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The High Park Fire west of Fort Collins has burned 58,046 acres and is 45 percent contained, according to fire officials. Extreme heat, low humidity and gusty, westerly winds will combine Monday to stoke the Colorado wildfires, creating difficult and even more potentially dangerous conditions for firefighters. The fire has destroyed 181 homes, making it [...]

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Ryuichi Sakamoto

Tony Takitani


Tony is an illustrator who’s been alone all his life, until he meets Eiko, a beautiful woman who transforms his life. The only problem is that Eiko is a compulsive shopper with a penchant for high end couture that leads to darkly satiric consequences.

Toni Takitani is an eloquent, deftly told tale based on a short story published in The New Yorker, written by Japanese bestselling author Haruki Murakami (Norwegian Wood, Kafka on the Shore). Issey Ogata stars as the title character, a simple, undemanding mechanical draftsman who lives a lonely existence. His mother died shortly after he was born, and his father (also played by Ogata) is a jazz musician who is rarely around. But when Tony meets the young and beautiful Eiko (Miyazawa Rie), he falls for her instantly, despite their 15-year age difference. Their friendship slowly develops into love, and Tony soon discovers that Eiko is a shopaholic who cannot stop buying clothing. When tragedy strikes, Tony is forced to look at his life in a whole different way. Written and directed by Jun Ichikawa (Ryoma’s Wife, Her Husband and Her Lover), Tony Takitani is told in long scenes with little or no dialogue; sometimes the characters themselves finish parts of the narration, which is delivered by Hidetoshi Nishijima at a soft, deliberate pace. The intelligent script, which is extremely faithful to Murakami’s original story, is accompanied by Ryuichi Sakamoto’s gorgeous, spare score and Hirokawa Taishi’s stark, captivating cinematography.


 1.  DNA - Intro [11:37]

 2.  Solitude [4:54]

 3.  DNA [6:27]

 4.  Bottom [0:39]

 5.  Fotografía #1 [3:32]

 6.  Fotografía #2 [3:41]

 7.  Solitude #2 [2:33]

 8.  Harmonics #1 [0:50]

 9.  Solitude - One note [3:24]

10. Harmonics #2 [1:00]

11. Solitude - Theme [3:59]

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