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Tina Ahrens

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The brilliant crowdfunding platform for photographers and visual storytellers,, needs funding itself. They have hit that critical point in a start-up’s life cycle where they have proven the idea to work, but now they need to scale up to get to sustainability. Co-founder Tina Ahrens says, "With half a million dollars raised for visual journalism so far we know it works, but venture capital with a social spin is hard to come by."

At a time when we all really need long-form visual storytelling — a genre that is dying quickly in the economically disrupted models of contemporary photojournalism, documentary photography, book and magazine publishing — the people at have stepped in with their own great ideas, and their own money, to help talented photographers connect with a geographically dispersed audience.

The individual funders who donate $10, $25, or more, truly appreciate the time, trouble, vision and perseverance required to do the research, planning, shooting and marketing to share important stories from around the world.

Photographers CAN make a difference in the world — and the community that joins together to raise some cash for those photographers make a huge difference too. We're all in this world together, and smart, ethical, compassionate groups like deserve all the support we can offer. Please donate something today!

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