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Looks like Miles Tsang is still cranking out mind-blowing posters. His new one for The Dillinger Escape Plan is an 18″ x 24″ glow in the dark screenprint, has an edition of 200, and costs $30. Visit his shop.

Miles Tseng

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We live in a silent century. Though no less powerful than their pre-millennial ancestors, our post-millennial innovations are mostly intangible; even when they do occupy physical space, they but wobble neighboring air particles and scarcely make a sound.

Compiling the "Sounds of the 21st Century" is a steep challenge, therefore, but one that legendary beatboxer Beardyman didn't shy from.

"There's an absence of sound rather than a defining sound," he tells Pay attention to the objects around you—the ones that are truly 21st century make next to no noise when we interact with them. The clatter of keyboards? 20th century. The din of car engines? 20th century. The cacophony of the city? Choose whichever century BC you like.

To create a track that begins to "encapsulate the mood of living in the future," as Beardyman puts it, you have to amplify the silent touches we make to interact with modern society. First and foremost, the tapping of fingers on smartphones. "That's all everyone does these days. That's [partly] the point of the video," he says.

In the song, Beardyman meshes beatboxing, phone-tapping, key-bashing, and other sounds in a glitchy track, which will be performed live on September 2 at the O2 Campus Party Europe opening party.

Beardyman presents "the sounds of the 21st century"

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[Video Link] Matthew says, "Filmmaker Eddie Codel used a DJI Phantom drone and a GoPro Hero3 camera to film a "drone’s eye view" of Burning Man."

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Jimmy Nelson spent his early days in Nigeria—his father was a geologist for Shell—and his adolescence at a Jesuit boarding school in northern England. He was 16 when he contracted cerebral malaria while visiting his parents in Africa, but when he returned to school he was “treated” with the wrong medicine. The next morning, his hair had fallen out. Two years later, tired of living like an outcast—he’d had enough of being judged by his appearance—he fled to where bald heads were not only accepted, but seemingly the norm. By then, he had also found photography.

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CREEP echoes cover art

Dark Brooklyn-based duo CREEP release their debut album Echoes on November 12, ten tracks with with featured artists including Planningtorock and Romy Madley Croft – but they save their secret weapon for the after-dark finish. The seductive "Dim The Lights" enlists Sia, the powerful singer/songwriter who flies relatively under the radar despite her features with Guetta et al, and looms with nighttime longing. "Tectonic plates might shift/ I see it as a gift", Sia intones through swelling strings and thick bass. Here it's not a rumble made for a basement dancefloor, but between the sheets.

Pre-order Echoes here.

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After handing over our Friday Mixtape to the guys at NTS Radio last week we decided to treat you to our own studio’s taste once more. Look, no one said we were really cool and into trendy music, we’re into art and shit, yeah? Deal with it. This week we’ve got Jon Grant who got the top spot on the Rough Trade albums of 2013 list some Black Sabbath and some Tom Waits. What more could you ask for?! It’s Friday afternoon, crank. it. up.

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Joe Reeve

Fresh visuals from Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Dean Blunt, Jamie Isaac, Salvia Plath, and Flume. Check them all out below.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Despair
Directed by Patrick Daughters

Dean Blunt - Felony / Stalker 7
Director unknown

Jamie Isaac - Softly Draining Seas
Directed by Ferry Gouw

Salvia Plath - Bardo States
Directed by Sasha Desree & Renee Clark

Flume - On Top feat. T.Shirt
Directed by Angus Lee Forbes

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(author unknown)

Thursday Tunes: New FvF Mixtape by Leigh Irwin aka. Lady Noir

The two pseudonyms Viva L’Amour and Lady Noir allow Melbourne based, Leigh Irwin, to uniquely traverse and explore a range of musical genres. Leigh started DJing while living in Tokyo in the mid 90′s before completing a Bachelor of Music majoring in composition.

This experience led her to work in the role of music director for Melbourne and Sydney Fashion weeks over the last five years while also appearing alongside some of the biggest names in the electronic music scene, such as Peaches and Miss Kitten.

Her eclectic mix contains hits from the late 70′s to this year, with tracks by Duran Duran, Maria Minerva and Cocteau Twins.

Find find out more about this talented lady on Freunde von Freunden.


1. Keys of Life – Klaus Nomi
2. Grail Overfloweth – Cocteau Twins
3. The Chauffeur – Duran Duran
4. Waltz Real Slow – HTRK
5. The Need – Chris & Cosey
6. Ruff Trade – Maria Minerva
7. YangYang (dub) – Anika
8. His Box – Dalis Car
9. In My Velvet Cage – Venus In Furs
10. The World Fell – Var
11. Carpet Rash – Total Control
12. Make-Up – Vanity 6
13. Heartbeat – XEX
14. A Long Way Down – James T. Cotton

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British band Foals have collaborated with filmmaker Nabil once again (last time was for the track "Late Night") to produce the video for latest single "Bad Habit". Shot in Nabil's typically epic style, the visuals see lead singer Yannis Philippakis traipsing after a naked freckled girl in the desert. Prior to this, Nabil has worked with Kanye West, Frank Ocean, Nas, Bon Iver, The Black Eyed Peas, K'naan, Seal, and John Legend. Watch above!

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