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Object-relational impedance mismatch

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Author:  Khayundi, Peter
Issue Date:  2009
Publisher:  University of Fort Hare, 2009
Abstract:  Object oriented databases have been gaining popularity over the years. Their ease of use and the advantages that they offer over relational databases have made them a popular choice amongst database administrators. Their use in previous years was restricted to business and administrative applications, but improvements in technology and the emergence of new, data-intensive applications has led to the increase in the use of object databases. This study investigates four Open Source object-oriented databases on their ability to carry out the standard database operations of storing, querying, updating and deleting database objects. Each of these databases will be timed in order to measure which is capable of performing a particular function faster than the other.
Description:  Thesis (MSc)(Computer Science)-- University of Fort Hare, 2009
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Appears in Collections: Theses and Dissertations (Computer Science)

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Over the last few years we've developed a number of
techniques that allow a database design to evolve as an application
develops. This is a very important capability for agile methodologies.
The techniques rely on applying continuous integration and automated
refactoring to database development, together with a close
collaboration between DBAs and application developers. The techniques
work in both pre-production and released systems.

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