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Travis Dove

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While former Senator John Edwards faced trial, photographers faced their own challenges. Barred from the courthouse, they kept vigil outside, waiting for fleeting moments each day. Kim Severson recounts their travails.

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Features and Essays – Christopher Morris: Black Tide (VII Magazine: June 2010) Deepwater Horizon oil spill

Articles – BJP: Magnum Photos welcomes new member, nominees (BJP: June 2010)

Articles – Magnum: Winners of the 2010 Inge Morath Award Annouced (Magnum: June 2010)

InterviewsBruce Davidson (NYT Lens: June 2010)

Features and Essays – Werner Bischof: The Korean War (Magnum in Motion: June 2010) 60th anniversary

Features and Essays – Franco Pagetti: The Malnutrition That Shouldn’t Be (Starved for Attention [MSF with VII]: June 2010) DRC

Features and Essays – Ben Lowy: BOOM (GQ: June 2010) Deepwater horizon oil spill

Features and Essays – Matt Eich: Carry Me Ohio (burn: June 2010)

Articles – BJP: Young photojournalist detained for army cadet pics (BJP: June 2010)

InterviewsBenjamin Lowy (YouTube)

Photographers – Travis Dove : website

Photographers – Morgan Hagar : website

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Articles - LA Times : When it paid to photograph hard truth (LA Times: June 2010) The 10 photographers in ‘Engaged Observers,’ opening June 29 at the Getty Museum, are bound by a personal perspective and an endangered profession. | Another Engaged Observers exhibition article on LA Times

Articles - burn: Carl De Keyzer profile (burn: June 2010)

More of these great NGM features from the past year, that I’ve never linked to…

Features and Essays – Edward Burtynsky: California’s Pipe Dream (NGM: 2010) A heroic system of dams, pumps, and canals can’t stave off a water crisis.

Features and Essays - Carolyn Drake: The Other Tibet (NGM: 2009) The Uygurs, Muslim people of China’s resource-rich far west, are becoming strangers in their own land as Han Chinese pour in. Like the Tibetans, who face similar pressures, some Uygurs see a chance for a better life, but others protest the disintegration of their culture, even at the risk of death.

Features and Essays – Ed Kashi: Syria (NGM: 2009)

Features and Essays – Pascal Maitre: Shattered Somalia (NGM: 2009)

Features and Essays – Travis Dove: Called to the Holy Mountain (NGM: 2009) High on their holy cliffs, monks are defiant, zealous, prayerful. Meanwhile, the outside world creeps closer.

Features and Essays – Jehad Nga: A Blooming Democracy in the Desert (NYT: June 2010)

Features and Essays – Matteo Bastianelli: Scarred Recollection (Foto8: June 2010) Bosnia

Photographers – Matteo Bastianelli : website

Blogs - Kosuke Okahara : blog now in English

Books / Articles – Foto8: Toppled by Florian Gottke (Foto8: June 2010)

Photographers – Tony Fouhse : website

Features and Essays – Tammy David: Crown and Country (Bite Magazine: June 2010)

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