)

Lauren Fleishman: Romney : Super Tuesday (Lightbox)

Stephen Crowley: Smoke-Filled Rooms part 2 (NYT Lens)

Jeroen Oerlemans: Dreaming of Europe (Panos)

Adam Dean: City of Broken Dreams (Panos)

Alfredo Caliz: The Longest Spring (Panos)

William Daniels: Faded Tulips (Lightbox)


Alixandra Fazzina: Over Mountains, Underground (NOOR)

Jason P Howe: Afghanistan: Saving Private Bainbridge (Telegraph)

Andrea Bruce: Skiing in Afghanistan (NYT Lens)

Larry Towell: Afghanistan (Lightbox)

Peter Hapak: Olympic Women’s Boxing Hopefuls (Lightbox)

Rian Dundon: A View From Inside The Other New China (Burn)

Spencer Platt: Haiti Landfills (MSNBC photo blog)

Sally Ryan: Home No More (zReportage)

Kate Holt: Education for All (zReportage)

John Pendygraft: If I Die Young (zReportage)

Peggy Peattie: Angels of Milot (zReportage)

Fredrik Naumann: A Voice from Rost (Foto8)

Rob Hornstra: Empty Land, Promised Land, Forbidden Land (Foto8)

Dominic Nahr: Voices of Protest in Senegal (Magnum Photos)

Mila Teshaieva: Promising Waters (Lightbox)

Kevin Frayer: Holi Festivities (SecBee)

Chris Kelly: Situation in Southern Kordofan (Photographer’s archive)

Tomas Wiech: Poland’s Great Adventure (NYT Lens)

Brent Lewin: India’s ‘rat hole’ Mines (National Post)

Pete Pin: Cambodian Americans (NYT Lens)

Martin Parr: Think of Finland (Magnum)

Alejandro Cartagena: Car Poolers (Photographer’s website)

Erica McDonald: Change in Park Slope (NYT Lens)

Ben Lowy: Ohio’s Long Road to Recovery (Reportage by Getty Tumblr)

Graeme Robertson: Portraits of Malawi (Guardian)

Carl de Souza: The Maasai Cricket Warriors (Atlantic) Kenya

Enjoyed these sports pics…

Fred R. Conrad: Spring Training (NYT Lens)

NYT Lens (various photographers): Postcard from London

Kate Peters: Yes, Mistress (Institute)

Jonathan Torgovnik: Rebuilding the DRC (BBC)

Tom Stoddart: Women of Sarajevo Revisited (Reportage)

Bruce Gilden shooting fashion for Vice…

Bruce Gilden: In Broad Daylight (Vice)

Daniel Cuthbert: First on Scene : South African Paramedics (BBC)

Alex Troesch and Aline Paley: Mexican Pointy Boots (Lightbox)

Danko Stjepanovic: North Kosovo (photographer’s website)

Interviews and Talks

“I looked through a lens and ended up abandoning everything else’ – Sebastiao Salgado

Sebastiao Salgado (Guardian)

Sebastiao Salgado (Vimeo)

Excellent 9 minute video by Finnish photographer Rami Hanafi on Martin Parr working in Finland…

Martin Parr : Making of ‘Think of Finland’ (Vimeo)

Zohra Bensemra: My journey into Syria’s nightmare (Reuters)

Ed Kashi (NYT Lens)

Samuel Bollendorff (BJP)

Elliott Erwitt on the art of photographic sequencing (BBC)

Lynsey Addario (Newsweek)

Lynsey Addario (Newsweek)

Davide Monteleone (Develop Tube)

Sean Gallagher (Atlantic)

Alex Prager : this year’s Foam Paul Huf Award winner (BJP)

Sebastian Salgado : The Photographer as an activist (Youtube)

Giles Peress (Youtube)

Pieter Hugo (Vimeo)

Barbara Davidson (LA Times Framework blog)

Homer Sykes (Photoshelter blog)

Olivia Arthur (IdeasTap)

Naomi Harris (Thisisthewhat)

Dominic Bracco II : Turning Point (NYT Lens)

Fiona Rogers (IdeasTap)

Giles Duley : Becoming the Story (TED on Youtube)

Justyna Mielnikiewicz (TED Youtube on Reportage)

Steve Pyke (PicBod)

Mark Power (Impressions Gallery)

John Moore on on ‘Epic’ Libya Battles, Arab World Revolutions (Click)

Shaun Fenn : From Assistant to Photographer: Shaun Fenn’s Professional Transition (PDN)


Tyler Hicks on his assignment to Syria with late Anthony Shadid…

Tyler Hicks: Bearing Witness in Syria: A Correspondent’s Last Days (NYT)

Javier Espinosa: How I escaped from Homs as Syrian forces closed in (Guardian)

PDN: Remembering 13 Unsung Heroes of Photojournalism

PDN: Paula Lerner Obituary

NYT: Stan Stearns, Photographer of John F. Kennedy Jr.’s Salute to Father, Dies at 76

NYT: Lillian Bassman, Fashion and Fine-Art Photographer, Dies at 94

Lynsey Addario was featured on Guardian’s brilliant ‘Best Shot’ series…

Guardian: Photographer Lynsey Addario’s Best Shot

Guardian: Photographer Tom Craig’s best shot

Related… Guardian: My best shot: The one that got away | For five years, G2 has been asking photographers to tell us the story behind their best shot. But what about their worst? Jane Bown, Martin Parr, Terry O’Neill and others reveal all

And… Guardian: My Worst Shot

Guardian: The Month in Photography

Guardian: Photographs Not Taken: what makes a photographer freeze? | A new book of essays by photographers explores the missed opportunities of images never captured

NYT Lens: Empowerment, Through a Lens

David Campbell: Kony2012, symbolic action and the potential for change

NYT: David LaChapelle, From Photographer to Artist

Verve: Kirsten Luce

Verve: Jeremy Nichol

Verve: Alessandro Grassani

Verve: Jonathan Lewis

Verve: Max Sher

Boston Globe on VII Photo’s Hipstamatic shot exhibition…

photo: John Stanmeyer

Boston Globe: With Hipstamatic app, photojournalists smartphone it in to new exhibit

Nick Stern: Why Instagram photos cheat the viewer (CNN)

PDN: Eggleston’s First-Ever Large Pigment Prints Earn 5.9 Million at Auction

D Perez: Chimping (Vimeo)

FT: What Eve Arnold Saw

Guardian: All About Eve

NYT Lens: Steichen, A New Trove From an Old Master

Diane Smyth: Dana Popa (PhotoMonitor)

BBC: England Uncensored by Peter Dench

Lightbox: DEVELOP Tube: A photographic resource grows

BJP: William Klein will receive the Outstanding Contribution to Photography Award at the Sony World Photogrpahy Awards

BJP: World Photo London is starting next month, packed with talks, seminars and workshops

Eggleston Shore (video on 1000Words blog)

Conscientious: How to make a photobook | related

Gregory Crewdson movie : trailer

PhotoShelter: Should Photo Contests Require Original Image Files?

Awards, Grants, and Competitions

Elles van Gelderen and Ilvy Njiokiktjien won first prize in World Press Photo Multimedia contest for “Afrikaner Blood….Not surprised. I remember telling friends after Perpignan that one of the best things I had seen during the festival was that exact multimedia piece….

photo Ilvy Njiokiktjien

BJP: World Press Photo announces Multimedia contest winners | Related: Bombay FC: WPP Multimedia Judging part 2 . Part 1

Foto8 Summershow 2012

FotoVisura winners…

Photo: Erin Trieb

FotoVisura Photography Grant Winners

BJP: Anastasia Taylor-Lind has won the Center Project Award in Santa Fe

BJP: Paul Graham wins the Hasselblad Foundation International Award for Photography, worth $150,000

Days Japan Photojournalism Awards 2012

Slideluck Potshow is coming to London again….

Slideluck Potshow London IV Submissions | related on Wayne Ford’s blog

NPPA: Justin Maxon, Katie Orlinsky Win 2011 Alexia Foundation Grants

Finland’s press photos of the year…

Sami Kero got the POY with a photo from Cairo…

photo: Sami Kero / Helsingin Sanomat

Finland Press Photos of the Year 2011

London Festival of Photography 2012 Prize

The City of Levallois Photography Award

Eddie Adams Workshop now accepting submissions

LUCEO Student Project Award

KL Photo Awards 2012

Guardian Student Media Awards 2012

Agencies and Collectives

Magnum open to submissions again. Last year they didn’t take any new nominees, if I remember correctly…

photo: Burt Glinn

Apply to become a member of Magnum Photos : 2012 Submissions are now open : Deadline is 08/06/12

photo: Venetia Dearden

VII Photo Newsletter March 2012

Noor newsletter 15 March 2012

Prime Collective March 2012 newsletter

Reportage by Getty Images: Natalie Naccache now part of Emerging Talent

Read about this commercial agency on Twitter… Good line-up of photographers.. including Tom Stoddart..

Making Pictures : commercial photo agency : London


VII Photo’s Questions Without Answers book featured on Phaidon blog…

Photo: Alexandra Boulat

Phaidon: The defining images of our turbulent times…VII: Questions Without Answers

Jörg Colberg: Better by Design: The role of design in the making of five modern photobooks (BJP)


Once Magazine


Happy belated birthday to Lightbox!

photo: Joakim Eskildsen

Lightbox: A Year of Great Photography

Photo Archive News

Crowd Funding and related

photo: Andre Liohn

Almost Dawn in Libya aka ADIL (NYT Lens)

Paula Lerner Memorial Fund

Photo Time Machine on Kickstarter

Respecting My Elders on USAProjects


Save The Children : 3 month internship opening in the Film&Photo team


Thomas Lekfeldt

Tahnia Roberts

Max Strong

Max Fabrizi

To finish off… KillShot: A Rifle Camera for Hunting with Photos Instead of Bullets

And… Britain’s top 10 worst photographers

And… Photographic Moratorium – Looking Sad in the Tub

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This collection of images are picks from the latest “Creating” shoots–recent weeks have featured a range of quirky subjects with job titles that inspire envy and admiration: stuntwoman, horse trainer, brewmaster, custom bicycle builder.
In this gallery, the photographers and subjects of Creating provide us with some insights into the portrait making process. The Creating profiles and accompanying portraits can be found in print in The Wall Street Journal’s weekend edition’s Review section, and the online versions can be found on the links below.

Glen Coben, architect, Romera restaurant, New York, NY, photographed by Francois Dischinger. Portrait subject Glen Coben:
“So, I walk into the shoot all dressed up and François smiles at me and says, ‘I have the shot all figured out!’ When he tells me that he wants me to jump up and laugh…I say something like, ‘but this is the Wall Street Journal…shouldn’t I be more serious?’ His reply: ‘Glen, if it’s a boring black and white picture, who is going to want to stop and read the article? A crazy looking picture…that people will want to stop and read!’ He was right!”

Zoe Bell, stuntwoman. 87Eleven stunt facility, Los Angeles, CA. Photographer Michael Kelley: “Zoe had two men slicing open and rigging cables inside her dress. She never batted an eye…She was incredibly patient, and a perfectionist in taking directions on poses while suspended in the air. She had amazing control in the air when she bounced off the trampoline into the pads. She would look at an images and say ‘Oh, I have to rotate another 20 degrees.’  When she was handed a sword to hold, she turned into an instant ninja–twirling, flipping, and spinning with it.”

Sacha White, bicycle framebuilder, Vanilla Bicycles, Portland, OR. Photographer Toni Greaves: “One of the things that struck me about Sacha White, apart from his obvious and extraordinary talent, was this overall sense of warmth, grace, and kindness that he has. He’s the kind of guy that, if you like to be around really good hearted people, you’d very much want to spend time with. The day I was photographing at his shop, Tave, a close friend of his, came in for a fitting of a bike that he’s designing for her. I could see the warmth and caring of their friendship, and what a truly good good person he is. I was really impressed by who he is as a being. He also has this zen-like calm and patience to him, which I suppose comes through in his incredibly meticulous and beautiful creations.”

Denyse Schmidt, quilter, Bridgeport, Connecticut. Photographer Allison Michael Orenstein: “When I showed up to photograph Denyse Schmidt I was instantly in awe of the warm and creative environment. There were color swatches and fabric, spools of yarn, drawings and books everywhere. There were plums and pound cake set out. I asked her how long she had and she said as long as you want. I exhaled and said to myself; ‘This is going to be a good day.’ We decided to try many different quilts as backgrounds and change the clothing to match. At one point we switched shirts. I had her put on my orange shirt and I wore her yellow and white gingham. So the shirt in the photograph where she is laying down on the red and white quilt is actually mine. It ended up working out. She was a great sport and up for anything. Her quilts blow me away. They are functional works of art. It was my favorite kind of shoot; collaborative.”

Denyse Schmidt, quilter, Bridgeport, Connecticut. By Allison Michael Orenstein

Patrick Blanc, botanist and creator of the Vertical Garden, San Francisco, CA. Photographer Drew Kelly: “Despite having just arrived on a flight from Paris, Patrick was really excited about the new living wall at the Drew school. I was really impressed with his knowledge of all the plants that were used especially because I think they were all native to California. I don’t know if it was his green hair or flora themed clothes, but he reminded me a lot of Peter Pan.”

Andrea Cochran, landscape architect, San Francisco, CA. Photographer Amanda Friedman: “Andrea was kind enough to arrange for the photo shoot to take place at a clients house in Pacific Heights and it was one of the most amazing places I have ever photographed in. The home overlooked the entire San Francisco Bay and Golden Gate Bridge. It was ultra modern and sleek which fit Andrea’s aesthetic perfectly.”

Soleio Cuervo, Facebook designer, Menlo Park, CA. Photographer Shaun Fenn: “Soleio has a very calm, straightforward nature with the curiosity of a kid. I spotted this metaphorical toy down stairs and he was more than happy to be shot with it. After we spent some time inside at Facebook Soleio was even gracious enough to entertain an idea I had running through a field behind the office. And as usual that ends up being the shot chosen for the assignment.”

Graham Motion, Horse trainer, Herringswell Stables, Lewisville, PA. By Ryan Donnell

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This gallery is a selection of some standout portraits from Review of the Weekend edition of the WSJ. The “Creating” section of Review is where artists and writers, choreographers and composers mingle with monster-truck drivers, magicians, whiskey distillers, tattoo artists and fashion designers. Each week features a fresh subject who divulges secrets to their creative process, along with often-surprising details of the trade and behind-the-scenes dishing. Read on as “Creating” photographers share details about the recent shoots.

Tarina Tarantino, jewelry designer, Los Angeles, CA. Photographer Emily Shur: “Photographing Tarina was like shooting a modern day fairy princess with a
wicked business sense. Her workspace was fun and whimsical, yet busy and organized. I like meeting and photographing successful women who seem to have fun at work and clearly are respected by everyone around them.”

Mark Setteducati, magician, New York, NY. Photographer Shannon Taggart: “Mark is a very interesting guy and I think we both had a lot of fun on the shoot.
Besides being extremely knowledgeable about all things magic, he knows a lot about art. We talked about the art world, photography, and we spent some time discussing the artistic process.
Mark was a longtime assistant and friend of the artist Louise Bourgeois, one of my favorites. I got to hear some stories about her and he even had one of her pieces in his studio. He really became my collaborator during the shoot. We would photograph for a while and then go over the photos and talk about what was working and what wasn’t. His feedback guided me during the session.”

Nicola Formichetti, designer, Paris, France. Photographer Derek Hudson: “Shooting Formichetti was fun despite the fact that his show was the following day and I shot him on the eve of the show between 9 and 10 pm on a sort of impromptu “catch me if you can” kind of informal last minute arrangement. He was decidedly laid back and welcoming. He listened to music on his iPod while he scanned the impossibly thin beanstalk models who drifted in and out of the fitting session in an office at the Thierry Mugler headquarters on the Boulevard de l’Opera. He talked about his mother and the video he has just finished for Lady Gaga in a matter of fact way that I found most endearing. He then proceeded to marvel at my digital Leica camera in astonishment that such a discreet camera could produce such great pictures. I’ve shot my fair share of fashion designer icons, but Formichetti was a treat to shoot for his unprecedented air of ‘no visible stress’.”

Ann Gottlieb, perfumier, New York, NY. Photographer Mackenzie Stroh: “Ann was great to work with because she did not take herself too seriously– she has a good sense of humor that comes through in her portraits. We cast a male model to be shot with Ann– the published photo showed him naked from the waist up, spraying on her latest men’s fragrance. We were not sure how Ann would respond to being photographed with a male model, but she had was game, fun, and had tremendous poise.”

Rob Hall, owner of Almost Human special effects, Los Angeles, CA. Photographer Sam Comen: “Rob Hall’s studio was an embarrassment of riches when it came to props and scenic elements to inspire a portrait of the FX mastermind. Unfortunately, nearly all of those elements were very gory and realistic, and therefore very difficult to use in light current news focused on congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’ shooting in Tucson just 5 days prior. So my plan was to showcase Rob’s special effects without being grim. I found my inspiration in the studio’s cramped and dusty loft: a set of giant insect legs peeking out behind a foam-rubber human torso. I added a colorful fly swatter, explained my idea to Rob, had my assistants perch on a ladder with the giant legs, and after some work we had our shot.”

Scott Kim, puzzle master, Palo Alto, CA. Photographer Shaun Fenn: “Scott was an intriguing artist blending math and art. It was wonderful to be able to meet at his college professor’s house which was a curvilinear masterpiece of its own. The owner, Dale Seymor had art on display throughout the yard. Scott was really a sweet guy who was calm throughout the whole process. He even created “ambigrams” of my name, and my assistants name, as parting gifts. Meeting interesting individuals like Scott is one of the reasons I enjoy working on editorial assignments.”

Peter Marino, architect, New York, NY. Photographer Francois Dischinger: “Peter Marino suffers no fools!!! We were treated like any grease monkey in a motorcycle garage…He is very funny and had a wonderfully gruff manner on our shoot. There was no prancing allowed and all we did was document this moment of toughness and style. We only spoke of motorcycle accidents. And how to reattach a mangled finger. I completely respect Mr. Marino as a subject and a great talent. I hope that gives you a little window into our shoot..”

Christopher Wheeldon, choreographer, dancer. Photographer Mary McCartney. Lucy Gilmour, Associate Photography Director, The Wall Street Journal: “Mary McCartney photographed Christopher Wheeldon in London at rehearsals for his March 2011 premiere of Alice in Wonderland with Royal Ballet Principals Sarah Lamb and Federico Bonelli. The approach was fast and loose with little time given to the photographer, who was not allowed to interrupt the rehearsal”.

Marie Wright, flavorist, South Brunswick, New Jersey. Photographer Kyoko Hamada: “I had been warned that Marie’s lab might be a bit like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Upon entering the lab, we were overwhelmed with the smells of bubble gum, lemon, coffee beans, chocolate, tangerine, and what I’m guessing may have been cupcake, soap, vanilla, banana and amaretto, all mixed together in what was an otherwise very stark and minimal laboratory. It was strange to think that the smells which were so omnipresent in the air were completely invisible to the naked eye.
The morning of the shoot was the same day that the big earthquake struck Japan, so I was both anxious about how my mother was doing in Tokyo (she was doing fine), and dizzy from the unfamiliar, and unidentifiable smells emanating from the lab. The combination of my anxiety, and the strong aroma made the shoot a particularly memorable one for me. Marie, the flavorist, was a self-assured, charismatic and very charming women who didn’t dress at all like any scientist I had photographed before. It was great pleasure to meet her and such fun to visit the lab. I am grateful that she didn’t call the Oompa-Loompas when I ended up breaking one of their beakers in all the excitement.”

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