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Patrick Traylor

It’s hard to pin down where John Francis Peters might be at any given time. Upstate New York, China, Mexico… and that was just last year. “Travel has been a big part of my life since childhood and engrained in my experience as a photographer,” recalls Peters. “Part of my focus on photography as a [...]

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Facebook Owns Your Phone (Fast Company)
Over the last couple of years, Facebook has packed its mobile apps with much of the same functionality as operating systems like Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS, or Amazon’s version of Android for Kindle Fire. It has not, however, launched the Facebook phone that once seemed inevitable. That's because your phone already is a Facebook phone.

facebook apps

According to comScore, Facebook already owns 23 percent of time spent in apps on Android and iOS. It also owns Instagram, one of the apps with which mobile users spend the second most amount of time (it's tied with Gmail and YouTube at 3 percent). The more time the company controls on its competitors' phones, the less important it is that it doesn't have its own devices. Read >>

What's In Your Wallet? A Facebook Card? (The Huffington Post)
Facebook announced a major addition to their Gifts product on Jan. 31— Facebook Cards. Facebook Cards, as the name implies, are physical, multi-use gift cards that users can order for friends directly through Facebook. Facebook Cards uses the existing Facebook Gifts infrastructure to allow a user to send a Facebook Card with a credit from a participating retailer. The recipient is prompted to enter their mailing address (more data!) in order to receive the physical card. Facebook sees it as a multi-use, multi-retailer product. This nudges it up close to, but not fully into, the mobile wallet space. For one thing it's still a physical object and for another, Facebook has no immediate plans to allow users to load up dollars or deals, but this could change rapidly. Read >>

Facebook Can Totally Undermine Apple And Google (Wired)
We’re in uncharted territory here since platforms-on-top-of-platform configurations are relatively new. Yet we do have one related industry example that could shed some light on this case. It’s one of Japan’s leading mobile social game developers: GREE. GREE makes up to four times more average revenue per user (ARPU) than Zynga. And Facebook has far more reach than GREE. Given that social applications, and particularly games, are the most popular and highest revenue generators of all mobile applications— a Facebook multi-sided platform similar to GREE would divert a lot of value away from Apple’s and Google’s smartphone platforms. Read >>

Wall Street Rethinks Facebook Earnings (Reuters)
Pivotal Research Group analyst Brian Wieser upgraded Facebook to a "Buy" rating, calling Wall Street's reaction to the results "downright dazed." The stock market incorrectly interpreted Facebook's "mobile revenue figures as a negative when in fact they are part of a story that we can see as qualitatively more favorable," Wieser said. Shares of the company finished regular trading the day after earnings down 0.8 percent at $30.98. The company reported a better-than-expected fourth-quarter profit on Wednesday and said mobile advertising revenue doubled to $306 million, suggesting it was making inroads into handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets. Investors were looking for at least $350 million in mobile advertising revenue, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster said in a note to clients.  Read >>

Developing A Strategic Social Media Plan For Your Business (Ahain Group)
After you’ve taken time to discover how customers would like you to engage on social media, you now need to develop a social media strategy that will generate meaningful and real returns for the business. The 10 steps in developing strategic social media are:

  1. Align with the business
  2. Discover opportunities
  3. Define goals
  4. Identify KPIs
  5. Assign values to KPIs
  6. Decide on channels
  7. Determine tactics
  8. Select analytics
  9. Roll out strategy
  10. Measure and refine

Quantifying an ROI from social media is only possible after you’ve developed a strategic plan that will make measurement both clear and easy. Read >>

Super Bowl, Commercials, And Social Media (NetBase)
Now that the game is over, here is what NetBase found about Super Bowl commercials during the last 24 hours:

  • Go Daddy (249,273 mentions: 14.67 percent positive)
  • Doritos (137,509 mentions, 90.87 percent pos)
  • Pepsi (47,176 mentions, 69.99 percent pos)
  • Volkswagen (31,052 mentions, 84.08 percent pos)
  • Budweiser (24,658 mentions, 83.37 percent pos)
  • Dodge Ram (19,619 mentions, 77.66 percent pos)
  • Taco Bell (19,783 mentions, 93.20 percent pos)
  • Calvin Klein (16,532 mentions, 75.17 percent pos)
  • NFL (Leon Sandcastle) (12,700 mentions, 91.54 percent pos)
  • Blackberry (10,773 mentions, 55.36 percent pos)

most buzzed about football commercials

The graphic compares 8 of the 15 most buzzed about commercials by mentions, sentiment and passion intensity. The amount of chatter about a brand is indicated by the size of the bubble, while the placement of the bubble shows the sentiment (from top to bottom) and the intensity of passion (from left to right). Read >>

How To Measure Social Media ROI (Jason Fox)
Is it enough to have a Facebook profile, a Twitter account, and a YouTube channel? To be putting original content onto each platform on a consistent basis. To be monitoring for comments and likes that you can connect with and create relationships. Maybe venturing out into less common social media channels like Pinterest or Google+. To be collecting Fans, Friends, Followers, and Likes with a reckless abandon. Possibly promoting an occasional Facebook post to maximize exposure. Is that enough? Perhaps it is to much. The only way to know for sure is to measure social media ROI:

social media solutions

No matter how you are using Social Media there is a way to measure its value.  Whether you interested in a general overview or you want to create a closed loop marketing campaign.  There is a system that will help you to Measure Social Media ROI. Read >>

Twitter Blew Out Facebook In The Super Bowl (Business Insider)
As the Baltimore Ravens were narrowly beating the San Francisco 49ers, Twitter featured in 26 out of 52 nationally aired advertisements, while Facebook only featured in four, and Google+ was not mentioned at all. YouTube and Instagram were mentioned once each, according to the website In last year’s Super Bowl, Twitter and Facebook tied with only eight mentions each out of a total of 59 advertisements. For Twitter, the change from eight mentions to 26 represents a gain of more than 300 percent. For Facebook, it is a 50 percent drop. Read >>

The Social Credit Card? (The Huffington Post)
BarclayCard tapped the power of the crowd (their card members) to collaborate on building a better credit card experience. They launched a community where card member could exchange ideas, vote on product features and earn "credits" for their participation. The result is BarclayCard Ring — the world's first community-designed credit card. Benefits include:

  1. Full transparency — insight into how Barclaycard Ring makes money, including metrics on Ring's financial performance.
  2. Continued influence over the offering — a chance to guide Ring's benefits, rates, rules and penalties through an idea submission and peer evaluation system.
  3. A share of Ring profits — including options to donate profits to community-chosen charities.
  4. A robust social experience — topical forums, ask-and-answer, idea-sharing, polls, blogs, and credits earned for community participation.

If your social strategy doesn't include new ways of thinking about how your social customers fit into your business, it better. 2013 will be a game-changing year for social media. Brands like Barclaycard who are serious about social will make sure of that. Read >>

Social Media Is Changing The Way You Fly (WFAA)
Airlines no longer just make money taking travelers where they want to go. Some carriers now show up where their passengers already are. Southwest has six employees dedicated to social media, often only during regular business hours. The airline created its team by drawing employees from different departments, including customer service, marketing, and communications. This team doesn't just respond to questions, comments, and criticism on Twitter. Southwest employees also rebook flights, track bags, and issue travel vouchers all in 140 characters or less. Airline customer service has always been a thankless job. But its presence on social media continues to evolve as the power of participating for passengers does, too. Read >>

Social Media vs. Email: Which One Is Best For Your Business? (Publicity Mag)
The following infographic shows the peculiarities of social media and email. The stats are a bit dated, but you can get a fair idea about the power of both tools. Read >>

social media vs email

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rebecca black

Six of the top 20 most-shared technology company ads in social media are by Apple. But Apple did not create the most-shared single ad of all time. That honor goes to Sony PlayStation, whose PS3 promotion celebrated an average gamer named "Michael."

No viral video chart is complete without Rebecca Black, and this one is no exception: Google's YouTube unit made a self-promotional video at the end of 2011 which included this image of the "singer," and it's been shared 494,936 times in social media.

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Google and its brands also had six videos in the top 20.

"Most-shared" measures an interesting concept: These aren't the most-viewed ads, they're the ads that viewers passed on most often between friends and colleagues. In other words, it's a measure of a video's viral word-of-mouth. The chart was compiled by Unruly Media, the London-based "global social video platform," which tracks shares generated by Facebook Likes and blog posts. The chart is dynamic, so it changes as new data arrives. Our version was current as of March 29.

You'll easily be able to guess some of the ads on the list: Apple's "1984" Super Bowl commercial is on there, for instance. But there are surprises. The fourth most-shared video is fairly new and was made by a company famous for being left behind in the social media age. And its video is about one of its most-hated products.

20. Nokia: "N9 - The Big Introduction," 67,153 shares.

19. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: "The Vet & The n00b," 72,706 shares.

18. YouTube: "Zeitgeist 2010: Year in Review," 79,240 shares.

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From left, Miss Universe Leila Lopes, Miss Teen USA Danielle Doty and Miss USA Alyssa Campanella at the 57th Viennese Opera Ball at the Waldorf-Astoria’s grand ballroom Feb. 3. (Daniella Zalcman for The Wall Street Journal)

A model waited for last-minute wardrobe alterations backstage before the start of the Juan Carlos Obando Spring 2012 collection show at the Lehmann Maupin Gallery on West 26th Street in Manhattan Thursday. (Philip Montgomery for The Wall Street Journal )

New York Police Officer Kevin Brannan was released from Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan Friday, 10 days after being shot in the head in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Wearing a New York Giants jersey, he was accompanied by his wife and greeted by a crowd of police officers. (Natalie Keyssar for The Wall Street Journal)

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Museum of Chocolate Art
The pop-up SoHo gallery Museum of Chocolate Art—open to the public through the weekend—chronicles the ‘Life in Milk Chocolate’ of Ms. Brown, the Mars Chocolate company’s brown M&M character. This 300-pound chocolate sculpture is among the items on display. (Amy Sussman for The Wall Street Journal)

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FAMnyc team member Travis McMichael
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This disputed pedestrian plaza in Jackson Heights spans 37th Road between 73rd and 74th streets. For local merchants, the emptiness symbolizes the state of their affairs since the plaza’s creation in September. (Philip Montgomery for The Wall Street Journal)

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Young Giants fans crowded a window on Broadway Tuesday to watch the Manhattan parade celebrating the Giants’ Super Bowl victory. (Rob Bennett for The Wall Street Journal)

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Civilian volunteers carry relief goods as they cross a damaged road destroyed at the height of the powerful earthquake in Guihulngan town, Negros Oriental province, central Philippines on February 9, 2012. Survivors of a deadly quake in the Philippines begged rescuers February 8 to keep searching for dozens of people buried in landslides, but officials [...]

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Pedestrians stopped to watch a reporter at work Feb. 1 as Luis Ortiz, accused in the shooting of NYPD Officer Kevin Brennan, was led out of the 90th Precinct station in Brooklyn after being charged with attempted murder of a police officer. (Rob Bennett for The Wall Street Journal)

Aaron Bloom, of Aaron’s Roaming Reptiles, posed for a photo Feb. 1 while delivering an American alligator to an exhibit at Chelsea Market to advertise the premiere of the third season of the History Channel show ‘Swamp People.’ (Andrew Burton for The Wall Street Journal)

New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly attended a memorial service on Jan. 27 for two officers killed 40 years ago, outside of the 9th Precinct in the East Village. (Rob Bennett for The Wall Street Journal)

Bishop Dennis J. Sullivan
Bishop Dennis J. Sullivan celebrated mass with parishioners and clergy of the now-shuttered St. Augustine parish in a service at Our Lady of Victory Roman Catholic Church in the Bronx Jan. 29. The parish also held the final mass in its longtime home at 1183 Franklin Ave. on Jan. 29. (Karsten Moran for The Wall Street Journal )

Chicken shumai
Chicken shumai with gingered tomato sauce and parmesan at The Hurricane Club, a pan-Asian restaurant at 360 Park Ave. at 26th Street. (Agaton Strom for The Wall Street Journal )

Director and screenwriter Amos Poe
Director and screenwriter Amos Poe in Battery Park, where his 1978 film ‘The Foreigner’ has its climax. (Bryan Derballa for The Wall Street Journal)

James Houghton
James Houghton, the artistic director of Signature Theatre, stood in one of the three new theaters designed by Frank Gehry. (Ramin Talaie for The Wall Street Journal)

David H. Koch Theater
The David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center (Rob Bennett for The Wall Street Journal)

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Four New York Giants fans
Four New York Giants fans protested in front of Michael’s restaurant in Midtown Manhattan Feb. 1 during a VIP-only party to celebrate the Giants’ upcoming Super Bowl appearance. (Philip Montgomery for The Wall Street Journal)

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Server Rebecca Schroder
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Girls sat in a sunny spot outside of the Guggenheim museum on the afternoon of Jan. 30. (Emily Berl for The Wall Street Journal)

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