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On 5 November 2012, an Entertainment Weekly exclusive revealed SyFy’s plans for Blood and Chrome, detailing the pilot episode’s division into ten shorter episodes to be aired on Machinima’s YouTube channel, Machinima Prime, beginning Friday, November 9, 2012. The additional seven to twelve minute episodes would be released in the following four weeks, with the complete pilot episode airing on SyFy in January of 2013. On 7 November 2012, Machinima Prime released a clip from Blood and Chrome featuring a short scene from the episode.  An unrated, uncut Blu-ray and DVD version of the pilot episode was announced on 8 November 2012, with a 19 February 2013 release date. As announced, the Blu-ray and DVD will include deleted scenes and a behind-the-scenes documentary, “Blood & Chrome: Visual Effects”. The announcement coincided with the release of another teaser trailer featuring additional footage from Blood and Chrome.

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What could make a man attack his roommate with a pair of Wolverine claws? Which superhero is the latest love interest of Superman? Has someone created a real life Helicarrier like in The Avengers? Are the Guardians of the Galaxy comic writers helping with the movie? Want to watch 60 seconds of Karl Urban kicking-ass in Dredd 3D? And have a desire to buy a lot of Batman merchandise? Read about all this and more in today’s Superhero Bits.

Iron Man fan poster by Daniel Norris over on F Yeah.

Jessica De Gouw will play The Huntress in Arrow, according to Entertainment Weekly.

UniqueDaily posted this terrible photo of a terrible Batmobile limo.

Comic Book Movie found a better translation of Joss Whedon‘s international Avengers 2 interview. has a new 60 second commercial for Dredd 3D.

A Utah man attacked his roommate with a pair of Wolverine claws after he found out the roommate was sleeping with his mother. Watch video at via CBM.

Entertainment Weekly went straight comic book TMZ, blowing the doors off the new super couple – Superman and Wonder Woman.

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Stacy Kranitz

The Other

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My project engages with history, representation, biography, personal narrative, and otherness in the documentary tradition. Each year in Pennsylvania, 500 people come together to reenact the Battle of the Bulge. During the reenactment, I portray Leni Riefenstahl and behave with soldiers, as she would have. I am intrigued by the complex story of a woman with a problematic set of morals. My work aims to understand people beyond the constraints of good vs evil. I have inserted myself into the Nazi reenactor photographs to subvert the viewer’s instinct to dismiss these people as different from themselves. This allows me to reflect upon atrocity, delve into my own relationship with my Jewish heritage, and contemplate the camera’s ability to re-imagine history.

Much of our conception of history is based on images. Historical images have been filtered through media and propaganda. These images become history as generations pass. Images are the dominant force that shape the public imagination. My images of the reenactment are part of the deconstruction process by which images first represent and then replace history.

The next phase of this project will explore Riefenstahl’s life between 1962-1977 when she lived with the Nuba in Sudan. I will visit the same Nuba tribes to focus on the disjunction between her fetishized images and my own exploration of the Nuba’s complex modern reality. The Nuba were victims of genocide during a recent civil war and it has deeply impacted their culture. They were forcibly relocated to camps and Islamicized. Hundreds of thousands died from warfare and starvation.

My project asks how we live in a world where genocide takes place in continuum? It reflects on the history of the documentary tradition as it poses new ways of expressing identity in relation to ‘otherness’. This project deconstructs the notion of the photograph as document, its power as a tool of propaganda, as a witness to history and a call for change.



Stacy Kranitz studied film and photography at New York University. Her work focuses on the ways we express aggression and violence in our daily rituals, habits and pastimes. Additional themes in her work include the relationship between music and culture, the emotional growth of children and environmental racism. She is interested in the theoretical underpinnings that bind together the evolution of the documentary tradition. Her work looks to explore important social issues while commenting on this tradition and challenging its boundaries.

Her clients include Adbusters, Dwell, Elle, ESPN, Entertainment Weekly, Forbes, Fortune, Men’s Journal, Mother Jones, Metropolis, Newsweek, New York Times Magazine, People, Rolling Stone, Spin, Vice, Wall Street Journal and Wired.

She was awarded a Young Photographers Alliance Scholarship Award and also received a Story Project Grant from the California Council for the Humanities. She has shown her work at galleries in NY, CA, LA and FL.


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Stacy Kranitz

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igtm.jpgAmid the Sundance Festival thrills and sensations, rumors surfaced today that Indie Game: The Movie (IGTM) was going to be made into a half-hour comedy series on HBO. There's a bit of truth to that, shares Blinkworks Media's James Swirsky and Lisanne Pajot on IGTM's Facebook page: "HBO has optioned IGTM for the basis of a (fictional) series."

However, they reassure everyone that it will not be a comedy, nor will it be a sitcom. "The information came out and someone filled in a blank, and this is why: The (potential) show is being developed within the 1/2 hour department within HBO. We are told that 1/2 hr department is often shorthanded 'comedy department'. Full hour dept = 'drama department'. That is the basis of the 'Comedy' label."

The IGTM show is being produced by Scott Rudin, who has produced 'The Social Network', 'True Grit', 'Moneyball', and 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo'. I imagine these talks were in the works prior to Sundance. To give a taste of the recent buzz IGTM has been getting, Entertainment Weekly ranked it #9 in the top 12 must-see movies at Sundance 2012.

Man, these two filmmakers are truly indie superstars! For fun, anyone well versed in Hollywood and TV trivia, let me hear in the comments who'd play a good Phil Fish, Edmund McMillen, Tommy Refenes, and Jonathan Blow.

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Hey guys,

This image was done for Entertainment Weekly, and is in the current issue that hit stands last Friday. This week marks the 40th anniversary of A Clockwork Orange.

No sketch for this one, I just went straight in with ink and brush. The original is drawn with olive green shellac-based ink on a sheet of vintage paper.

Thanks for reading,

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